November Wrap Up!

Chatting through all the books I read this November!

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Caroline Taylor says:

I’m almost done reading Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, which made me cry SO MUCH (and I’m not a book crier either, but my favorite character died again). I’m also reading Truthwitch by Susan Dennard because since I’m writing my own fantasy book, I want to have like a year long fantasy readathon haha where I just read all the high fantasy. Also I love your sweater Regan!

WallofBooks says:

I cannot wait to read Wundersmith!!!! I am waiting for the audiobook to get released at the end of this month. The audiobook is absolutely amazing

Tilia Häggström says:

Steris and Wayne are two of my all time favourite characters, both of them REALLY shine in BoM!

MaurArizona says:

new regan video? ugh @ me, i hope you’re ready to add books to your TBR

readbymarta says:

someone force me to read vicious like right NOW

zaheer afsar says:

How much you read in a day?

ByTheBook says:

Hoooow do you read so much girl?! Loved this video, so many great books!!

Empath Andrina says:

Ever since finishing KOA I’ve been in a reading was so good, Im still not ready to jump into another book

Hookedon Books says:

I am reading the Murder most unladylike series, I just finished book 5, and I am loving them more and more!

Hayley Marie says:

Great wrap up! always such amazing reads <3

Shelby Lewis says:

I read one book this month… it was over 650 pages though so I don’t feel so bad.

bobmeister447 says:

Hey Regan! Have you ever heard of the Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey? It’s a big historical fantasy series set in an alternate medieval Europe. I read the first book recently and thought it was right up your alley!

Veronica Marie says:

I really appreciate how you don’t over edit or sound super rehearsed and formal, some youtubers sound/act a little condescending but I always love watching your videos:)

Sydney Wilson says:

Oooh I was on bookoutlet the other day lol Reagan’s page still says she’s 20 in Austin. Also I hoard her vids for when I’m in a reading slump. They get me back in

Stephanie Cook says:

I’m living for this sweater. You should mention where your clothes are from in the comments because I think we all love your style

Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈 says:

Ah maaan, I really getting compelled to try Vicious and Vengeful of late! Everyone is raving about it and I want in on that hype train!! CHOO CHOO…. can’t believe I just said that xD
I really need to get back into Maas’ world! I sort of accidentally stopped before I read Queen of Shadows so need to jump back on that… especially as I wanna watch your vlog on it haha
Random but your audio sounds so nice and crisp… it may be cause I’m listening to it on some nice headphones but still! Loving the quality!

OddLittleMonsters says:

I just started reading Thick as Thieves, i love this series so much!

Heidi Roberts says:

I discovered Jacquelyn Middleton through one of your videos a while back and since have been a massive fan. UTLSF was such a moving and entertaining book, glad to see you enjoyed it too. Also very jealous you can understand all the references living in NYC, like veeeeeery jealous

Danielle Oliver says:

Thick of thieves is book 5 not 4

Books With Alyssa J says:

vengeful sound so, so good!!

Megan Clubb says:

Hi Regan! I understand if you don’t have time for this/don’t want to do this, but could you make a video about “light” fantasy novels? And what I mean by that is, things that don’t have so many dark/heavy themes. Could you recommend more books like NeverMore and WunderSmith that are just a little lighter, fluffier, and aren’t as depressing as some fantasy books and series are?


Victoria says:

I literally takes me a month to read one book and you read 6 in one month.. and one of them was kingdom of ash aka the size of a textbook. Go girl! Lol

Katie's Book Nook says:

I just picked up the thief because of your recommendation! excited to get into the series 🙂

A1122 C3 says:

a little life pleaseeee You have to read it

Susi Reads Books says:

Ahhh The Queen’s Thief series sounds so interesting, I have to give it a try in 2019! I’ve never heard of it before 🙂

O M Edmonds says:

Totally picked up both Nevermoor books on your recommendation!!

JennFlProfile Updated says:


Andrew R says:

I read 80 pages lol rip

Lea Heck says:

hey! have you read the lady’s guide for petticoats and piracy yet? I am reading the gentleman’s guide and i am in love with it. I would just be really interested in your thoughts about the sequel!

Creggie says:

When you’re done with Mistborn 6 pick up Mistborn 3.5 and a box of tissues to dry your tears.

Addie Macioce says:

Awesome wrap up! I am listening to Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson right now and I LOVE IT so far! Thanks for putting it on my radar!

Jennifer Erickson says:

It would be interesting to hear exactly how you come up with your star ratings. Is there some kind of formula or categories you use or is it just an overall feeling?

Brie Garza says:

I read Hocus Pocus & the all new sequel and it put me in a book slump…

Krystina Beltran says:

I want to read a Brandon Sanderson book, but dont know where to start?? do u have any recommendations?? note this would be my 1st time readingone of his books.

teabooksmagic says:

Just started Mistborn after hearing you rave so much about Brandon Sanderson! And I can’t wait to read Nevermoor too. 🙂

A Song Of Books And Readers says:

I am a bit hesitant to pick up Throne Of Glass Series. I don’t want to hate this series but I feel like i won’t enjoy it….. I don’t know why this happens with me…

Kayla Ann says:

I really want to read something by Victoria Schwab but I don’t know where to start! Any suggestions?

ReadWriteZoe says:

Congrats with the reading – I managed to read seven books this month!

gabriela robledo ortiz says:

I feel like you enjoy everything you read, it’s not a bad thing, but it feels like there’s never a real critique on the books. Nice video though!

Iris Kuster says:

I’m going to start the hungergames trilogy for the first time 🙂

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