Of Mice and Men – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

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From plot debriefs to key motifs, Thug Notes’ Of Mice and Men Summary & Analysis has you covered with themes, symbols, important quotes, and more. This week’s episode is Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck.

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Michael McKinley says:

This may be the best explanation of the book, ever!

Flower Crowns And Leather Jackets says:

Test tomarrow. I’m only half way through the book. I’m screwed, but now maybe less screwed

braden7180 says:

I find the understanding of the Cain & Abel story to be a bit . . . lacking.

Psn Gamer says:

I was looking for the band -_-

Peter potopus says:

Best book ever.

Aziz Alanazi says:

CPP exam lmao

Superjsq says:

can u do an inspector calls plz

h e c k i n g c r o s s i a n t says:

you forgot the part wgere the doggo dies

cyber tune says:

how’d did u think to create this series of videos?

Moksh Vashisht says:

do The Immortals of Meluha

alex hum says:

This is so mf helpful for high school English

Aidan James says:


Beth the Dark Mage says:

You guys left out so much in this! There’s tons of symbolism concerning the other workers. And I don’t think George and Lenny represent those things, because George himself went into the “lady club”, should we say, and defended Lenny multiple times.

Damya Williams says:

This reminds me of the green mile

PaulyDaSnipah says:

I can’t believe I haven’t seen any of these videos when iI was in 10th grade back in 2013

Mary Helsing says:

I remember reading this book in high school along with Animal Farm and a few others. Very depressing book. But great job!

Koegetsu Shinkiri says:

What is the name of the song at 0:02?

Yaboylemon says:

This story made me cry

Mark Hayden says:

Lenny would love El Topo.

tronjet66 says:

… oddly helpful. like more helpful than my teacher.

naziha harb says:

my exam is tomz

Jared Guerrero says:

Can you do Maus plz. It may be a graphic novel, but Iraq really good!

Mr. Fish the frog says:

I also think a part of it was how mental illness or just mental disabilities were judged back then. George constantly covers for Lennie and tells him not to speak when they first meet the boss, because he doesn’t want the boss to find out Lennie’s slow, and not hire him.
Also, there is a part when George is talking to Candy, and says that maybe they could convince Curly not to shoot George, and get him put in jail or an asylum. Candy mentions that they treat people horribly in asylums, and George couldn’t survive there. Idk, just my opinion.

Josiah Provan says:

American Lit exam tomorrow! haha….*cries*

Bryant Nelson says:

I thought all books you have to read Junior year are stupid, in all the books you read, the American dream could’ve happened if the unlikely event didn’t happen

loverlei79 says:

Best laid plans of mice and men, yo. Been my theme since 9th grade.

Gold_Love_Gaming says:

Lennie also killed a puppy

Felicity Beth X says:

Nah I’m watching because I live foreshadowing

sauliha ibrahim says:

I have no test, but I love these videos! So entertaining!

Pearl Mas says:

Wow. really, Wow!

Memespice Jenkins says:

2 camera angles = professional

Aidan James says:

Exam Monday.

MantisQueen9 says:

Man, I remember reading Of Mice and Men back in my freshman year of high school. Such a good book! Poor Lennie though. Ain’t never gonna get those rabbits ;-;

Robert Gomez says:

I’m supposed to be writing an essay on “Old Man And the Sea”

Aidan says:

Thanks for saving my English grade again thug notes.

theacp127 says:

I never read this book in school and the first place I saw a summary of it was on Family Guy.

ste h says:

Don’t base your book report on this one kids!

I think you guys are reading a bigger message into the story than actually exists there. For sure, there’s some moments of social commentary in the book, maybe even critiquing JudeoChristian values…but it’s not about being kept down by an exploitative society. Lenny only ruined his dream for himself, and not because of some lofty, abstract socioeconomic dynamic…HE KILLED SOMEONE…even the most just society imagineable would have to deal with Lenny somehow…even Norway would cordone Lenny off in some kind of nice facility…Lenny also wasn’t especially animalistic either. Shit, he would have raped her had that been the case. He was just dumb, he didn’t know his own strength. If you really want to read a message in, if Lenny represents the under-class, then it’s their failure to understand their own strength that prevents them from realizing their dreams…

AND THEN THE BIGGEST THEME of the book, is that of making difficult moral choices, as George has to make when killing Lenny…he knew that killing Lenny was the lesser of two evils.

Ilker D. says:

“a bit goofy in the head naaaaamean?” 😀 cracks me up man

Jay Fisar says:

I graduated thanks to this video. Thanks a buch fam!

Elgin Little says:

hey man I know you usually do books but could you possibly do an analysis of the movie Dead Man

Jean Supreme says:

I teared up a bit after reading it. I wish I was given an exam on this book 🙁

Dangerously Dubious Double Davidson says:

Awe poor Lenny he wants to be gentle but hes so strong that he breaks and kills everything if only we could understand him more hes not such a bad guy

Maisa Young says:

I really like your approach. I don’t use your videos because of the profanity. Is it possible to change that? Keep up the good work.

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