READING WRAP UP 2018 || Books I’ve Read in April So Far!

It’s a bit early for my April Wrap Up 2018 but I thought I would do a reading wrap up since I’ve already read 7 books this month! Here are my reviews and thoughts on them! There’s a mix of disappointing books and some that might be new favorites!


Lips: Mac Lip Liner in Whirl
+ Mac Lipstick in She Betta Werrrk

——————————– BOOKS MENTIONED ————————————–

The Magicians – Lev Grossman

Good Behavior – Blake Crouch

+ Dark Matter – Blake Crouch
+ Wayward Pines – Blake Crouch

Solaris – Stanislaw Lem

Children of Blood and Bone – Tomi Adeyemi

The Andromeda Strain – Micheal Crichton

The Sixth Extinction – Elizabeth Kolbert

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Haley Nixt says:

100% agree with your thoughts about Children of Blood and Bone. The romance felt forced, and basically for me, Inan’s character was the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

sharareh sedigh says:

You should definitely watch the Russian movie of Solaris. It’s awesome.

StrangetheReader says:

You might enjoy “Honor Among Thieves” because the aliens are sentient ships that seem like whales. Super cool story and enjoyed it a ton!

Junlan Li says:

If you like non-fiction, but you like funny, you should read Get Well Soon by Jennifer Wells. It’s a look at all the plagues in history, how people have reacted, both the good and bad. Wells is hilarious – it’s the only book that’s made me laugh out loud in public, which isn’t the reaction you expect from books about people dying in gross ways.

Veronika T says:

I read sixth Extinction for a class… Funny, I enjoyed it lol. The bat part especially was eye opening to me. Very gruesome reality.

Charles Smith says:

Apologies in advance Emily, which version of Solaris did you see? There is the 2002 Soderbergh film & the 1972 Tarkovsky film (which is available in the Kanopy streaming library )? As always, graduate for sharing your perspective. Happy reading!

Robyn H says:

I need to read Six Wakes. I just bought it recently and was planning to put it on the bottom of my TBR pile but now I may move it up.

Veridissima says:

I watched the Andromeda mini-series and I think I thought it was okay, nothing special, but it was a long time ago and I’m not a really big fan of sci-fi, I was mostly watching because one of my favorite actress is on it 🙂
I’m currently reading a graphic memoir called The Arab of the Future: Volume III, probably still going to finish it tonight, not sure if next I’ll read The Princess Bride or Five Children and It; or I may just read some comics first, either Black Lightning or Black Bolt 🙂
Happy reading for the rest of the month 😀

ABookHermit says:

Do you have a reading routine? You read an impressive number of books! Do you have some fast reading techniques?

MickeyRocks1763 says:

I finished The Humans by Matt Haig after your review of it in your last wrap up; I loved it! ^-^

not extraordinary says:

I totally agree about romance in a lot of books. I just feel like trying to force characters together so they end up being together with someone is unnecessary. Like it can still be a good story without the romance (unless the book is supposed to be a romance novel then that’s different)

BookswithEmilyFox says:

What book are you currently reading? 🙂

A.J. says:

YESS!!! I agree, children of blood and bone would have been even better as an adult book and without the insta love 😛

N S says:

Exactly. Ron and Hermoine should not be together… I also cannot stand Ginny!

Alexandra L. says:

The Andromeda Strain is a mini-series with 4 episodes. I watched it couple of years ago and quite enjoyed it, gave it 8/10.

Golden Elk says:

I like knowing what you didn’t enjoy. That’s how I really judge if I’ll like something.

Gladys Dulay says:

Emily have you heard of little free libraries?! You should see if they have any near your area. I’ve been hunting them down near me and I’ve been able to drop off books I was meh about. I also got: the Iliad, never let me go, outlander, seabiscuit, and interview with the vampire!

Iovinlife says:

The liner and lashes damn girl

Czarina Abogado says:

I’ve been over the fence on picking up Children of Blood and Bone because of the hype but after knowing your thoughts, I really want to give it a try. Also, I agree about romance in YA sci/fantasy. sometimes they feel unnecessary..

Tess Avery Books says:

I’m so afraid Children of Blood and Bone won’t be worth the hype…

maria bacilio says:

Am currently reading obsidio

Shya Marie Beauty says:

I had to read The Sixth Extinction for my college Eco Biology class and it was a nice break from the straight fact reading and gave some nice stories but I actually don’t remember the part you were talking about. I don’t love it but I found the information useful and enlightening.

Jack Gets Lost Down a Book Hole says:

That’s how i felt about Jurassic Park and Timeline. It was dry but the stories are entertaining and it helped having seen Jurassic Park but don’t remember if I saw Timeline the movie first.

taylor amadon says:

I’m reading a children of time this month! It was a battlefield to find that book though! And then I plan to read seven husbands when it comes in to my local bookstore. Thanks for the recommendations

anna syariza says:

I’m currently reading Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

katherine hurtado says:

Read Abandon by Blake crouch I love it so much ! And the setting is in the mountains in Colorado.

Claire D. says:

I’ve started reading If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio 🙂

kc lea says:

LOVED the magicians trilogy. Highly recommended.

whutzat says:

Emily my favorite version of The Andromeda Strain is the the 1971 film version. The remake for Sci Fi channel sucked in my opinion.

Shmizzle Shmazzle says:

Does anyone else think she should start a channel called ViolencewithEmilyFox? I would enjoy watching her break stuff and burn things while yelling epithets.

I'm Bob says:

I completely agree with your CoBaB review where everyone is always matched up with someone, it’s my biggest peeve about YA because it’s just too convenient

Katie B. says:

Okay, that sweater is SO cute.

olivia1910 says:

7 books in the middle of the month ? Do you have some superpowers or something ? xD I’m currently reading The Cruel Prince but I’m not making a lot of progress, I’m not really getting into it. I like it when I read it but it’s not one I’m dying to pick up so I hope it gets better haha

lumpyspacecadet says:

Yay! You said it correctly! 🙂

Robin Karr says:

Definitely read The Magicians books first if you don’t want spoilers! They combine the first 2 books for the first season of the show.

Claire D. says:

Keep the ”but” part of your reviews, that’s more interesting 🙂

Maria Mironova says:

the shining by Stephen king

Denis Mezi Žánry says:

Hermione and Ron are not the best match as well as Harry and Ginny are not the best match :/ but anyway I am not huge on romance too but love HP, can read it thousand times:)

Claire D. says:

I dnf’ed the sixth extinction bc it was too boring, even if the subject really interest me

Chelsea Kerns says:

I’m currently reading Children of Blood and Bone and I really like it, but I agree that the romance is terrible.

lethallime says:

Oh no, I’m sad that Good Behaviour was disappointing. Luckily I still have the Wayward Pines series to read 🙂

Alexandra L. says:

1) please keep mentioning drawbacks of the book, we need to know the full picture 🙂
2) I know you’re on a sci-fi kick at the moment, but do you have plans on reading Strange the Dreamer? It was massively hyped last year. I’m in the middle of reading it and the writing and the world is so unique and beautiful that I never expected to like it that much. I think you’ll enjoy it.
I believe there is a romance in it though….. And although people say it is YA, it is not, at least it doesn’t read like one.

Michelle Forbes says:

There is a movie from the 70’s for Andromeda Strain

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