Reading Year in Review (2018 Stats)

all the books:
favourite books 2018:



Elsie1588 says:

I love me some stats videos!

Lauren says:

This is my favorite video every year YOU DID THAT !!!

Ifer's Inklings says:

I love these videos. I am still gathering up all my stats but plan to have a video eventually.

Cassia E says:

i always look forward to this stats video!

Dragan Tomic says:

tasmania is a part of australia lol

Amy Talks Books says:

Oh my god! This video was so incredibly thought out, you must’ve worked so hard on it. It is amazing to be able to visually conceptualise what you read in all those different categories. Happy reading for 2019✨

Theadora Callahan says:

I really liked how these weren’t on your bookshelf. It was a good choice!! Always love this video.

Courtney Ward says:

Yesssss give me all the book stats. I love this video so much

Ingrid Å says:

Where did you get the scratch map?

Biell Morning Star says:

holy shit

susi q says:

Honestly, keeping track of all those stats would take all the enjoyment out of reading for me. It would make it seem like a job or a competition, not entertainment. I’m not ashamed to say I just don’t get it. I don’t have any “goals” when it comes to reading, I just love to read. But to each his own…….

Stacy Atherton says:

Here’s mine if interested:

I enjoy these videos of yours, it’s always cool to see the different stats.

OurFamilyBalancingAct says:

So awesome!

Lindsay Puckett says:

This is my favorite video you do each year! I started doing my own reading stats video on my channel because I loved yours so much! <3

emmanovella says:

me: I’ll be super creative with my stats video.
lala: *takes it to the next level*
me: well… maybe next year hahah

GIRL YOU ALWAYS SLAY. Hope your 2019 is just as successful. I can’t wait to see what it brings you (no doubt a play button plaque. You deserve it so much<3

Zara Secker says:

Just a little tidbit for you (from an Australian): Tasmania is part of Australia (it is actually literally joined to Australia) and not a separate country.

with cinnamon, please says:

I adore these videos so much <3

Hayley Marie Reads says:

your end of the year stat videos make me so darn happy!!!!!

Emilie Zuchowski says:

This is my favorite video you do every year

TheEllaDarling says:

Only getting to this video now, but I do love some bookish stats! I used the excel spread sheet made by Brock Roberts (is the guy, who I previously couldn’t remember the name of). I’ve enjoyed and been surprised by that, because my goal was to read more classics, and by the end of the year 23,3% (14 books) we classics! I also read quite a few graphic novels 20% (12).

Many books being classics meant that those books didn’t garner many pages total, but 22 books out of 60 were published before the 2000s, which I found a bit surprising, but also not after realizing how many classics I picked up this year.

Little Prairie Library says:

My brain is a little broken because you have the continental US scratched off but not Alaska. If you want to read a good specifically set in Alaska, I would recommend The Smell of Other People’s Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock.

Jessica Bookworm says:

The stats QUEEN!!

Daily Carolina says:

This is the most complete Book Stats I’ve watched !!

Morgan B says:

Which Filipino book(s) did you read?

Henschke007 says:

Interesting stats on what books you read.  I used to read all the time, but stopped after going through some rough patches the last 4 years.  Reading again is a NY resolution and have already started reading (Lee Child).  Anyway, thought the video was very good.

Jayna Lascaibar says:

Your stats are killer. This video must have taken forever to film.

Kikka Briel says:

I love your stats videos <3

Jenn Miller says:

Thanks, Kayla! You just inspired me to write the *longest* blog post in forever! But all of my stats are up, if you’d like to take a look! And kudos to you! Arranging all those books and taking all of those pictures is a LOT of work (which is why I didn’t do it, #lazy).

Elfie In Bloom says:

This is the most satisfying video I’ve ever watched. I love this!

Lesley Vaught says:

Is there a reason you have the US scratched off on your map but not Alaska? Are you wanting to read something specifically Alaskan?

Sofia S says:

I’m reading “All Out” for class, it is stunning! <3

nellieekberg says:

I read 140+ books this year which is crazy since I’m 15 and started reading on a regular basis like two years ago?

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