The Nightingale Book Review

Spoiler Free: 1:15
Spoilers: 7:28
Final Thoughts: 17:23

The Nightengale:

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Kristin MomentsOfSanctuary says:


Ps kristin Hannah shared she wrote the book all the way before deciding which sister would be the one to live and then went back and changed small details to support that.

Alexandra Millard says:

I think you should do these kinds of reviews (spoiler free + spoilers) all the time, it’s fun to be able to look at the spoiler free section before reading the book and then go back and see the spoiler section when you have read the book ! 🙂

Dizney Daizy says:

Oh my Gosh, Merphy you had me in tears all over again with this book lol. Great review and I agree with your points Still, my fave book of 2018 if not one of my fave books of all time.

Little Red Goddess Persephone says:

This book sounds beautiful but waaaayyyy too heartbreaking for me!

Whitney Duval says:

Omg. This book left a thumbprint on my soul and watching your review hit me all over again. Such a good book.

BookDragon Buddies says:

I want to read this immediately now! -Kaelene

Kathy Bolton says:

Such a great book! I am also passionate about adoption because our son is adopted. It rips your heart out when you read these kind of things. Great job on reviewing the book.

Reema M. says:

I read this book last year and I honestly didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought it would, but the ending made me cry so hard

Paul Allen says:

*sigh* another book to add to my “to read” list… you are killing me lmao

Cozy Reader Kelly says:

I listened to the audiobook which was good for pronouncing the names.

Spoilers ahead:
That scene when they took away Ari was the first time I cried. Obviously, it was the adoption link. I do understand what the Rabbi was saying about preserving the Jewish heritage, but as an adoptive mom I was crushed. Then cried again when she sees Ari in present time. And I just cried now when you talked about those scenes. So I guess it really effected me.

Kiran says:

My favorite aspect of Isabelle’s characterization was that, if you notice, in the beginning of the novel, when she was getting herself into these crazy, dangerous situations (meeting Gaetan in the woods, with the airman in Paris) she would realize her danger waaay too late. She’d already be doing the thing before she’d realize “oh. this is probably a very dangerous thing for me to do.” and I guess some could call it stereotypical, but I loved it. Noticing those parts of her in the beginning when she was naive and didn’t really think of the consequences and just did what she wanted to do, as a product of only ever having herself to rely on and no one around her to show her that actions have consequences, it was so nuanced. I really loved Isabelle as well!

Jensen says:

I also struggled with the pacing in the Nightingale, but it was worth pushing through! I found Vi a little frustrating, but I think that’s what makes her so realistic – we can all be idealistic and hope we’d act a certain way in hard situations, but I’d argue it’s also natural to put your head down and survive (especially when you have children relying on you).

Any plans to try the Great Alone? I just finished it the other day. I did have some issues, but it was very immersive.

Optimus says:

I love your videos so much that i even sat through the spoiler part 😀
Now im hyped to read this as soon as i can,but i have the i really need to recover first before anything else.

Rebecca Lee says:

With how much you connected with this book, very similarly to the ways I did, I highly recommend you read Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. The audiobook is phenomenal, but if you’re not an audiobook person as much, I’m sure the book itself will be just as powerful. Love your channel <3

Manaal Siddiqui says:

For me the scene where they snatch away Rachel’s son from Vi and the rape bit was just unbearable to read.

Don Gurrya says:

It really is hard to get into and some of the chapters are a drag, but for the most of it, i breezed through it once i got the ball rolling lol.

Leslie Ring says:

I’m going to reread this book this year. I loved it so much a couple years ago and I need to see if stands the test of time as a favorite of mine. Great review!

yapdog says:

Geez… you’re gonna make *me* cry………….

Afroze Jehan says:

I read the book almost same time as you, i was really connected with V’s character she sound exactly how woman were/are in times of war my eyes were teary in last few chapters , but some how Isabella’s character sounded hollywoodish it would sound more realistic or believable if she had some kind of spy training as there were many French British women who were serving army in war time.

Hannah Bryan says:

Nice! I keep seeing it at the bookstore so perhaps I’ll pick up a copy during my next visit. I think the cons are pretty forgivable for me

Patricia Tamara says:

Whenever I don’t know how to pronounce a character’s name, I either change it or abbreviate it lol Glad to know im not the only one.
The Nightingale is easily in my top 5 favorite books, I sobbed at the end.

Nerdish says:

I read this book at the end of last summer and it really moved me. It was a 5 star read for me, too. The ending really got to me. It was a little cliche how that character passed, but it was just…so heartbreaking. I thought that they’d all be safe since the war was over..but nope.

Wonderful book. So glad that you liked it!

Rebekah Mackenzie says:

It’s pretty bad if someone thinks death in a WWII novel is a spoiler. I’m glad you enjoyed this! I read it last year and really liked it. 4 stars for me.

Amanda Roberts says:

I read this book right after giving birth to my second child in 2016, and let me tell you, the added bonus of postpartum hormones resulted in a snivelling snotty cry fest that lasted for like TWO HOURS. Those last few scenes you said that hurt you and the one that made you cry literally crushed me to the soul, especially as a mom of (now three!) children. I can’t even imagine. Your review brought back strong memories of this story I read two years ago, which is a testament of what a good book it is. (Also I’m dealing with postpartum hormones again after the birth of our third and totally cried watching this haha)

L Modin says:

it would be fun if you could show how you use sticky notes in books 🙂

Jasmine Beaulieu says:

I read this book in June of last year and it has stuck with me more than any book I have ever read. Watching your review brought back all the emotions I had while reading it and I ended up tearing up during the spoiler section of the review.

Legend Ary says:

have you tried the chaos walking books, they’re pretty cool it starts off with the knife of never letting go which is decent it introduces interesting characters and explore a bit of emotion in a really cool setting where religious settlers have colonised a new planet but they’ve regressed technologically, and the big difference is that all the men display their thoughts telepathically to everyone all the time, and while the first one can come across a bit one sided in places it actually makes a lot of sense considering that it’s from the perspective of a kid more than a decade after most of the inciting incidents, but as the series goes on it and it shows more perspectives you really start to see the grey in everything

brownboyreading says:

Finished read this amazing book!
Might contain spoilers!
omg, I cried so much when they took ari/daniel away too. And to make matters worse, you know the scene at the event when V see Ari and stumbles and julien catches her and asks “Mom?” well I was already crying at that point so I initially read that as Ari saying that word and it damn near broke me!! It was such a beautiful and emotional book. It’s been 10hrs since i finished it and I still hurt.

mariapol17 says:

I didn’t mind so much the pacing or the way the romantic stuff happened.I loved that book so much and I have to say thank you because the way you spoke about it made me read it!!!

Nikki Morris says:

as someone who was adopted it’s really refreshing to see another person talk so positively and passionately about it

V Larsen says:

Such a good book!!!!!!!

Milja says:

This really was a book that will haunt me after I’ve read it 😀 Really good but also heart-breaking story. I am definity gonna reas more books from Kristin Hannah.

Circus of Damned says:

I’m so glad you liked it. And I really wish you would read Lilac Girls it an amazing WWII story that fallows 3 womem befor, throughout the war, and after. And it three very diffrent sperspectives. And it just as hard hitting and immersive as The Nightingale.

I did not see the younger sister death coming or relize the current timeline was the older sister V. I balled my eyes out throughout that whole end of the story. And the audiobook made this book so immersive for me.

A S James says:

Thank you for doing both Merphy, you’re the best!
Sounds so interesting and I’m really interested to read some of this vivid writing and really experience the novel. I’m always interested to see how the time jumps are worked in. It’s something people don’t talk about much but it happens often. For example I always found the Harry Potter books did it masterfully, especially the earlier books. They all take place in a school year but even in the earlier shorter books I never found myself being pulled out by the jumps in time.
I’ll be back to hear the spoilers once I read the book next month 🙂

Randi M says:

Thank you for the time stamps! I haven’t really considered reading this book, but I may have to give it a try sometime this year.

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