Non-Fiction book reviews #1

If i sound dead inside, It’s because i am.

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SuperPeapot says:

I really want to read these books because I’ve never read any non-fiction so I want to start asap. I really love your videos Lily and I love it every time you upload lit anything

HeartforSale says:

5 people are truly evil

Sofia c says:

I can’t use public transport because of the fragrance, every time I use it I get to almost fainting and have to hop off… The sad thing is that there is a lot of shops that I would enjoy if they didn’t put perfume everywhere and it’s becoming a trend FML

SuperPeapot says:

Queen is backkk

Cassie Hall says:

That description is a fat mood.

TheSingingBluebird says:

The Queen has posted. I feel blessed. (but also kinda worried cause this probably means we won’t get another video before new year)

Nathan Dunlap says:

when you find yourself in odd things in life one tends to casuse a little opps

I mean that dude was dressed as a chick right
that not gabbirrle ir antomues wtf ever

but a funny video with some other good dancers

Nicholas W says:

My Aunt has a huge fragrance problem, her throat closes up and she can’t breath around scents.

Hanna says:

Love her bluntness so much. My favourite book YouTuber by a long shot

Tina Marie says:

Also if you want a really good nonfiction book, I HIGHLY recommend American Fire by Monica Hesse. It might be tough to get the location being that it centers around the Appalachian region of America but it is a WILD story. Please please please. Sorry to be weird about this but I need someone to talk about it.

Mary Ann N. says:

That’s why those swagfag boys shouldn’t be spraying their nasty axe everywhere

iKaroliina says:

I recommend a book called “How to Break Up with Your Phone” to everyone. Even if you think that you do not have a problem with using your phone too much, read it. It is very eye-opening. It is a self-help book.

Caro Line says:

Missed u queen


I used to get terrible rashes whenever a perfume got onto my skin and I had trouble breathing when I went by the perfume section in a store. I just realized though that that hasn’t happened to me in like 10 years (ye, I’m old) Either the fragrances are less agressive now than they have been or I’m less susceptible now?

Caro Diamondpaw says:

Ooo lilys back

eryn_itarille says:

I love you Lily

powerpuff4ever says:

She’s back!

Have A Seat says:

I love you

Nathan Dunlap says:

lol she fun and funny

massivereader says:

Sounds like the author of the last book was tipping his hat to one of the absolute best self-help books ever written, “The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense” by Suzette Haden Elgin. Elgin was a PhD in linguistics, and a feminist. She is also known for various Science Fiction stories and several series that she, in-part, wrote to put herself through college.
Her “Native Tongue” series is a rarely acknowledged classic in the genre. Many of the tropes Elgin established for that series were later used by Canadian author Margaret Atwood for the much more well known “The Handmaid’s Tale.

Clockwork Nobody says:

Are you still reading Harry Potter?

Claire Terrell says:

I recommend reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. It’s my favorite book of all time!

Sprightly Abyss says:

It’s much worst in the U.S. You would think for the county that claims to be the best, would be open to healthy products and safer regulations. Even the natural products can claim to be natural when it is not even close. I have to shop online. I hate fragrance and artificial peach makes me nauseous. I don’t like carpooling because people’s air freshener makes me sick.

Rebecca Bowen says:

I missed u so much

Sam D says:

Not to pry but I hope your eye is okay!

Samantha June says:

That first book is scary af but I think I’d wanna get my hands on it to read because I get headaches each time I clean the house.

Eleven says:

the description is my spirit animal

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