Suze Orman’s Women & Money Book Review + Free Access to Her Course!

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Today I’m doing a quick review of Suze Orman’s Women & Money. It’s new and improved from her original book from 2007.

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PHILIP W says:

Great episode

LovingMe_ Jan says:

Very informative….Thanks for sharing

DreadMike73 says:

Good books to read is Think And Grow Rich : A Black Choice and The Wealth Choice Success Secrets Of Black Millionaire by Dr. Dennis Kimbro.

malarki5 says:

I love your financial advice, sister ‘FocusedSpender’.
Keeps me making informed decisions regarding my
financial behavior.

Thank you.

DreadMike73 says:

I listened to her audiobook called The 9 Steps To Financial Freedom: Practical And Spiritual Step So You Can Stop Worrying. My grandparents were baby boomers and they only knew how to budget, saving money, and spend money but not go overboard. If they didnt know about investing how do my moms know if my grandparents didn’t know. Me and cousin are like the only ones that are investing money, my cousin has an aggressive Roth IRA and I invest in the market using Acorns, Robinhood, and Stash. Who got me into investing was Dr. Boyce Watkins and I got all my books on personal finance is a church that I was getting my food from. I studied personal finance and investing for 2 years before I got into the market in 2017. I do have regrets of I wish I could have learned this in my 20’s instead of my 40’s but I look at it like what do I have to lose and I least started investing in spite of learning late. I’m not going to play the Florida lottery, what for? In gambling in any form, the house wins and poor people who live in the hood loses due to fear and impatience. How many people in black community know anything about personal finance and investing, it’s not too many people who look them is teaching them how money works. I promised the most high God that if I learn how to money works and make good money in the market, I was going to teach poor people how money works and I plan on keeping my word to him. I’ve been to financial seminar at the library and the sad part is that more women regardless of race go to free financial seminars than men, last time I went to financial seminar it was 5 black women and 4 black men, one worked as a chairman of Launch Federal credit Union and 2 others were there to learn and I still went in spite I knew already the things they were talking about but always like to refresh on my studies. Alot of women are on their money game, when it comes to money, not trying to say women just want to spend money ,but they listen when it comes to money, personal finance, and investing.. A woman I talked to is in the market cause of me. Long story short her son was talking to me at the library when I was on the computer on a stock market website, broke down everything to him, save his moms money and ask me what I’ve been teaching her son and she got in the market after I told her I’m in market and broke down how the market works.

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