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Beatrice Norris says:

Awesome video!! Would love to see you react to 5 star reviews of books you hate as well as more like this :))

hikkipedia says:

I left 1 star on The Essex Serpent, though I couldn’t get through it. I’m sorry, guilty guilty guilty.

Mariella says:

What a great video idea. I tend to find negative reviews more helpful in choosing what to read.
You can sort goodreads reviews by star rating though, no need to scroll through all of them!

Krishtie Mofazzal says:

this is such a birthday treat!!! loved it <3

Martha P says:

I enjoyed The Little Stranger but I don’t think I completly got the ending, have you done anything where you discuss it, or know a good source?

LittleDrummer Girl says:

Fun video! I was hoping maybe you’d read out my Essex Serpent review, but I had given it 2 stars 🙂

Lucy Rutherford says:

This is such a fun video! I feel like I often dislike books everyone loves so often I seek out the low reviews to have my opinion validated haha

My Reading Life says:

I found this extremely entertaining. Would love to see you do another.

Mel's Bookland Adventures says:

My nephew has been reading books on C++ since he was 6. He is 12 now and can code pretty much anything. So. That Sarah Waters review though. Really. Explain why people like it, because it is brilliant.

Samantha S says:

This was brave of you, haha! Sometimes I find reading bad reviews of books I like to be enlightening, especially if they noticed something ishy about it that I didn’t notice. But usually they just make me frustrated

Antonela Diana says:

I find myself so bored by reviews that tell the plot of the book that I often can’t get to the part where they tell their feelings about it.
I noticed that you said you couldn’t find 1 star reviews. I don’t know if you knew that you can filter reviews by star rating on Goodreads.
This video was great! I love reading 1 star reviews of my favorite books, I find it hilarious!
I’m very intrigued to read The Little Stranger, I want to know the ending now!
I would love to see a video whre you read 5 star reviews of books that you gave 1 star

Aimée Anders says:

I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Essex Serpent, mainly because I had ‘wrong’ expectations and disliked almost every character, but it definitely doesn’t deserve only one star. And this video, both the one star review and what you said about it, made me want to read The Little Stranger asap! Really enjoyed watching this 🙂

unmanaged mischief says:

This was so much fun, and all the more so I think because I’ve read all of those books! I can’t believe some people miss the ending of The Little Stranger. It’s an ending I still think about now, over a year after finishing.

Ordowai D. says:

this was so much fun! I’d love to see similar videos in the future

Sherlika G says:

I loved The Little Stranger. It stayed with me for years and years.

Runwright Reads says:

Great video. I do enjoy reading Goodreads reviews of polarizing books.

Haroon Ayub says:

Loved this video!

Teresa Medeiros says:

Your hair cut is stunning! You look like a totally different woman in my opinion. Your eyes are so big and beautiful.

Cyna Joy says:

Absolutely loved this video. More please.

Anette Becker says:

I completely agree with you on The Little Stranger. Many people don’t get the ending. I think it’s brilliant and absolutely thrilling.

Amberley Heins says:

I’m in the middle of the Little Stranger right now and am so intrigued now!

Patricia Portugal says:

Wow! I love your new look! Beautiful and stylish haircut and the makeup is great! Greetings from Brazil!

Bob Regina says:

Loved this idea!

Bert Fechner says:

Now do 5 star reviews of books you hate?

SavidgeReads says:

What a brilliant idea for a video. Not a single one star review for Rebecca in the first 200 reviews. Du Maurier rocks lol. Angry librarians, there’s more of them than you could imagine. Hahaha. I was worried I might have given the Valente one star. Ha. I think I gave it two if I was on goodreads there but imagine if any of these had been people you’d known. How can people not like The Essex Serpent? Who are these people? Haha.

Jude Bell says:

Not even two minutes in and I love the idea of this video (and I’ve just checked out the one stars for my favourite book too!) Also, if you go into rating details on a book in Goodreads and click on 1 star they will filter all of those reviews for you

Kate Howe says:

Yay! So fun to see you doing this! I agree that a flipped video would be really fun along with more like this.

twistinyourside says:

Loved this video!

I personally loved The Little Stranger even though I initially didn’t get the ending. I feel like if tons of your readers don’t understand your ending, you haven’t written that ending particularly well? I’m all for ambiguous endings but found that one fairly frustrating. Idk though, I still very much enjoyed it.

Kathryn Explains It All says:

haha I loved this! I think one of the great things about books are how subjective they are and it’s really interesting hearing why people don’t like books.

izzy&steph says:

This was really fun! You’re very gracious in your responses to one-star reviews. Plus you’ve made me very curious about that Sarah Waters book now.

Just Juan Reader says:

This was awesome!!!

anne g says:

That was fun. But, I also think it would be very interesting to flip it.

Meera Reed says:

I loved this video, so funny and clever! I would love to see the flipped version as well! Always fun to hear you telling people why they’re wrong. ;D

Nicole Reed says:

What a brilliant idea! I can’t wait to go check out Kate’s views on this topic. I loved your rebuttals to the one star reviews!

Bookupied says:

God, I get so pissed with other librarians that makes a difference between books and books. As long as the kids are reading it’s a GOOD THING! Hahaha

Christine B says:

Fun to watch and I would love to see the flip too !

Paula Baker says:

I really liked this video and your responses to the reviews. I thought they were insightful and the brief background offered clarity on the pitfalls of the novel. I would love to see another one of these or to see this flipped the other way.

John Hunt says:

Loved this video. Obviously we can’t all like the same books or have the same opinions as each other. If we did life would be as dull as dish water. I think it is good to have debate though about what made a book good or bad. The Girl on the Train was a talking point at work for weeks. So many differing views. I loved it and raved over it whilst others said it was poor and to obvious from the start. The Essex Serpent is a beautiful book. I adored it. I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea however. Good to hear what people think though good or bad.

chboskyy says:

Such a great video Mercedes! I will admit, I found The Essex Serpent underwhelming – I felt like there wasn’t really a point to the book in the end, but hey maybe that’s just me 🙂 Still have Night Waking on my TBR to read, so hopefully I can get to it soon!

Bibliodecadence says:

What a great idea! I don’t make videos myself but I often find myself responding mentally to Good Reads reviews! This is what discussing books is all about. I would like more of these please! Flipping it would be interesting too, but sad…. I think I prefer books and authors being defended 🙂 I have Night Waking on my shelf to be read but a bit wary as I must be the only person on the planet who really didn’t like The Tidal Zone. I also have The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland on my shelf as Radiance was one of my favourite books in 2016 (on your recommendation!). I adore her beautiful descriptions…. It’s interesting how the reason one person dislikes a book can be the very same reason another person is drawn to that book. The idea of beautiful descriptions of something ugly makes me wants to pick up Swamplandia (I love art that does the same thing….I was obsessed with the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition for similar reasons). I very much enjoyed The Essex Serpent too. I’m tempted to re-read The little Stranger because I remember being rather underwhelmed by it at the time I read it a few years ago… I feel I must have been missing something (i.e. the ending which I can’t even remember!). Apologies for the overly long comment, but you picked some great books to discuss there and raised some very interesting points.

Emily says:

I loved Swamplandia too! Awesome to find another fan.

Theadora Callahan says:

I would love to see more of the kind or the reversal! It was great hearing your thoughts or reactions to those contrasted views.

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