Stephen King’s IT (Book) – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

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From plot debriefs to key motifs, Thug Notes’ IT Summary & Analysis has you covered with themes, symbols, important quotes, and more.

It (1986)
by Stephen King

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Legendary Legend says:

Think about the turtle. Why would a FUCKING TURTLE make the universe. I’ll tell you why… time. Any further questions ask me

Bryce Willey says:

this is great. But so dumbed down. So much isn’t brought up In this. But I get it. Good job man!

MaxAttack0527 says:

This guy sounds like dashie’s impression of baraka from mortal kombat and Bill Cosby

Cole Garland says:

Wait, they actually all have sex? ….why?

Tom Jasendro says:

“But Beverly got an idea. ‘Hey boys, drop you pants and fuck me!’ Wait, WHAT? But these kids only like eleven. Stephen, man.”

Jean Dance-Diable says:

i want this guy to voice the joker

NotQuiteGobShite says:

I mean, it’s so fucking hard to even explain what Pennywise is. It’s just…It. You know what IT is. The monster under your bed, getting ignored by parents and teachers, bullies, ya know, IT. I mean, the best you can explain in a nutshell is that IT is a manifestation of childhood trauma in the form of a clown. Yeah. Stephen King likes drugs.

Manuel Aguilar says:

wait, bev were fucked by the kids? :0

JustComments123 says:

Do flowers for algernon!

Kat McBride says:

Can u do good omen

Daniel Ignacio says:

yo dawg lets go back to the classics with “The ring of mcallister”

Kers A HerpaFuqer says:

SUBBED, just the content I need to see everyday

Lawless Ranger says:

Please do “A God in the Shed” by J-F. Dubeau

kyle jones says:

Sparky I’m doing the parable of the sower by Octavia Butler in my literature class could you cover it please

kia sdrawde says:

Would you consider doing The Taming of the Shrew please?

jearss says:

Ben is alpha AF in the book

Giant God says:

The Tempest by Shakespeare?

Shirokuro Max says:

Any adaption of this book without the sex scene is a bad adaption. You have to be faithful to the original

Steven dv says:

what background tune is that

CharCole says:

I am so confused

Danny Munoz says:

The gunslinger

Nyan-Chan says:

I’ve always heard that IT affected the adults behavior, but that is an interesting perspective.

GunslingerPlays says:

man i love these

iheartscaryclowns says:

I liked the book IT but the book had way too many flashbacks and background stories. I really don’t need to know the history of nearly every character in the book.

Chris Williams says:

Sounds pretty freaky….. but I like it.

Tre'Lynn Daniels says:

The tongue thing was inaccurate

David Nghiem says:

Hey Professor Sweets! Would you be up for covering some non-western classic literature? I’m talking stuff from Asia, like Journey to the West (I grew up with that one), Water Margin (completely, utterly gangsta), Dream of the Red Chamber, and the most baller of them all, because it’s so epic, convoluted, and straight up insane, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (if this is romance, WTF…)?

Nerdygirlpants 。 says:

Enders Game

Christian Chavez says:

Someone who’s read the book plz explain to me why a gangbang was required?

nightmuffin937 says:

If you read one of The Dark Tower series The Turtle scene makes total sense.

Francisco Gativideo says:

Ok, but really, can anyone tell me the meaning of the gangbang please? Or am i getting bamboozled?

chandlerredhead27 says:

PLEASEEEE do Phantom of the Opera

Marcel Ferreiro says:

Do Shahnameh by Ferdowsi next

Tre'Lynn Daniels says:

Some of this was inaccurate lil

Ooey Louie says:

Gonna need a “LATA'” shirt.

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