Vicious Book Review

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Ahmad says:

you look like the girl from imagine dragons video natural

morgan radley says:

If you liked the sciency stuff of this book, I highly suggest Partials. It’s a dystopian but it’s one of the best, most mature YA reads I’ve ever found. It’s not overly melodramatic, it’s reasonable and understandable and I felt so respected as a reader while reading that book. (Because I wasn’t baby-ed the whole time.)

Moondee Moondee says:

Merphy, I think you would love a book called My Life Next Door. I don’t know if you’ve already read it or not, but it’s one of my absolute favorites and I think you’d adore it.

RosieBlue16 says:

True when the battle isn’t as exciting as the build up you still feel kind of disappointed even though 2.5/3 of the book was perfect

Dark Elmo says:

Sounds like another great add to my list! Haha

A Song Of Books And Readers says:

After viewing this review, I thinj I should give it a tty amd review it on my channel as well. I wanted to ask something as well. I have never seen The Book Thief appear in anh of your video. Have you read it? It is my all time favorite stand alone. If yiu haven’t read it, please give it a try as well and review it. Can’t wait to hear from you….

J E Lyon says:

My main issue with the book was very general and a nitpick I have with most stories featuring powers, once you make reviving the dead a super easy or common thing that a character or story can do then none of the stakes feel real. I had that throughout the whole book when I read it and it really killed some of the enjoyment for me.

Ashley Storrer says:

I’m reading a new self-published book on Amazon that’s really good and I think that you would like it. It’s called The Shadow of Nisi Pote by H.C. Storrer.

Saz says:

I read Vicious back in May. I completely agree that it got a bit inconsistantly paced toward the back half. I loved the world and the story but found the characters kind of hard to connect to, maybe cause I’m not totally used to read from “bad people” characters much, but I just finished the sequel and I officially love everyone lol. Sydney is pretty perfect 🙂

Nerdish says:

So glad that you liked this book! It’s one of my favorite books.

Manaal Siddiqui says:

I personally thought the book was so raved about that by the time I read it, it did not live up to my expectations. It was a nice plot, but it didn’t quite click to my liking. Don’t want to be at the fury of the fans of the book, just my opinion.

Book Invasion says:

Great review! I’ve read this and really enjoyed it!

Tracey Bay says:

Your review gave me all the good vibes!

Miss big Personality says:

I have a book recommendation for you and also you guys. I don’t know but many English speaking countries haven’t ever heard of Ruby red. Ruby red is a German book which follows the two main characters Gwendolyn and Gidion who live in London. But both of them are time travelers but gwen doesn’t know about that. Sounds stupid? Nah it isn’t give it a try!

cloudgirl150 says:

YES!! One of my all time favs! So glad you read it. I’m just starting the sequel.

AB128 says:

You should read before the fall, it’s a great thriller

Books With Alyssa J says:

how have i not read anything by v.e. schwab? great review!

bookellenic says:

I listened to the audiobook and I feel like the fact that I have listened to quite a few lately took off of my enjoyment of the book, I was a bit detached. The narrator’s description was very deadpan which fit with the character and the story, but did not work for keeping my concentration at all points. I had a few plot point issues as well, but still I gave it 4 stars. I feel reading the physical book could have upped it to a 4.5 (same difference I know, but the more you read the pickier you get I guess).

Bowties & Books says:

I am deeply on the fence about Vicious. I love anti heroes and complex characters that aren’t easy to root for. Also the cover art is so pretty. PS LOVE THE CAMERA QUALITY

Nihad M says:

I love Victor–he is evil but I love him. Also that ending is one of the best endings I’ve ever read in a book, and that is exactly why I feel this book is better as a standalone. Can’t top that ending….

Spongend says:

Ohhh!!! it sounds like an interesting read *adds to TBR*

Ashley Aliviado says:

You have now convinced me to read this book!

Christopher D Thompson says:

See what you think of this one:

Brandon Moore says:

I always enjoy your reviews. You always put a bit more into them than others do.

Luska Arctos says:

You keep giving me such amazing books to read! I’m almost done with Into the Drowning and now I have Vicious to look forward to reading 🙂 plus whatever book you sent me (still waiting for that in the mail – darn these busy holiday times slowing everything down! Lol)

yapdog says:

I guess the moral is we should judge an author by one work? I do worry about this; my style of writing changes with the property. I’m bound to turn some people off either coming or going.

Katertot8895 says:

I literally just read Vicious maybe a week ago? And I totally agree with your two negatives. The book was paced so well and the buildup was so great, but the actual battle/the final moments waiting for the battle were probably the most disappointing parts of this book. However, I still loved it a LOT. I also wasn’t too big a fan of A Darker Shade of Magic, but I read This Savage Song (also by VE Schwab) and it was brilliant. So if you haven’t that, it might be worth checking out (and its sequel)!

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