November Book Haul | 2018

In which I discuss the books I received in November…

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Jay G says:

Omg I love the book sleeve!!!!!!!!

G. Fascina says:

I know this video is not about this but OMG can’t stop staring at your hair it’s gorgeous. I was looking for an inspiration for a curly pixie and I’ll show you to my hairdresser lol

Irish Reader says:

The City in the middle of the night sounds so interesting!! I’ll have to remember to pick it up next year!

Kristyn Dobson says:

I’m sorry if I missed a video, but I was curious—do you read manga or graphic novels??

Lost Girl of Neverland says:

I highly enjoyed ‘Girls of Paper and Fire’, it’s a bit of a slow paced book but you can just tell that Ngan is taking her time to build a rich world. The f/f romance in here is phenomenal and a slow burn and is one of my favourite relationships I’ve ever read about. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Captain Book says:

GoPaP is f/f!

Mikaela LaFave says:

That tote is adorable! I recently read Vicious and LOVED it. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to it. This video made my morning!

Kimi Mathis says:

Eh…this is random but your curl formation is AMAZING, whatever your doing to them now keep it up!(Sorry hair stylist…I can’t help but notice these things)

Deena McCray says:

Sam growled, hee hee. Fun video.

dorapoch says:

Use the sound of these letters from the words in the parenthesis (don’t use the whole word in there).
Ng (sing) – uh (up) n (no)
Ng – uh n

Luciane A. Zoia Santos says:

The author, Caio Bottura, is a natural bodybuilder who competes and lives in the United States. He holds a degree in Strength and Conditioning in the USA which is a course on exercise physiology. In the book the author gathers his practical and theoretical knowledge of 8 years of bodybuilding and turned them into a guide for the athlete who wishes to have results in the gym without the use of anabolic steroids. The E-BOOK has more than 40 bibliographical references and several tables and graphs that detail all the explanations made by the author. In it you will learn terms like RPE, 1RM, Progressive Overload, Periodization, EPOC, Concentric Failure among dozens of others. Caio has a background in PowerLifting and teaches you to combine hypertrophy training with strength training. A chapter is fully dedicated to teaching squatting, bench press, and ground surveying in detail.
E sempre bom converter o formato the Book

Mayfia says:

2:10 There’s actually a real planet like that where one size of it is freezing and the other is boiling.

I’m sorry to be that person

Upstate Reader says:

The city in the middle of the night sounds good. I definitely going to pick it up.

eva m says:

Yes! I’m so excited you got girls of paper and fire , can’t wait to see what you think about it

Kim Henderson says:

I think Natasha’s last name is pronounced like “Nyan.” That’s what it sounded like when I saw her in Charleston.

Isabella Park says:

Girls of Paper and Fire is FABULOUS I read it all in one day

MikaylaReading says:

I believe it’s pronounced like “Young” but with an n!

Valerie Adams says:

I just finished Girls of Paper and Fire. I thought it was so good! I hope you can read it soon-ish so I can hear your thoughts on it.

TheWordN3rd says:

I was so engrossed in this video I waved at the end…

Omar Villaseñor says:

Haven’t read vengeful and same.. i don’t think it is a december read but hopefully i will get to it soon.

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