the wicked king by holly black 📖 | book review

Once again, I missed the hype train…



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Liveyourlife says:

Wow, I loved these books! They’re like a drug – I read both of them in one sitting. But then again, I live for flawed characters, villains, tricks, back-stabbing, politics, treachery, assholery, nastiness and heat. And this book brought it, hard. There’s no false sincerity and no fanservice, only manipulation. Here for it! But I can definitely see how this book might not be for everyone! Interesting to hear your perspective Piera, as always. Also to clarify: I only adore those things in books, not IRL. Not much, anyway 😉

Ellenor Smith says:

That has saved me reading it as I had no interest after the last one. Look forward to you also saving me from reading the next one too!

Emmie Pritchard says:

I have never heard a better summary of my feelings on this series, just a lot of confusion. I really do wish I could have liked it as much as other people because like you, I enjoyed the world a lot. It’s probably a mistake but I still have hopes for book three

Hailey's Book Nook says:

I was so prepared to be the only person that didn’t like this book, OR The Cruel Prince. I wasn’t shocked by the ending, or the ghost’s betrayal because we never even got attached to him. And what the fuck was that ambiguous ass “sex” scene? Come on now. Furthermore, as far as faeries go, I didn’t even think Cardan was that “cruel.” Yeah he was an asshole, but ……he’s a faerie prince.. what do you expect. I actually like Cardan as a character, but I don’t feel ANY tension between him and Jude. And I can barely stand Jude as a main character. Idk, I don’t get the hype.

BrinaFilms says:

completely agree with you!

whiterabbitmix says:

Yeah, I felt the same way — I love the concept and idea of this series and what it could be, but the execution leaves me very underwhelmed.

I also don’t understand the Jude/Carden thing. Is it just people being trash for this destructive relationship that they know is toxic and they just want to see these two destroy each other in the worst way? That’s fine, but there’s no way this series ends with happily-ever-afters for anyone with what Holly Black has set up so far.

M. W. Martha says:

Yaaasss! I got sucked in by the hype and read book one, but was so disappointed!! Nothing about the characters spoke to me and the plot was forgettable. I definitely will not read book 2.

AshBroVin says:

You should definitely read the Eighth Day trilogy by Dianne K. Salerni. It’s about a boy who wakes up to a world without any people in it, when he runs into his eighteen-year-old guardian, Riley Pendare, he learns that he’s really in the eighth day—an extra day sandwiched between Wednesday and Thursday. Some people—like Jax and Riley—are Transitioners, able to live in all eight days, while others, including Evangeline, the elusive teenage girl who’s been hiding in the house next door, exist only on this special day. Evangeline is a descendant of Merlin, and her existence is what keeps the eighth day intact. Riley is her “jailer” because there is a group of people who wish to destroy the normal seven-day world and all who live in it. It is a YA Fantasy, and pretty short, so you could get through it pretty fast. I would really love if you tried it!

Jazzonic says:

I feel the exact same way as you. I finished it and thought – why was I so hyped for this again?

Masked Marvel says:

I read the Cruel Prince for the first time when this book came out, and I was confused as to what the deal was? It wasn’t that great to me. The world of faerie and the lore wasn’t anything I hadn’t read before, and everything felt very recycled. The first 3/4 of the book was boring and a bit of a struggle to get through, but I was interested in what happened at the end. Which is what made me read Wicked King. Mistake. It. Was. So. Boring! It took me about a week to read, and was a big struggle. I agree that all the characters are bland. And everything wraps up too nicely. One of the big plots of this book is that the sea people whatever they’re called want this big thing to happen, for what I assume has been for a long time (or at least was thought about for more than 1 day), and yet within 5 mins they’re like ‘yeah nah we cool’?? And I don’t understand Taryn’s motivations whatsoever, I’m not sure she has a brain and can think for herself. Also, if you’re attacked by someone, even if you don’t want to let anyone else know (for what ever reason), maybe you should tell your twin sister, who is about to marry said murderous someone?? (not that it would be a surprise)
I just don’t get why this is meant to be some great series, and Holly Black is supposedly the ‘faerie queen’ or something? The faerie world is kinda bland, doesn’t even feel magical, the lore isn’t anything new and has been done better and more thorough, and the characters don’t even seem to care about themselves and their own motivations, let alone someone they’re apparently obsessed with

Makeela Mountjoy says:

For me I’d actually rather see this as a TV show or movie. Because I feel the same as you and I’m not even 10 chapters in yet. I like it but I don’t. I’m just reading/listen because I want to know what happen, lol.

Steven Harris says:

Would you review my novel?

BookBliss says:

I am in the small percentage too, and its real lonely.

Rach Ellice says:

I’m with you, sister. I’m not really into the hype either. I like Holly Black just can’t get into the book

Safina N says:

Look forward reading the wicked king.

Rebecca Barhorst says:

I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING OMG I’ve never hated a main character I was supposed to love more than I hate Jude. I can’t stand her.

biancareads says:

I FEEL THIS. The plot I didn’t… mind. But like I care jackshit about Jude and Cardan so none of the stakes seemed high. But honestly I feel like they’re not even endgame? And Holly Black is just sitting back in her chair laughing at everyone loving these abusive relationships and she’s like… UM?

Like everyone who thought A Court of Thorns and Roses was romantic?

Torsten Wiese says:

Totally of topic but your lips!!! Amazing what do you put on them you look soo gorgeous! Brains and beauty!

LaVacheGoesMoo says:

THIS! Everything you said was exactly how I felt about the series. It had a great concept, but the lack of proper world building, character development, and forced romance wrecked it for me. Instead of “show, not tell” the whole book felt like I was just being told what was happening instead of having the story flow organically. Everyone else seems to love the book and I have no idea why. *shrugs*

AshBroVin says:

Hey Piera! I’m desperate for a new book and/or series right now and I need help finding a good one. Any recommendations?

Kaylarssage says:

I honestly thought this book came out months ago
ps. i like your face

Shnikki_Reads says:

Yeah I feel the same way about The Cruel Prince. I didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. It’s just there lol

Hi, I'm Jess says:

I actually enjoyed the cruel prince and the wicked king. I do HATE the “romance” between Jude and Carden, i find it really toxic and poorly written. But I really enjoy everything else in the books so I definitely pick up book 3

G Horton says:

I honestly feel Holly Black really write this series for her long term fans. The fact that Roiben features so prominently has me automatically enraptured with the books

Elisa - Bookish Expat says:

Yeah I know, when I the betrayal was revealed I was like “which one are you, again?”
I gave it 3 1/2 stars on goodreads, mostly because I am a sucker for Fae stories, and enjoy the tension (though their relationship is MESSED.UP.)
I did feel that the Undrworld part was underdeveloped and sort of brushed off, which sucked. But I enjoyed the Queen of Revelry party.

yasminthereader says:

I hated the cruel prince, I had so many issues with it 🙁

Bookly Encounters says:

Great review!!! Love hearing your thoughts and comparing it to mine.

OnlySheStandsThere says:

I’m loving these solo book reviews. I haven’t read most of them and have no interest, but I love watching.

Dre Ferreira says:

idk I wanna read it but like I always get this itching that it’s so aesthetically similar to acotar like not story wise but this whole Jude and Carden / Feyre and Rhys / red haired fox character whose name I don’t know / lucien / that quote that went big “guard your moral heart” just SCREAMED “be glad for your human heart” and I really can’t get over how all the art for carden looks so much like a white rhysand idk I’ll read it at some point because I know plot wise it’s different but aesthetically I can’t separate them and that’ll taint my reading for sure because I know I’ll be on the hunt for similarities plot wise

Ali Corvere Books says:

lol I felt the same way about getting back into the series. I BARELY remembered anything from the first book. i had to find a summary because I was struggling ahahhaha fml

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