To Kill a Mockingbird, Part I – Crash Course Literature 210

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In which John Green teaches you about Harper Lee’s famous (and only) novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. John will cover a bit about Harper Lee’s personal life, (seeing as this novel has some autobiographical elements) and her long association with Truman Capote, who figures as a character in the book. You’ll get an overview of the plot, and we’ll talk a bit about Mockingbird as an example of bildungsroman (again(man, this description is heavy on parentheses)) and Southern Gothic, and look into the novel as a commentary on the racism and patriarchy of the Alabama in which Harper Lee grew up.


anastasiagirl1342 says:

I wonder if in another world, John Green is an excellent English teacher.

WorldParticles says:

Reading the book, I saw Atticus more complexly than simply a hero. Perhaps it is just my perspective but while he seemed to be a sweet father, he was not at all perfect and still reinforced the stereotypes of the time

Nicole Shen says:

When John says sitzpinkler, I immediately thought of abundance of katherines. Anyone else?

Emilio Sanchez Suarez says:

Vader is the Dutch word for father..

JoyTV says:

He deserves way more likes and subscribers tbh (compared to jake paul or rice gum <---what do they do for our society??)

SkyOfStorms says:

Instructions not clear… foot stuck in cotton gin….

JustYourAverageBookworm says:

english exam is tomorrow and I want to cryyyyyyyyyy

Blue Smith says:

This video just saved my life

Thaertios says:

Vater is German for father

Rei Melancholic says:

ScOuT’S HaM CoStUmE tHoOooO

Crazie Gracie says:


Daboombox AJ says:

I loved this open letter episode because I’m half German.

Jessica N. says:

Does anyone know what kind of program the “designs” were used for?

AzaGameplay says:

Every crash course literature video: White men are bad

Katie.L Hall says:


Friendlyneighborhoodsapphic says:

You should do a follow up lesson on Go Set A Watchman. An analysis of Scout’s new struggle with her father might translate well considering the political civil cold war we are facing today.

Freya Fisher says:

I see your Abundance of Katherines reference

UselessInTheRain says:

Am I the only one who didn’t even finish it cuz it was boring?! *not american so didn’t study it in school*

Stefan de haas says:

Vader is actually Dutch for father. The German word for father is Vater.

HwoarangtheBoomerang says:

Well this was unenjoyable.

lia saia says:

How smart is this dude..? Is he secretly Reid from criminal minds?

Anonymous says:

Vader? Vater? Si,iliar, but not the same.

Hannah Vondra says:


Brennen Siemens says:

if mayella’s mother died a long time ago, where did all her little “siblings” come from?

James Kinser KINZER says:

in the opening scene what i the symbolize in the harmonica, marbles, bird drawling and whistle

ThatManinWhite says:

4:36 -Boo Radley is “Southern Gothic Ninja” (rated PG-13).

Yuki Alex Nakai says:

Tequila mockingbird

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