Tayari Jones An American Marriage Book Review | #SmartBrownGirl

An American Marriage: https://amzn.to/2QyBFnW

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Alana B says:

You right. Roy kinda gave up and we don’t get why. What happened in jail? What happened in his experience after the wrongful imprisonment? The author tried to allude to it but we didn’t quite grasp it.

Ms Nissi says:

i’m so ready for a book club. and i have to get this book!

sakinah b says:

That book is amazing!

courtcourt309 says:

I read this book awhile ago so i dont remember all the details, but i didnt love it. I really disliked Celestial and I just couldnt relate at all to how quickly she gave up on Roy. The setup was already there for Andre to step in I guess…

Titus2Chic says:

I’m definitely in the minority. I didn’t love the book. It managed to be both predictable and lacking, which you touched on many of the points. And the ending … *deep sigh* … the ending was just like … uhm … that’s it?? Maybe I’m just not that deep but yeah, I missed the greatness of this book.

Jasmyne Gilbert says:

Yes, back-to-back content! Keep it coming, sis.

AJ Walker says:

I always appreciate a good book review, thank you. I’m not thinking this is my kind of book although I’ve seen it bubble up in people’s reading lists. Thanks for mentioning how the story ends, “spoilers” never bother me because I know what I’m getting into ahead of time and can make a better decision if the material is worth the journey.

Sempple Tempple says:

I feel you pressing that content out! About to go cop that book!!

desaraej says:

Great review! Loved the book also. I feel like Roy was fresh out, lost the love of his life, felt like a failure and just needs a minute to regroup. The choice of woman/small town that he ends up in to me hints at more rest and rebuilding his manhood on a different playing field. Yes, he’s a Morehouse grad, but he’s also a felon. I just think he needed time to heal and I could definitely see a sequel where he finds himself and charts a new course. (Out of the small town and into something even greater…)

omgChanelDenise says:

Celestial got on my nerves. She was so spoiled and annoying.

seelix says:

Got half way through it. The writing was so simple and lacked depth. Especially with the characters. Even though the characters were written in first person, they had no substance. You couldn’t tell Andre’s speaking voice from Roy’s. Not to mention, Celestial was annoying. Got to where Roy met up with Davina at her place for dinner and was pretty much done with it .

(StyleME) StyleBitsnBobs says:

Yes to a book club – this sounds like such a good book!

Jouelzy says:

Aye a book review!
Get American Marriage here: https://amzn.to/2QyBFnW
Or sign up for Audible w/ my link and use your free credit for this book: https://jouz.es/audible

Arsnphnx says:

Sounds like his time in prison really broke him and he lost himself -or depending on who he was internally before all this, perhaps enlightened him and found himself.. I don’t have the bougie life experience personally or closely enough vicariously to have the level of familiarity you have. But I can imagine someone living his life would experience his ‘connections/associations’ fading fast in the face of public scrutiny amidst such serious allegations.

Sadly, many wouldn’t be willing to ‘dirty their hands’ at the risk of their images/careers being smeared from even associating, let alone supporting or fighting with him (innocent/not)… That usually takes someone cut from a different level of cloth to get in the trenches with you during such a trying time. Him experiencing that, the public embarrassment of not only the accusation, the actual conviction then doing real prison time (not sure what his experience was in there), not to mention the infidelity of his wife.. He spent years building up such a life only to lose it all for so long, could’ve all just drained him and run him off to the simple life he chose..

Perhaps he couldn’t return to the life he knew b/c the stigma on his name would remain regardless. I’d need to see if he was happily living as his authentic self or if he was living a life he was pressured or expected to lead. Perhaps w/o real love/support outside of his family while trudging through all that for a few years, he just had no more left in the tank to fight or even deal w/ it afterwards. Sounds like an interesting enough read. Thanks for sharing this fun, engaging perspective on it.

shaniiicole says:

So I listened to this book on Audible. And it was GREAT. I would sit in my car and finish chapters before going into work or the house.

Saskeia C. says:

Literally 2 seconds in and I had to stop and let you know that I would love to see more book reviews. I am sure there are others who agree.

CurvyMomTMarie says:

When Andre was introduced I already knew the deal.

mickey M says:

Shoot you might get me to reading fiction again.

Larry Y says:

You was invested in this novel! Sis was passionate.

Ramonia Nelson says:

I listened to this book last month and was allllll in it! It was so good! I had so many emotions listening to this book. I need to get a hard copy of it.

iamuhura says:

I really enjoyed this book review! Also love your makeup look in this video; the lip color reminds me of ABH liquid matte in Sepia.

AlphabetSoup says:

I agree with you about the ending for Roy! I didn’t see how he could have a relationship with the one woman when he hadn’t even been honest about how her son was doing in prison. That relationship was another one built on a lie and doomed to fail. 

One critique I’d give to Tayari Jones is her endings always feel too abrupt as if she just stopped writing mid-sentence and this ends up making me feel like her characters’ lives are petering off into oblivion. I needed more closure from this story.

Being Tanisha says:

I have this book in my book case so I hope this isnt a spoiler but ima watch it anyway….

Tasia Sherrod says:

I haven’t watched the video yet but I am definitely interested in your review on this book. I tried to listen to it on audible and idk if it was the author’s writing style or the narrator but it wasn’t doing it for me and I had to stop. It was also a slow read for my mother I don’t even know if she finished the book yet.

Medpro Tv says:

Hi jouelzy

Marsha Creary says:

Both of the people in this coupledom are college educated and yet, as adults, have no network of their own within the college space, mentor programs or employment endeavors? The intersectionality of Walmart and prison is an interesting one and yet it feels exceptionally out of place. I don’t believe anyone works hard at achievement in the academic realm to end up in prison. I also don’t believe that adults don’t actively pursue being tethered to their nuclear family without obtaining their own sense of identity

Pamela Brown says:

Jouelzy, I loved hearing your comments and would have loved to delve even further into this novel with you. This was my first time reading something by Tayari Jones and I did enjoy it. I thought her characterizations were sharp and on-point. However, the problematic issue for me with this novel was I found both characters unlikable. I couldn’t really “root” for them or their marriage for just that reason. I think I’m going to disagree with your point about Roy ending up with the girl from Eloe/Wal-mart. I think after his time in lockup and his conversations with Celestial, his priorities about what he wanted (a big name, big brand) or what would make him happy changed. And who is to say that he couldn’t still have ambitions during his partnership with Davinia. I just don’t think the status/power couple thing was as big to him anymore. Hope you’re posting book recommendations for next year. I believe the ones you posted in the past were more on the non-fiction side but I’m always looking for something to read.

Rashida says:

Wow I’m early. And I listened to this book from a library app while driving to and from work and while washing dishes. Book had me in my feelings each time, no matter what. Excited to hear your review. *pressing play* to continue.

Amber Rechellè Polk says:

That highlighttttttttttttttttttt YES MAAM

CurvyMomTMarie says:


CurvyMomTMarie says:

I have read this book 3 times!!!! I love it

1234IZM says:

I was planning to read Silver Sparrow first, but this one sounds good too

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