Ok so if it’s not clear, I LOVE THIS BOOK!!
Please read it, it’s amazing!!

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SwirlyGirlyReads says:

I can’t believe I’ve had this book on my shelves for two years and I’ve not picked it up yet!!!! What is wrong with me ???

Marybeth Dwellsinbooks says:

I’ve been waiting for you to read this! I’m so happy that you loved it as much as I did!

Alison Geddes says:

This book was amazing! Not often a book makes me cry! Definitely in my top 5 and my top read this year so far! X

Berna Baradan says:

I was thinking about reading the book for a couple of months. I am definitely reading it after your and other booktubers’ review.

Bella Novela says:

hi Heather
I just wanted to stop by and thank you for doing a great job here on youtube
I’m a mother of four and I love reading but I don’t have time to look or research new books
I just take your word and so far I have been reading the books you review and it helped me a lot to find great books to enjoy


Kayla Worrell says:

I read this in February as well! I am a new mother and this story wrecked me. I’ve always liked WW2 historical fiction but this one topped alongside The Book Thief for me. I cried so much and I read it at WORK! It was rough. I was on lunch break when (SPOILER) Rachels Daughter died and I lost it with the line “She’s afraid of the dark.” Then the ending just ripped my heart out!

Brooklyn's Books says:

Was the book slow, or was it a fast paced historical fiction? I’m thinking I’m going to read it!

Yael Ess says:

Loved this book too! I highly recommend Beneath A Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan, another WWII book from a different perspective and based on a true story!

Jessie's Shelf says:

I just finished The Nightingale…I LOVED IT! And truly I think I possibly found my favourite book of 2018 and its only March lol.

Stacey loves to read says:

I need to get my but in gear and read this book!! I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews! ❤️

Mummy Loves Books says:

I loved this book, it was so brilliant the two different stories of Vianne and Isabelle and how they each in their own way impacted everyone around them. My daughter is studying World War II in school just now and they focus a lot on dates and political policies and factual things, I feel there needs to be a bit more of sharing stories like Vianne and Isabelle to help bring it to life for them. Only now I’m older and have read more novels about the stories of people who lived through it has it added that real perspective and emotion for me.

Ginger K says:

I read this a few months ago and I have no idea why I waited so long to read it. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres and I’ve read 2 other Kristin Hannah books and loved them (Winter Garden and Firefly Lane). And yes, when I finally read it, I LOVED it – 5 stars – one of my all time favorites. Kristin Hannah writes amazing characters and family relationships. I’ve got several of her other books and I’m looking forward to reading them as well as The Great Alone. I know you’re not a big fan of historical fiction so I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I got such a kick out of your review!

Dani's Bookshelf says:

So excited you finally read this! I know you’ve been wanting to get to it for a while. I haven’t read it yet, but you’re making me very excited to pick it up!

douluvmee says:

My favorite book ever!!!!!

Sophiesticated Books says:

My friend recommended this book to me and she said it was INCREDIBLE. She was going to lend it to me, and I’m so so happy that you liked it because now I really want to pick it up! I love your reviews so much!

Wendy Fitzpatrick says:

I’m so happy you read this. One of the best books ever! I have loved every Kristin Hannah book I’ve read. You should check out some of her other work.

isabella ogbolumani says:

I also loved this book!

Sandra Bax says:

I loved The Nightengale. It is one of my all time favourite books. I couldn’t put it down and I just wanted time to stop so that I didn’t have to go to work or bed and I could just read it. I finished reading it on my lunch hour and I wanted to announce it to everyone that I finished reading the best book in the world because it left such an impact one me. I remember thinking that I had to talk to someone about this book. I find that no one does a better job creating characters than Kristan Hannah. I recommend Summer Island, Between Sisters and my favourite The Things We Do For Love. They are all contemporaries that explore family relationships. If you want a historical, then read Winter Garden. It is set in Russia during WWII. Another amazing read. Lucky you, that you have so many Kristin Hannah books to read.

Amanda Perez says:

I understand. I don’t cry, because I have no heart, but I had goose bumps throughout the book. I think about this book daily.

Tess Avery Books says:

I need to read this book. It has been so hyped, and everyone adores it!

Julie Benoit says:

This is one of my all time favorite historical fictions along with “All The Light We Cannot See”. I listened to the audio book and yup it was a total tear jerker! The movie adaptation is expected out in January 2019. Can’t wait to see how it plays out on the big screen. Let’s hope they don’t ruin it!

Angie Mc says:

I finished this a week ago, and now, I’m struggle to start another book. As nothing is going to be as amazing as this book. Until you read this book you just can’t imaging the impact it will have on you. A few times, while reading this book I had to put it down, as emotionally I needed a break. This book will break your heart, it will make you question what you would do it this situation. This quotes says it all, Don’t think about who they are. Think about who you are and what sacrifices you can live with and what will break you.” “You’re not alone, and you’re not the one in charge,” Mother said gently. “Ask for help when you need it, and give help when you can. I think that is how we serve God—and each other and ourselves—in times as dark as these.” This is definitely going to be an all time favourite.

Carlie Goddard says:

You loved it! Yay!!! I’m going to read Night Road next, I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done. Great review too! You are so good at reviewing books. Happy reading!

crazee4books says:

The Nightingale marked a change in Kristin Hannah’s choice of topic.  Previous books are contemporary, relationship driven and though good did not have the emotional impact of the Nightingale, at least not for me.   It may well be the peak of her writing career.  I plan to read her new book at some point but don’t expect it to have the same strength or resonance.   I think any book dealing with the second world war, if written well, will produce these types of feelings.   Tatiana de Rosnay wrote a book called Sarah’s Key and that takes place in Paris during the second world war.  It is not a book you may want to read as a mother but it too tells a gut wrenching story that is sadly more real then fiction and heartbreaking to read.   I too wonder how we would fare today if (god forbid) war happened and this time directly affected us here in North America.   Could we survive such horror?   And at what price?

Margaret S says:

I have this book but have been avoiding reading it bc is the emotional aspect. I hear great things about most of her books. Her other books seem to be tear jerkers as well.

Allie collins says:

This is what I am currently reading, I’m 60pgs in and while I like it, it just hasn’t gripped me yet. I was almost tempted to put it aside, but I watch your channel a lot and I trust yor opinion. So I’m gonna keep at it! (also I am just coming out of a really bad slump, so this may have not been the best book for me to pick up just yet)

Lisa G says:

I just finished The Great Alone and for me it didn’t life up to The Nightingale but you should read it.

Kat San Andres says:

Yes, girl!!! The Nightingale was one of my favorite books of 2017, and is in my list of favorite books of all-time. I just picked Kristin Hannah’s latest book, The Great Alone, because I loved The Nightingale so much! Please read The Great Alone so I can have someone to chat with in case I love it just as much as The Nightingale.

Natalie Dove says:

I just finished it. I loved it. I don’t know what else to say.

Bella says:

I loved this book! I just read the Great Alone, cried like a baby! You have to read Firefly lane, and the follow up book to that one! She makes me cry!!! She’s freaking amazing!!

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