My Top 10 Favourite Literary Fiction Books

If I had to choose one genre of books to bring with me on an island, it would be literary fiction 🙂

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Jacqueline McMenamin says:

That’s why I watch your channel Helene. I read Literary fiction, crime fic & some non fiction. I don’t read fantasy

booknerdisa says:

I adored “White oleander” and “A little life”, both broke my heart. If you like family dynamics there’s one called “Everything here is beautiful” by Mira T. Lee it’s about two sisters who see their life changing when one of them starts to develop a schizophrenia.

Slavči S. says:

i like you post a video almost every day lately ☺️

Life Between Words says:

Helene! I think you’re onto something with literary fiction. It does tend to deal with family dynamics. I also think of literary fiction as having something distinguished about the quality of writing. Also, you’ve made me want to reread The World According to Garp. I read it about 5 years ago, and I’m not sure it was the right time for me to read it. I liked it, but it hasn’t stayed with me. I should give it another shot!

Lins Littlereader says:

I loved this video Helene, thank you, lovely selections. I loved Fates and Furies and The Unseen World too, and there’s many of your other favourites that I want to try.

Jenny Davidson says:

Hi Helene! Have you read “Beach Music” by Pat Conroy? One of my favorite works of literary fiction ever.

Carol A. says:

Commonwealth is a great read!

nikki venable says:

Your cover of Commonwealth is so beautiful… American cover pales in comparison. I have the majority of these books BECAUSE of you!! Your channel has been so influential over my reading life and I’m rarely disappointed by what you recommend.

Eric Karl Anderson says:

Loved this group! I’m so eager to read Lauren Groff’s new novel. And I still really need to get to reading Idaho.
Big ❤️for A Spool of Blue Thread and A Little Life.

doowopshopgal says:

Do you have a top 10 classics ?

Jacqueline McMenamin says:

I couldn’t get on with The Idiot

paul elliott says:

This is a curious genre that I don’t quite understand
Literary suggests that it’s well written made up stuff – but then you usually don’t find books published that aren’t (although perhaps that should be you shouldn’t
It feels like what I’d understand as a novel …

John Irving – Garp, Hotel New Hampshire and Cider House Rules are all fantastic
Joseph Heller – Catch 22
Mordecai Richler – Joshua Then and Now
James Lee Burke – Feast Day For Fools
Willy Vlautin – Lean on Pete

Cool list

Jojo Jojo says:

I love that you upload this video today, im going away and i needed some book recommendations for my kindle!

Hannah Ravenwit says:

“The Idiot” goes straight to my “to read” book pile. Your videos are so good to watch!

Cool One says:

I thought A Catcher In The Rye was one of your favorite lit fic books.

Peony says:

I need to get to A Spool of Blue Thread. I read Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant by Tyler because of your recommendation way back…and absolutely loved it. And I should read more by John Irving too. I have also Delphine de Vigan’s book on my tbr (the English title Nothing Holds Back the Night) and I am quite sure I will like it, if not love it. I hope you’ll read it soon and tell us your thoughts on it.

Kathy Bolton says:

What a great video, Helene! I also enjoy Anne Tyler and John Irving. Will be adding several titles that you have mentioned.

Andrew Brendan says:

Not long ago I found “A Little Life” in a Little Free Library and the book is now in a row of TBRs next to my armchair.—I’ve known of John Irving for many years but have never read one of his books though I very much enjoyed the movie of “The World According to Garp” which starred the late Robin Williams and also Mary Beth Hurt who is one of my all-time favorite actresses.—Same here: I’m not certain of how to define Literary Fiction but I agree that “character driven” is an important part of if not the main part.

Palabra de teatrera says:

When you say “literary fiction” do you mean always “contemporary” or it can be also historical fiction?

TimeAndChance says:

I know your channel for many things: eg. you, your Danish accent, your oft-tastes in LitFic, your tastes in classics, & great Zeus.

Alex Kerner says:

loved the video. A Little Life is also one of my absolute favourites. Devastating! Great list.

gemstash says:

Have you read The Lido by Libby Page? It’s a feel-good book. I recommend it!

Jacqueline McMenamin says:

Did you read Dinner At The Homesick Restaurant?

Reading Wayfarer says:

This is a wonderful video; I’m so glad you are doing so many videos this month! Have you read A Man Called Ove? I know it’s been popular for a while, but I just read it last month.

Tracy van Alphen says:

I have just found your channel, and I don’t know why it has taken me so long. I was watching April from Getting Hygge With It, and she recommended it, and I am thrilled that she did. I have My Beautiful Darling on my shelves. I haven’t read it yet, but I believe it is fantastic – at least, I know my husband enjoyed it.

doowopshopgal says:

Your videos are remarkable they make me want to read everything. I wish I had so much more time, because time does run out.

Brett B says:

I love your voice.

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