i have no idea why this video turned out so long, but LET’S CHILL TOGETHER YAY





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Katherine Cai says:

i literally love your videos so much! you’re hilarious and such a great person! And i definitely agree with you on the Romeo and Juliet situation. I thought that the story was kind of stupid, wrong, and all around just messed up.

Neeyati says:

You legitimately look like Helene with your mask pushed up to the nose.

CRE8LSM says:

can you do an in depth video on annotating?

Sanket Sharma says:

Okay but can we talk about the face mask? Because WOW!

Tess Avery Books says:

That Voldemort impression though…

Cath Henry says:

I could listen to you talk for hours.

Blackbird says:

I loved the mask, it was hilarious and super distracting at the same time xD

sunako718 says:

Mal is the worst! Main reason I hated him, he refused to talk to the main character about his issues, hated her abilities because he didn’t want her to be on equal footing with him, and he cheated on her! The boy straight made out with another girl in front of her, and then when he was caught he didn’t bother to explain. He just didn’t care. What an A**hole.

Oliver P. says:

The mask is a lot and I am l i v i n g.

Honoree-Louise Nguyen says:

I feel you so much regarding sister hate! It’s unbelievable how often authors put that in. Just… ugh

Pocket Mac says:

hot chocolate in summer???


Kenna Smith says:

I’m sorry, but I just can’t take you seriously while watching half your face jiggle off while you talk! Haha… How you did this video, is beyond me. I would have been laughing too hard to function.

Artimis Lestrange says:

I just have to say this and sorry if it’s offensive, but you look a LOT like Timothée Chalamet.

samana hoon says:

so many videos in so little time,,, mother is feeding us

Ruelux Prince says:

yesssss to Queens of Geek!!! The one of the first books to make me feel represented. Also, same to Crooked Kingdom

Laura is a Fangirl says:

I hate Mal with all my heart too which is so ironic considering the same woman created the love of my life, Kaz Brekker.
And btw when you thought about kaz dying I didn’t even considering it and it hit me like a freaking brick

xkittysaysrawr says:

So much yes to your nopes!

KhadijahR Reviews says:

To quote the wise words of Justin Bieber

catandthemouse says:

I feel the same about Romeo and Juliet; I’ve always felt that it was more of a cautionary tale like “don’t fall in love in a fucking day otherwise you’ll DIE” more than a romance

Raven Nivhaar says:

Honestly,  you’re quickly becoming one of my favorite booktubers.

Alison Pelley says:

That hot chocolate looks like it’s made with water and it’s making me unreasonably mad for some reason

Diana Velarde says:

You’re the coolest and genuine booktuber!

Ayusha Mahajan says:

What an icon.
lol I tried reading the first book of ToG but I hated it and could not finish it. I really don’t understand where the hype comes from

Jessi Vaughan says:

That mask was horrifying! xD But I still enjoyed this video!

Helena Rodrigo says:

Me: I have to wake up early for my exam tomorrow, I should go to sleep bc it’s already 2am…
Me: oh, look, she uploaded a video where she’s wearing a face mask and ranting about books… LET’S WATCH IT!

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