The Company of Death, a book review by The Dom

The Dom reviews a fellow Youtubers book.

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Andrew Catallo says:

Interesting I’ll add this to my list if your interested in another book about a zombie written by a YouTuber I recommend mogworld by Yahtzee’ crowshaw I love the audiobook

Sara Sleightholm says:

So I take it none of these vampires sparkle and they spontaneous combust or whatever with direct contact with sunlight

Jamie Mann says:

It sounds nice but It’s got 3 of my least favorite things, vampires and zombies and post apocalyptic setting.

1987MartinT says:

If you’re not a zombie fan then I recommend The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore for a different take on the genre. While there are zombies in it they are very different(among other things they can think and talk). Plus, the story is flat out ridiculous in a good way. I think you’ll laugh when you see how the zombie apocalypse happens. Trust me, this book is great.

Monique Ocampo says:

Thumbs up if you like Scott in spite of the fact that he’s a jerk.

ma2keep says:

Sound’s dope, thanks for the review Dom!

A Random Human says:

Sounds Interesting. I will add it to my read list

Vincent Bastookami says:

Could you please do a lost in adaptation of i am legend and what dreams may come both by Richard Matheson?

Glimare says:

When it comes to Zombies and water, it really depends on the writer. Disney ignored a lot of the lore with the pirates walking on the sea bed. Typically, Zombies in fantasy series have three main weaknesses of elemental nature: fire, daylight, and rushing waters. Rivers tore zombies apart so being surrounded by them was actually a brilliant strategy. So long as they didn’t make a bridge. Read the Abhorsen series by Garth Nix if you want more on Zombie lore.

Cathrine JP says:

Awh, so cool. 😀

Ann Salvatore says:

Love your shirt

Brian Webber says:

I’m pretty confident that Elisa did not base Carol on EDI from the Mass Effect Trilogy, as I said in my own review of the book for, but that did not stop me from hearing Tricia Helfer’s voice in my head every time Carol spoke.

Goddess 18 says:


Loosecat 56 says:

Oooh… I’ll look into this!

The Mysterious Plutonian says:

Holy crud, this sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted in a book. Potential asexual representation, characters who have a sexuality but don’t pay it much mind, and vampire fiefdoms during the zombie apocalypse? The only downside is that I didn’t get to write this one. If I do pick it up, maybe I should try my hand at a fanfic if that’s something she’s ok with.

JohnDow clown says:

Id love more book reviews from you, maybe my favorite book WORM by wildbow it free at and the sequel is out

witchGender says:

I’ve already bought the book but only barely started it, I’m glad to hear it’s so highly endorsed by you! You introduced me to Maven’s channel so it’s thanks to you I even know about her work.

Blau Beere says:

Nowadays its hard to get me interested in completely new series/authors and I don’t really like zombies (except in my favourite tv series In the Flesh) but this book did sound quite intriguing. Thank you for well put together review and also mentioning it’s queer friendliness^^

Monkey D. Luffy says:

I’m commenting to fight the algorithm. We SHALL defeat it!

hurricanejay17 says:

When you want to go into it blind but you also want dom to get his views

Crowvamp1979 says:

I have been a fan of both of your channels for many years, and I got the book the week it came out. I am only a few chapters in, but I am enjoying it very much. It is nice to know that you enjoy it too. I am also not much of a zombie fan ether but this book is so far so good.

SkySlasher says:

Ok so are these patreon sponsored like Linkaras reviews if not could you do a review of a book similar to this in the sense it’s book 1 of a series of a potential shared universe by a YouTuber that I consider underrated Ryan George Colleen’s (YouTube name the Omni Viewer I recommend his channel) Operation Red Dragon the Dikajiu Wars Part 1 I honestly want stuff like this to get more exposure

Ivana Radic says:

aaah i love maveeeen!

Jeremy Williams says:

I was on the fence, as I too loathe zombies and have been moderately disappointed in vampire media over the years,but you’ve sold me on getting this book. Thanks, Dom.

MyGutSaysMaybe says:

I became a fan of Neal Asher from your previous review – so yeah, I’ll give this a shot. Please do more straight book reviews

Tales From The Hanged Man says:

Conceptually this sounds really interesting. I will have to check it out. Awesome channel btw one of my faves.

Ben Goldstine says:

maven is asexual…? but she has a kid

Jeff Maziarz says:

Hey! “Can you have positive baggage?” is a great question. Personally, I’m always asking, “Wait… is ‘judging’ always negative?” I’m glad I’m not the only one.

fivesilvercoins says:

Thank you so much for bringing this book/author to my attention! as an asexual absolutely starved for representation, and who also loves writing and vampires (done well), all this sounds almost a little too good to be true.

Rocketboy 1313 says:

I am holding out for Audible.
But I do promise to share knowledge of this book with other people who may be into it.

Baby Doll says:

Your feeling on zombies, I feel about vampires. I was pretty much done with vampires after Twilight. But this sounds like a really good book!

Jon Snor says:

Good Zombie media are rare but exist, mainly one who have a unique genre mix on zombies.
Izombie from the veronica mars guy is good, znation is fun and certainly interesting and in the flesh is a great zombie drama with a gay character. all tv series and in two its about zombies who need something to dont become a traditional zombie. So i know zombies can be good, even now but rarely.

Nice shirt. Didnt know you were a fan of the queen of vampire fiction. So you dont have to be dragged to the altar of feast torn apart by vicious commenters.
The critic was excellent as always.

Charlie S says:

I both would love for you to shit on onisions books in a review as well as hope you never have to even see a copy of it in your life

shrine says:

gimme gimme gimme i wanna read this book now whoa

Mia Williams says:

Is this an audiobook?

BBCotaku says:

I have so many books I have to read for school (12 in 11 weeks) but I’m going to have to squish this one in.

Brigit Bryner says:

Love your shirt. 🙂

ThePicturePixie says:

Seraph of the end. Or Owari no Seraph.

Robin Pullman says:

Fascinating concepts!

Lady Marmalade says:

Definitely recommend this book to anyone who thinks that zombies and vampires have grown stale. Like Dom said, it has its fair share of First Book in a Trilogy problems, but I read this right before reading a book by a well-established, successful crime author, and of the two, I enjoyed this book *MUCH* more.

Rachael Brzys says:

Yay! The Dom-Reviews-You I most wanted!!!!!!!! Yayaya. Anyone else fantasize about making a hit and including a fully funded Dom review as a rider? Doesn’t matter if it’s a novel, graphic novel, screenplay, pilot or video game.

Edison Michael says:

As for zombies walking along the bottom of a river, I personally never liked that trope.
I don’t know about those encircling Manhatan, but I think there are few rivers that would flow slow enough fo r a creature to not get carried far away from their intended destination, especially if they are not in perfect control of their movement (be it by havings spasms or limited motion).

By the way, you forgot to mention a thing that is extremely divisive among the zombie story fandoms:

Are these zombies hyperactive “rage zombies”, slow “rotting zombies” or a mix of both?

Sean Conwell says:

Having followed Maven for some time and hearing this review makes me more motivated to publish one of my books now

Rachael Twilight says:

Ooh, I really love when writers vary up how they write dialogue to match the thought process of the character. It’s a small thing that I wish people did more often.

l0stndamned says:

On my “to read” list once said list goes down a bit.

Ian Harvey says:

So death takes a holiday. Reaper man by Terry Pratchett anyone?

Ben Goldstine says:


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