Today we are discussing EVERYTHING in Queen of Air and Darkness! I hope you all enjoy 🙂 Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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TheDailyDanny says:

i spent 48 minutes watching a goddamn book review…… and i do not regret it….

Linda M. R. says:

The ash on Diana’s fingers was from the cohort spreading the fake blight by burning the ground 🙂

ReadWriteZoe says:

I love it when you gush about Cassandra Clare!

Megwill 333 says:

Omg emma I love ash too!! Also i ship dru and ash anyone else??

AScroll89 says:

The whole Kieran, Christina, and Mark thing? I was not about it. The other dimension, Thule, was so interesting to me and to be honest I wanted so more from it. It was literally my favorite part from the whole trilogy, not going to lie.

Sk y says:

Oh my I loved this video so much thank you thank you for this i didn’t have anyone to talk about this book and now I finally got some cloture after finishing this book over a month ago!!! Time to continue rereading city of fallen angels!!!!

The Chronicles of a Book Lover says:

Emma, I’ve been looking forward to your review ever since I finished QoAAD. I loved every minute of it! Feels like finally being able to talk to a friend about the book! ❤️

Lorena Victoria says:

I also thought the end of QoAD with Emma and Julian was kind of a cop out. Like, it’s what I wanted but I feel like the explanation given just was not strong enough for the intensity that she builds up about the curse throughout the series. Like, why did the bonds just magically disappear I don’t get it and the power of love trope is cute but it’s just not that satisfying. I kind of wish one of them had died (even though I love them both) just because it would have given such a heartbreaking ending. Also, for a while I thought that they would just break the Paraboti rune in thule because it’s not llike thy need it anymore anyway but they did not do that lol

animelover1023 says:

The Gwyn part with the soot on him bothered me too!

Zoe Siamon says:

I was wondering what people think about Jem and Tessa’s kid- do you think it will be a Shadowhunter? I’m like debating with myself. because I’m really not sure.

Sk y says:

I’m loving this

Jasleen Brar says:

I hope that Ash becomes a sort of anti-hero. Cassie has to give us the anti-hero we missed out on with Julian. Plus, I am so over the whole Thule Jace thing. Like leave my Jace and Clary alone!!!! Let them be happy!!!!

Faith Wangermann says:

emma have you read what cassie wrote about kit and never feeling love (tears i know)? it really explains why he left and took what ty said so personally.

Jasleen Brar says:

I think Ragnor is linked to Jem and Tessa’s wedding and why no one can remember that wedding.

Sk y says:


Victoria Cecilia says:

Remember before LM came out Cassie said that there would be a wedding and funeral? I was emotionally prepared for neither

Megwill 333 says:

Maybe dru and Jamie could be parabatai??

Evelin Angelova says:

First I just to tell you that I like how you decorate your bookshelfs for this video. I guess it wasn’t easy to choose with so many Cassie Clare books and so little space. Second I too read all sneak peeks for Qoaad and I guess I wasn’t surprised a lot in the beginning but I still loved it. I know it’s my mistake, but if in this moment you give me sneak peek of Wicked power I will do the same.
Third I think it’s good that Magnus has speeld Julians feelings because like that he and Emma had more time and in the end they succeed to use their strongest weapon against the cohort. Thid I like Julian like that – noooo, but it was necessary.
And the last but not the least I hate how things end for KitTy.

Lauren Webster says:

I might be in the minority here but I actually shipped Julian and Emma in the first couple books, but then I just got sort of fed up with them here and I mean, I was happy for them but I was just like, ok now let’s see some Kitty or Kierarktina or legit any other relationship!

Lucy H says:

I did agree with your opinion on Kit after finishing qoaad however cassie answered an ask on her tumblr about the circumstances of the situation that completely changed my mine. I would recommend reading it. It really explains why kit did what he did and it broke my heart

kloe yeung says:

Yes finally !!!! Thank you Emma for lighting up my day !

fai ali says:

i didn’t really like this book lol (i gave it a 2.5/5) but i still loved hearing abt ur thoughts!!

오승아 says:


TheDailyDanny says:


black rose says:

I personally loved Queen and it’s one of my favourite Shadowhunter books (if not THE favourite) but I must say, I don’t think it’s a good book for people who aren’t diehard fans. Like, the entire Thule plot relied so much on knowing who all the characters that partially weren’t ever mentioned in TDA before and generally there were not just some small eastereggs but huge chunks of references that must be so confusing for readers that only read TDA. References should go over the head of those that haven’t read whatever is referenced and that’s not the case here. Again, I love it and I don’t want Cassie to stop writing like this, but I also think it’s understandable that a lot of people were disappointed or didn’t like the book at all.

Victoria Cecilia says:

My crack name for Carstairs baby is Mildred because Jessa are both William Herondale stans and epic meme lords

Nidhi Reddy says:

i just really wanted mark & cristina to be endgame so this book was pretty disappointing for me :/

Sophie Fürstenau says:

Honestly this review was like almost as entertaining as reading the book i love it so much thank you

Roni v says:

Am I the only one predicting a love triangle between Ash Dru and Jaime?

kloe yeung says:

Should I get the Waterstones copy for Qoaad? Because it will be my third copy of Qoaad !

Alyssa Barney says:

I’ve noticed in general that a lot of people have concerns over the age gap between Dru and Jaime, but didn’t Cecily and Gabriel have the same age gap as Cecily was 14 and Gabriel was 18???

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