💛 Noughts & Crosses 💛

💛 Half of a Yellow Sun 💛

💛 The Autobiography of Malcolm X 💛

💛 The Falsification of Afrikan Conciousness 💛

💛 A Taste of Power 💛

Mental Slavery Video

Trailer to BBCs Black and British Series


Jas Coasttocoast says:

Thank you for sharing!.

MD Æ says:

Ever read Thomas Sowell? Love his Black Rednecks & White Liberals!

EyonDreams says:

nice video. I enjoyed watching thank you

ArtBooksLife Denise D Cooper says:

Love this list.

The Vibez Guide says:

Hey guys if you’re interested in some good poetry, check out my new book The Sweet Sorrows of 20 Something. Its available on Amazon and would love the support!

LaSaundra Powell says:

I’m currently reading, Financial Freedom: My Only Hope by Jeremiah Brown. Great read, I read it in day.

coach nick says:

Excellent video! Amos Wilson is one of my favorites!

Darell Jackson says:

Its DR. Amos N. Wilson!!!! Lol. Respect. R.I.P. (Roam In Purgatory) Ancestor. New subscriber.

K. D. Williams says:

New subbie! I ❤️Book lists! Gives me so many new ideas and authors to read.

ONYX Pages says:

Hi! New Subscriber here. Looking forward to learning more about your channel!

Shelly gaga says:

thank you! i like your light ring too

J.J. Excelsior says:

Eyedah, if you want to see amazing black characters in fantasy novels, Author J.J. Excelsior has released an Illustrated High Fantasy novel titled: “World Shaken: Guardians of the Zodiac I”. It is available in ebook and paperback format. The ebook is available FREE on through Nov. 2, 2017. Link below:

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Joshua Levi Brown says:


jrblue2 says:

Yes yes yes the plaster moment in ‘Noughts and crosses’ always stuck with me too. Read all 4 book before the tv adaptation if you can.

Vipula Sharma says:

Hello, I really liked your video. As someone who loves reading, I find it so annoying that all the books marketed to us or all the ‘popular’ books, all the hyped books almost always have white protagonists and always some pseudo ‘strong’ while female character in her teens, who is going to save this dystopian world or even has to deal with ALL these issues. I mean, yes I enjoyed your adventures but seriously I need to see some diversity. As an Indian women I hardly see myself represented in the books I like to read. I love to read about racism and sexism but not in historical non fiction. I like books which are contemporary or modern classics. But you know, there are so little of them being hyped that I never really find them. Also, if I have to read an interracial romance, oh well! Then good luck to me because there are no PRIDE AND PREJUDICES being written in that genre. Why? I don’t understand. And all these books all the book YouTubers talk about are always the same white based books, I am tired of reading about white teen angst and how this measly girl is going to save the world but ends up being saved by her love interest and has this other jealous love interest. I hope you understand what I mean. I love romance, but I need some diversity and some interracial relationships, some LGBTQA representation of people of colour and some disable representation. God! I need a sense8 type of book. So, thank you for this video I am surely going to read Noughts and Crosses and your other recommendations. ❤️❤️❤️

Abs Pascoe says:

There are 6 books in the noughts and crosses series, I have the whole set and they are all amazing!

Chika Anene says:

I agree with you that the book ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ is 100 x better than the movie. The movie was a little disappointing for me to be honest.

A Victor's Story says:

I Love your accent!

Mikki M says:

Love this!!! Please read Assata! It’s amazing.

acajudi100 says:

please lower the music. Great reviews. music not needed.

Elizabeth Olabode says:

I am also currently reading the black and British book by David Olusoga! It’s definitely an eye opener in terms of understanding race in the history of the UK. Loved this btw :)))

Anthony D says:

Just picked up Half of a yellow sun.  Is The falsification of African Counsiousness is similar to Psychological Slavery?  I just picked up that one as well.   I look forward to reading many of these books.  Thank you for this video.

Don't Quit says:

MUST read: The Young Wise Queen Of Africa By Toby Wilbert Johnson

It’s free on Amazon

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