My thoughts on Neal Shusterman’s first book in the Arc of The Scythe series. Please let me know what you think!

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Jel0XD says:

Hello me alastair! Say hi to mr zach!

Scott Bell says:

Always enjoy your reviews. I read “Promises” based on your recommendations for Pride month and really enjoyed it. Will be reading more of your MM recommendations.

platoman214 says:

I enjoyed watching your delivery becoming more relaxed and spontaneous. The book’s content just didn’t appeal to me, but that’s fine. You’re growing and improving.

Hung Nguyen says:

Hey are you a subscriber? Please subscribe! There’s videos…that you can watch…Watch the videos…Click on another to make you a part of the Alastair Reviews It family!….(that was really weird)

Edgar Jasso says:

Yes please review the second book please. Love your reviews, they have made me look up some good reads 🙂

Charles Kesner says:

Sounds like an interesting book. Thanks.

Cat Scan says:

Alastair, you are awesome! I just want to go through this screen and kiss those cheeks!

Ian Munro says:

Alastair, if you have read them, could you do a review on the books of David Eddings, the Belgariad and the Mallorean series?

Bearcubfan00 Gmail says:

Great video! Always enjoy your reviews. You make me smile!

iCherokee says:

Great video Alastair! Your review definitely caught my attention, so I may have to read it now. Keep it up!

Teddy Kitchens says:

The way you describe it Alastair, it sounds about like the movie Logans Run. Your review as usual is great. Keep up the great work. I hope their is nothing lost from the book when it is made into a movie. I have always loved to read, but, the last few years I had lost interest until I came across your channel. I know enjoy reading again. You have put the fun back in reading for me. Thanks.

Dean Harrington says:

Thanks again Alastair. You are really good at these reviews. There are so many biased and fake reviewers out there it is great to here someone honestly review books. All the best from OZ (Australia).

Swag Socrates says:

Still miss that old outro

affect says:

A much more humane alternative to they Scythes would be a group of individuals whose responsibility it was to encourage varying degrees of gay love within the society thereby adjusting the population to desirable levels. No death committees just the perfect blend of straight and gay love spread out across the nation. (Pete)

Alastair Reviews It says:

The way I speak may sometimes be a bit odd. Trying to improve my speech. Stay tuned for better talking in the future haha

WillRM says:

Ok, Sorry this isn’t about the book, just one of my stupid observations, but isn’t that another of Zach’s shirts you are wearing, how many shirts has Zach ripped off you that you don’t have any of your own to wear!?!?

Lavon Williams says:

Hey Alastair. My name is LaVon. I’m a young author and I was hoping if you could check out this book I published. I feel it would be right up your alley, genre wise.

Organic Pigloso says:

excellent job!

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