Reading “The Worst Book of All Time”

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InsaneReader says:

I know this video is really long so if you want to skip the intro or to a specific part of the video here are some time stamps.
Vlog- 6:19
Review- 20:20

vriddhe nanda says:

the tree didn’t deserve this. hella lol and guess what? that book is about 1750 INR in india. lol

jazzy razzy says:


Agentmg17 says:

Have you thought of doing a giveaway? I’m sure someone would like to have a big laugh.

Isabella Feret says:

The only time I can think of where the “character talking directly to reader” thing has worked is in the Percy Jackson series, but that’s simply because Rick Riordan is a pretty good writer and was able to make it natural and I remember as a kid that beginning was pretty cool.

April Dannette Gosa says:

yes there can be its called 50 shades of Grey Series those are the worst ever written in my view LOL

apathofpages says:


hubabakara says:

“the trees didnt deserve this” IM CACKLING

kittysrock16 says:

This gives me hope for my future novels I want to publish ohmygod… you’re a brave soul for reading that whole thing

Andrea Bermudez says:

I don’t think I’ve ever (literally) laughed out loud at a BookTube video. This is arguably my favorite channel of all time.

TheHoranda says:

I loved this video! What a wonderful and thorough review, thank you so much for this! Out of curiosity, what is the worst book you’ve ever read?

matt b says:

can u just record the audioboook for this

Χριστίνα Καλαιτζή says:

Watching 3rd time

Umbral Compendium says:

I’m dead! <3

Erika Feb Olar says:

14:12 “Like “aid”, but add a ‘Z'”
My brain: *Aidz?*

gebrelgamutan says:

“I don’t know what your creative decision is, but it sounds like you’re on crack.”

Hanbanan xox says:

OMG! I just found your video and I enjoyed it so much! You’re so funny, that I instantly subscribed and wanted to watch more! Your reactions are everything!

Edit: and your puppy is so cute!

Bryan Gray says:

The trees didnt deserve this thing got old fast…. and what the frick makes me hardcore cringe. Plz stop ~.~

Victoria I says:

When I get bored I just watch this video, because I think it’s hilarious.

Ultraviolet Morgan says:

Just read a terrible book… It was called the witches of echo park and I wanted to like it but it was badly badly written. Vocabulary words and flowery sentences are not all that’s required to make good writing.

Bitch, i'm Madonna says:

ohmifuckingghod that last line definitely solidifies my theory. The author is a TROLL. like WTF lmao. it’s soooo badd hahah. Let’s just give thanks to the author for writing this book otherwise i wouldn’t have watched this hilarious review and found your channel <3 <3

southern girl says:

So basically Zade is like Tris and the love interest is 4. I don’t know what to think

CtinaLoves2Read says:

This my favorite video of yours

해야 says:

*t e l l m e w h y*

Hanbanan xox says:

I literally just went onto IMDB to check that it was in fact getting made into a movie because I couldn’t believe that such a book was from what you said and I saw that it says Zade is being played by THE AUTHOR. I don’t know what to think about it – part of me is like do whatever you want, it’s your book, then part of me finds it weird. While I was there I found out that the author actually has a connection to the plain white t’s (she was their manager)…

Grayson Lunetta says:

This book sounds like the twilight knock-off I wrote in sixth grade that started out about vampires and ended with time traveling pirates.

Anna W says:


Blue Xero says:

When life gives you lemons
Blow up the cooler

Sherry Allred says:

I enjoy your style! Laugh-out-loud! Great research, observation, and review! Actually, this video is enjoyably entertaining! You remind me of my son, with the matter-of-fact highly-intellectual full-of-pizzazz kind of humor. Thank you!

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