To Kill a Mockingbird – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

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From plot debriefs to key motifs, Thug Notes’ To Kill A Mockingbird Summary & Analysis has you covered with themes, symbols, important quotes, and more. First published in 1960, Harper Lee’s novel with Atticus Finch has become a classic of modern American literature.

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The BiG CAM says:

I can’t believe they’re trying to get rid of this in school…

Call me Daddy says:

Since when is Jem crippled

Ricky Dave says:

what’re the songs in the background?

SGT.Ryans Channel says:

Can you do an Episode about Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving?

David Flores says:


Will Aldrich says:

I’m pissing

Sofia D says:

I love that they drew Tom with one of his arms shorter than the other. Correct down to the last detail!

Mitch Seward says:

can you do the last lecture by randy paush. I have to read it over the summer.

Barney Booth says:

An inspector calls plz

ოεցa oოεցa says:

Jem wasn’t a cripple though, he even played Football and his injury at the end wasn’t crippling.

Delailaah says:

I need this for summer reading this year but I had enough with lord of the flies last year ughhhhh

VibrantVirtue says:
checkout the above link for some of the greatest quotes from some amazing books!

Raghavendra Lakkakula says:

A job very well done. Good work Thug notes. I have many videos of yours to watch and many more books to read.

Locke Jawe says:

A hundred episodes!? Guess who’s staying up all night!

the rudest of clouds says:

why have i not been watching this. its fucking incredible
its like that trollpasta “pokemain: strangizzle redizzle”

Kaben Hanson says:

D a r k C h o c o l a t e

Ahsan Ahmed says:

The theatre version is a stupid idea

DoYouWantAFireCookie says:

When I do a book report on this I’m just gonna copy and paste the transcript.

Not Tired of Winning says:

2:43 Democrats

Brandon W. says:

This actually helped me…thanks lol

Mariangela Colangelo says:

lit lit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Teatro Grottesco says:

Is it just me or does Prof. Sweets really, really like this book and what it has to say and how it says it. IDK, maybe it was just having his head exposed gave a little more gravity, a personal touch. But I think this is one of his personal favorites.just mho. But it was a great job as always, trying to get my HS neice to check this out to get some POV on how Literature can be done and done right.

Richard Gardella says:

Hey could you guys possibly do Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann?

Adolf Hitler says:

*proceeds to write down script for school work

Keir Carson says:

Crazy fact alert!!!

Sup Soul says:

does anyone know what happened to the original gangster book reviews back in 2011

OtakuSpirit says:

I’m watching this because I didn’t annotate very well so I needed something to help me remember

FRUIT -BAT says:

Do diary of a wimpy kid stooge

Oreolover424 says:

*subscribes* You are wonderful

Wayan Ayama says:

“Turns out she wanted some of that dark chocolate, you know what I mean?” I’M FUCKING DEAD

David Huerta says:

how many freshman are here

Dean Machine says:

“aint no amount of cocoa butter gonna make that go away”

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