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Back at it again, this time I’m reacting to positive reviews of books I don’t like! Reading the reviews was… something! Hope you enjoy!
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www says:

throne of glass series (which i’ve read the entire series of) : yes i agree she was an obnoxious little brat at first but what you don’t realize is that it’s part of her character growth. at the beginning she thinks she’s a lone soldier who’s better than everyone else… until the fae and the witches and erawan comes into the picture and she realizes how inept she is lol. by the middle part she realizes she can’t do it alone – she’s just not enough, she needs a strong team, a team that would break her out of mab’s cage even.

Lidens Cheng says:

Dude, don’t apologize for your honest opinions! So many of the 5 star reviews on Goodreads are pretty cringey even for books I like.

I’m not going to defend the writing quality of the Gunslinger. What I’ll say is it’s a fix-up novel and that’s probably why it might be so confusing to readers. It joins 5 short stories together, and clearly not always in a smooth way. Biggest sign is the fact that King revised a good majority of book 1 in the the early 2000s to make a bit more sense with the rest of the series. He had to fix continuity errors, made it more linear, and I think changed a lot of the language. Granted, readers still can’t agree if that helped at all.

Reviewers who say that you need to read this series to understand his other stories is exaggerating quite a bit. The Dark Tower explains why Maine and his stories are so fucked up. The mythologies of his universe. It’s not like it takes away from your main understanding of his other stories.

I’m not one of those people who will actively push someone to continue a series, even if this is a series I enjoyed a lot. Especially if you’re so peeved by it. There are so many great series out there to read anyway. But, once I read book 2, it was clear King found a niche combination of genres (fantasy, western, horror) that I didn’t realize I’ve always wanted.

Shannen Paige says:

Completely agree with you about Attachment! It’s so creepy !! It’s so sad and scary that so many young girls think it’s romantic! This trope needs to dieeeeee

Staci Barrett says:

I hope you do more of these type of videos. 🙂

AKookieForYou [Kayla] says:

I just wanna say Emily, I love your channel SO much! You’re always such a blast to watch, and you seem very real and down to Earth. I also love how interactive you are with all of your subscribers, it makes this feel like an actual community, instead of just another site to watch things on ^_^

Xiomara Canizales says:

A shot for every time Emily rolls her eyes!

MegaMind169 says:

I dont know you and I love you. (don’t worry, I booked appointment with my therapist.)

JaJaJantsen says:

the whole part about nipples had me laughing so hard! I love your personality!

Iva says:

omg any character who unironically quotes Lolita needs to burn in deepest pits of hell.
i usually give those positive reviews a benefit of the doubt that they haven’t read many well-written books or they’re just too young to have read many books in the first place. When you’re young your taste for books is all over the place and you like things for different reasons, mostly for the story in general and you’re not too critical.

Ortija says:

Loved the video and i’m a fan of your channel in general, but your comment about being dead inside when not rooting for characters to be in romantic relationships was really ill-considered. As an aromantic i hear the same ideas about me being dead/not fully human/not having “normal people feelings” around romance all the time and these ideas are very hurtful. Please reconsider making such comments in future. Still completely loved your deadpan humor.

Kristen Kuruugaa says:

27:40 okay but I WAS once in a middle school love triangle where I had a crush on one male friend and the other male friend had a crush on me and we all stopped hanging out.

Jana Shumaker says:

You’re the best. I could listen to you for hours and we have the same opinions on books!! I hated the Mara Dyer book. I thought it was one of the worst I’ve ever read. The love story was terrible and Noah Shaw was a horrible character.

Lauren N says:

Do a video on reading bad reviews on your favorite books lol

Sarah Hanks says:

omg I used to LOVE the selection (they were my favorite books during middle school), but then I reread them last year (as a high school student) and I died because of how awful they were. (at least my middle school self saw how bad the girl hate was in the second book) I also remember hating how forced the love triangle was (especially the “plot twist” at the end of the first book in order to REALLY force the love triangle in the second.

AlyssLysie says:

I wasted my time reading all 3 Mara Dyer books. I regret that so much!

Camila Morales says:

5:30 If Caelena would have actually acted like a proper assassin then I would agree with that comment, but in the first book the only thing she does is try on dresses, eat sweats, think about the prince, that damn dog and books and that’s it. We only get like 1% of the book where she’s actually acting like an assassin… Maybe I shouldn’t watch this video after all xD

Trineke Haruko says:

The coffee strikes again

The Vault Brotherhood says:

My favorite book of all time Is Stands A Ranger.

elizabeth browne says:

I agree with you on Attachments! It was creepy! I was not buying the romance!

Bemuzed Bookworm says:

haha totally agree with you on the Gunslinger. Listened to the audiobook twice, because I thought my confusion was due to a lack of attention span upon my first time listening … second listen demonstrated that it wasn’t just my attention span

BookswithEmilyFox says:

Leave the timestamp of your favorite moments! 😛

KissSanityGoodbye says:

You hating on awful YA books is literally my favourite thing 😀

kisskpop says:

Wait, what?! Goodreads lets you read first pages of books? *HOW* ???

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