Pride & Prejudice – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

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From plot debriefs to key motifs, Thug Notes’ Pride & Prejudice Summary & Analysis has you covered with themes, symbols, important quotes, and more. This week’s episode is Pride & Prejudice, by Jane Austen.

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Lauren Oss says:

I’m so happy watching this. This is great

Simcha Gilbert says:

Are you a literature professor?

Cat Castle says:

That Bingley looks like Tom Scott!

Nina Del Re says:

This is how I learn my literature, the classy way

Gemma Srijan says:

You save my life everyday

Miss x says:

Not a happy ending at all! Do you think they magically stopped arguing after marriage? Of course not! How many kids did she and Darcy have? I’m guessing 11.

Orlaith says:

I’m so going to pass university with this thanks lmao

John Tatoian Enterprises John Tatoian JD Esq. says:

Absolutely brilliant. Insightful, funny as hell, and flawlessly done. Can’t say enough good things about thug notes. Shalom aleichem!

realazn says:

well im here studying for my finals

Mya says:

Thank u for helping me pass my test

VCR Time Machine says:

I appreciate this summary. I’m 3/4 of the way through the book and just couldn’t keep reading it anymore. It’s so sterile and boring. Thanks for livening things up.

Melvin Sally says:

Now I know why it is called pride and prejudice

bob bobson says:

wtf ?! nobody get shanked ?! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yara Mansfield says:

Love it!!

Machi Lavigne says:

‘Hell, nah, blood. You cock-blocked my sista’ !!!

Mariachi Mariachi says:


John Tatoian Enterprises John Tatoian JD Esq. says:

If this gentleman taught at High Schools and Universities, we’d have much more educated and successful graduates. Shalom aleichem.

Crazed Cubing says:

Why is this so much easier to understand than other summaries

xochitlp says:

Damn. I just discovered this.

Vforfettuccine says:

Kitty’s fine

Aaron Telford says:

Thug Notes is by far one of the Top 5 best video series on the entire YouTube in my opinion!

LeadingBlind says:

Where has our Thug Notes been? I’m all for some more Jane Austen and Gaston Leroux episodes…

Katy Rapley says:

im saved

Iridia Furnival says:

This is brilliant

Michael Alvarez says:

Please make more, I just discovered this channel yesterday I love this channel so much

Roderick Molasar says:

And all this time I thought it was about a group of lions who just couldn’t get along. Dang.

Tristine Fleming says:

“dirty skank status!!” BRAVO!!

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