Unpopular Book Opinions!

What are some of your most unpopular bookish opinions?

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Caty Dominguez says:

I love Peter but John Ambrose had me second guessing myself for the entirety of the book! I wouldn’t have minded if Lara Jean ended up with John Ambrose to be honest

Tate Thurgood says:

Sometimes I think I’d have more unpopular opinions if I’d actually read my TBR………

TheBane616 says:

You’re not my favorite booktuber but I heard of Night Circus because of you so thank you. That book is fucking amazing.

Eprocto-Files says:

It depends on which classics you’re referring to.Thomas Hardy and Charles Dickens are timeless, as are stuff like Wuthering Heights. But some books are considered “classics” that aren’t relevant, but other works by those same authors are (e.g. The Great Gatsby and Huckleberry Finn, basically anything written by Fitzgerald and Twain respectively is more impactful than these.)

OnlyHereToSupport says:

SoC was SO good! An Ember in the Ashes too! But my ultimate favourite is ToG haha Haven’t read The Night Circus yet, but I will!!

hannah says:

Ok what is your outro music!!! It’s so cool and i’ve wondered forever!!!

Nicole Holman says:

It’s interesting that you said that because you had to reread Harry Potter for school, you saw the flaws of the series/that a lot of the series is actually it’s nostalgia. I’ve actually taught the Harry Potter series in a college class (an upper division GE) and actually seeing the detail, references, and world building in the original series reinforces the craft of the series. You have to remember that before HP, there simply weren’t children’s books like it. I understand that it’s has flaws but honestly, no other series in our time receives such criticism as HP simply because of its universal popularity. Yet we forget why it was universally popular lol
It’s becoming popular now with the bad HP films and play that have come out to say that the original series wasn’t even that great, but that actually comes from lack of knowledge of the history of YA novels prior to HP as well as lack of knowledge of a lot of the detail worked into the series. Sorry for the long comment but I’ve literally studied and crafted an entire college course on this lol

Cheyenne Domingo says:

i do agree that cassandra clare is overrated. i do like most of her books, like the infernal devices series, but others i really dislike. to me shes mediocre in terms of writing style but i still like her books.

Cherie Barbee says:

I read Harry Potter as an adult.
I wasn’t allowed to read it as a child. I loved it, even with its flaws. I would read all of it again, and there is no nostalgia attached. I know it’s flawed but… I don’t know how someone couldn’t love it.

Winnie and the Professor says:

Hannah, I am so glad you are back. Sending you a big hug and a wish for peaceful and relaxing holidays.

jaziybabe says:

I can’t stand deckled edges. They are so annoying and so hard to read. Especially when one book in the series has them but not the rest. Like Prodigy, Legend and Champion don’t so whyyyyyy

Amy Rietveld says:

The 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie was trash! I LOVE Pride and Prejudice, but as far as adaptations go, the 1995 version is SO MUCH BETTER!

DrawingIsMyOxygen says:

OMG YESS! I hate that there’s this stigma that only young pre-teens/teens read and write fanfiction. I have read some AMAZING fanfics. Yes, there’s a lot of crap, but there’s also a lot of crap in the world of published books. One of my favorite fanfics (which could use a bit of editing here and there) is a Marauders era James fanfic which I never thought I wanted but now I know I needed it. I have come back to this one over and over for years now and I always get emotional. It’s called The Pranking Queen and it’s on Quotev if anyone is interested. There’s a lot of versions of it from the author but here is the original and (imo) best version of it: https://www.quotev.com/story/5208378/The-Pranking-Queen-James-Potter/56
Also, one other small point. Sometimes fanfics are just good fun. Even if they aren’t the best they can still be a lot of fun to read.

Stealingyoursoda says:

Your videos actually make me wanna pick up a book

h2olady8 says:

Hannah just dropping a whole bunch of truth on us. Agreed with some was so so on others, I don’t think there was anything I completely disagreed with maybe the Harry Potter one. I don’t know you either like it or you don’t.

Whitney Elizabeth says:

Anyone who said “Six of Crows” was boring didn’t read the same book. Leigh Bardugo is SO talented and bringing a new aspect to YA literature.

100% agree with the “I don’t like John Green” sentiment. They’re all the same. All his male characters are these pretentious author inserts to make some “philosophical” point. It isn’t an unpopular opinion, though lol

Thank you for your hard work and quality content, Hannah!

That One Redhead Girl says:

I’m so happy that you seem so much more lively and happy in this video. ✨❤️

Ambitious Bibliophile says:

I loved everything about thissss

MiuMiuLuce says:

Night Circus was definitely boring

Loving Flirt says:

You look like Anne Frank

luzandreahc says:

How dare you speak so highly about fanfiction and not leave reccomendations, I’m feeling betrayed?!?!?!?! No but tbh I always have problems fallin asleep or just sleeping in general and reading fics (not books) before bed really helps me, so I’m always looking for fic recs lol (specially enemies to lovers or 5+1)

Abigail Nguyen says:

6:15 I agree, I love Chaol but don’t like the series…

Olivia Winkelman says:

Omg Bella Swan oof. I totally agree with you on everything, and after having just reread Twilight for one of my high school AP classes, I can totally see why some people still view her as a strong female character. Stephanie Meyer tried so hard to make Bella what she considered to be a feminist – she had Bella read classic books and she had Bella make off-handed comments about feminism, but Stephanie Meyer never actually followed through. Bella’s only driving force was Edward, she literally had no idea what drove her and what she wanted and who she was until she met him. And while it’s totally okay to be lost like that, it’s really kind of toxic to suddenly find all of the answers to these questions in one boy, especially when you’re only a teenager. Stephanie Meyer also tried very hard to establish personality traits for Bella, but once again she never seemed to follow through. She tried to make Bella smart academically (and she really tried for this), but then never had that as a consistent trait throughout the whole series (if academic intelligence can even be described as a personality trait, but that’s a completely different conversation). Literally, Bella’s only consistent ‘personality trait’ was clumsiness and that totally went away when she became a vampire. I just…I think I’m done exhausting the topic I’m sorry to like leave a long-ass comment. Love your videos.xx

Reading at Midnight says:

YES. Great Expectations is terrible. Hate is SO much.

Ross Ventura says:

Just beautiful!! Video loved it!!!

Madeline Wilson says:

1. Percy Jackson > Harry Potter
2. Snape is not a good person (this ones not really unpopular but it’s controversial)
3. I kinda hated Ginny

Aurora Pond says:

I am HERE for the pride and prejudice (2005) praise! So many Jane Austen fans hate it to a ridiculous degree….and for what reason? We stan Joe Wright

Emy Emy says:

Try reading David Copperfield 🙂

Zsuzsa Dacz says:

can you do a video recommending fan fiction?

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