THE OUTSIDER, by Stephen King – Book Review!

Today we review my most anticipated novel of the year, THE OUTSIDER, by Stephen King!

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Time For Books says:

You have the best looking bookshelves. 🙂

Ultimate Fanboy says:

Well it looks like I’m going broke this weekend! Btw I think I agree with you on the covers. I think I like the red cover from the U.K is it?

Cody Williams says:

You didn’t even have to read the final book in the Hodges trilogy to know what was going to happen at the end. END OF WATCH was a major spoiler for anyone who knew what that meant and it was a terrible title choice. Frankly, I didn’t care for that book too much. I love Bill, Holly, and Jerome as characters and even wept at the end of the final book…but I didn’t like the way King shoe-horned the supernatural element in an otherwise straight detective drama.
I’m halfway through THE OUTSIDER right now. I’m really enjoying it. That being said, Ralph Anderson is no Bill Hodges. He reminds me more of Bill’s old partner (I forgot his name). There have been times when I was reading the book and I thought to myself ‘What? Hodges would’ve never done that!’ I like the character all right though and I hope the book only gets better from here. For now, though, Ralph Anderson is no Bill Hodges.


Great book. Solid 4.5 stars from me.

staffski says:

Top 5? Wow!
Two persons before me in the library waiting que. Hope they read fast.

Marian Apgar says:

Just want to say how much I appreciate your mentioning the fact that Holly from the Bill Hodges trilogy is in this book and to read the trilogy first if you wish to avoid spoilers. I have read the first two books of the trilogy and would have been really irritated if anything had been spoiled for me by reading The Outsider first, which I got yesterday. Going to read End of Watch next, then The Outsider.

Casey Wayne says:

Omg i havent read it yet im buying it tomorrow i hope its fucking great man!!

Chris Austin says:

I absolutely loved it! I havent read horror for well over a decade almost two. Wow…Dreamcatcher was the last time I read King. This was such a great book. Now to start playing catch up.

Matthew Medley says:

Great review top of the list on my next king purchase.

Feeble Scream says:

i was so happy reading this book.. just last week i was thinking about holly and bill wishing there was another book in that series .. this is good enough for me I couldnt put it down

Jack D says:

Thanks for the review E.

Samuel Brooks says:

Yay happy that you’re happy! I’m looking forward to reading it

Stevie Psycho says:

I’m just over halfway and can’t put it down. This puppy moves and I love it. No big reveals just yet, but I just started the Holly section which was a fun surprise. I’ll finish it today. 10/10 so far. The dread is palpable and growing.

Hassan AlBalushi says:

I’m just glad it’s better than SLEEPING BEAUTIES.

Guillermo J A says:

On top 5!!!! That’s amazing men, thanks for your review i can’t wait to read it!!

Jeremy Simpson says:

I got it for my birthday. I’m starting it tomorrow.

retrofux 1 says:

I bought this book for my dad for Father’s day. I know it is early for that, but he has read every Stephen King book up till about 2005 and revival. Do you think he will still like it if he hasn’t read any other new Stephen King books?

William says:

I’m gonna read this now I was on the fence but now I will

Girish Gowda says:

Damn. I was half way through a Stephen King and Lee child interview on YouTube. That can wait.. I guess lol.

Library of Tomes says:

I’m so disappointed that there are spoilers. I am half way through it already but I want to read the bill Hodges trilogy. Will it ruin the bill Hodges trilogy?

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