Mistborn Book Review

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Shamik Mazumdar says:

I am about to mention a SPOILER, so read the comment at your own risk.

God Damn it when you realise Sanderson pulled a sneaky on you and ended up revealing the end of the trilogy right in the very beginning. He did pull a sneaky on us and since then I am ultra vigilant about any chapter epitaphs and footnotes, you won’t get me again Brandon! so much so that in era 2 books I read, with full concentration, the sections about Allomancer Jak too!

Geeves says:

Have you read the Reckoners trilogy?? I love them!

Yanira RodriguezCrawford says:

I am recovering from finishing the trilogy…not easy…LOL

Kaillen Dee says:

Have you read arcanum unbounded? if not can you read it and make a video on it, please?

teabooksmagic says:

I just read Mistborn for the first time and absolutely loved it! The beginning took me a little to get into the world but then I literally couldn’t put it down after about 250 pages. I’m still mentally processing because I was so blown away by it.
SPOILER thoughts (kind of):
I personally loved the romance but I agree that it seemed unlikely that Vin would be so quick to trust Elend given her history. But their bookish banter was perfection!
I’m super curious to see what conflict the next two books will focus on, since it was such a full story arc. I have no idea what to expect but I’m so invested.
I’m excited to get more of the rest of the crew. Breeze, Ham, and Clubs felt the most underdeveloped but I’m sure that will change. (Also, I adore Sazed.)
I loved Kelsier’s character and backstory. He was the perfect mix of highly compassionate and also self-serving/morally grey and I’ve never seen that combo done so well before.
I was so mad at Yeden for that stupid decision he made. But I also appreciated that their plan went really, really wrong multiple times.
The magic system was so cool! And I loved the epic ending, like you said. Also, random thought: I don’t get why people market this book as “the dark lord won.” Aren’t we supposed to think for most of the book that the hero defeated the evil Deepness and only later turned out to be an evil ruler himself? So then it’s really more like hero-gone-bad than the dark lord won. I know the ending makes that more murky but it feels either like a spoiler or like a not-quite-right tagline to me.

The Futurist Voice says:

It was awesome, review over

Shamik Mazumdar says:

Plots behind plots, plans behind plans. There was always another secret….
Brandon Sanderson is a magician, that is the only explanation for Cosmere. Must read

Natasa Gajic says:

Ok, so, I just finished reading Warbreaker, beacuse you, Daniel Greene and Elliot Brooks recommended it as a good introduction/starting point to Brandon Sanderson. However, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the three of you seem to. I thought it was ok, but I wasn’t blown away by it. I agree that there are some really good things about it-character development of the 2 sisters, interesting plot twist(the main one) and first part of the romance plot. However, I didn’t feel any deep connection with the 4 main characters, so when the “sad part” of the story happened, I was like: oh, ok, what’s next? The ending felt “meh, whatever” to me. Also, I wanted the story line of Denth.

For any anime fans here, it felt like watching Code Geass and following Ougi Kaname’s story instead of Lelouch’s. Interesting, but not “I’m falling in love with it” interesting. 🙁

So, my question for Merphy and the rest of community here: Should I get into Mistborn after having such lukewarm feelings or not? I was reaaaaally hoping on loving Sanderson’s work and now I’m feeling conflicted 🙁 Help!

Sorry for the long post!

Anika Goel says:

I’m sooooooo excited to start reading it! I have it sitting right next to me! I’ll watch the spoiler part after I’m done 😉

Federico Frontini says:

I agree with a lot of what you said about romance and pacing and I LOVE LORD RULER, he is my favourite character. Yeah, read book two and three lads, they are amazing. Also, Elend is a good guy, love him.

Fabrication Ally says:

I just finished this book. I’m obsessed.

Optimus says:

I have to read this!
I feel like im missing on such great books by not reading this series 😀

catarinathebookworm says:

I love how you just from the begining are like: just read this because it is great. And it is, it truly is. Mistborn is adult but it verges on the YA pretty well and that is great for helping people bridging between YA and adult fantasy. The cast of characters is great and the tropes are pretty well done combined with the plot twist. It was a really great trilogy and I absolutly adore Sanderson. I feel like when I read Skyward or the reckoners series that are actually supposed to be his YA series I will know what the differences in writting are for mistborn. I loved how Vin grew although she got on my nerves from time to time and she is not my favorite character whatsoever BUT I adore it all the same. I have to say that the “slap to the death” scene for Kelsier’s death made me loose hope the first time I read it. If it was so easy for the lord ruler to kill our mentor character than there was no chance and then WOOOOW plot twists and drama and OMG I love it.

Izzy says:

I haven’t read the 3rd book yet, but book 2 is my favourite so far. Sazed is my fave!

JAEA Books says:

Kell-see-ay. It’s French-inspired, you see.

Heather Carter says:

I think I actually enjoyed book 2 more than book 1, but I loved them both. I can’t wait to read book 3!

This was a great review. I loved seeing how genuinely excited you are by this book, and this whole series.

nLTwiGGy says:


I started my 2019 by re-reading the mistborn trilogy :). I love it so much because I think Sazed has one of the most detailed, complete, and satisfying character arcs of anyone in any book, movie, or other media I’ve ever consumed. Sazed is the GOAT character with the most complex arc. From devoted collector of all religions, to agnostic, to atheist, to a staunch believer in the one true religion, to ascension to literal godhood.

Also just a note about the romance. Sanderson is a Mormon and has stated in the past that he will not write anything overtly sexual. I think that’s why the romances in his novels (if there even is any) are generally wholesome & without anything explicit. Even between a married couple (Vin & Elend) he only *implies* they’ve had sex.

Kerlys says:

It´s so nice to see you expressing your love for this trilogy, specially because I love it too. I love the characters, I love the magic system, I love everything… Sanderson blew my mind in each one of the books. By the way, book 2 is fantastic, and I don’t know why people don’t like it!!!

yapdog says:

LOL! Your reviews are so much fun:^)

Josie G. says:

I want to pick up this book soooo baaad! So many things to read and so little time…

Sophia's Thoughts says:

Book 2 is actually my favourite of the three, unpopular opinion!

trashymemes says:

I’ve been told by everyone that I gotta read this series and now I feel even more hyped for it! I might pick it up later

Emily Grace says:

Are the spoilers just for the first book or for the whole series? I’ve read the first one but don’t wanna be spoiled for the series ❤️

David Marsden says:

Always attempted to read this series but never truly got round to it. Definitely need to put an effort in and start reading them.

Nerdish says:

I just finished this the other day. I thought that the book was good, but I expected it to be a little better based on how people talk about this book. With that being said though, I cannot wait to start Well of Ascension. I feel like my opinion of book 1 will change once I read the trilogy.

(I gave the book 4.5 stars out of 5, so still a solid read. I just expected to say “WOW” at the end, but I didn’t.)

Autumn Rose says:

Honestly I loved the romance. Mainly just cuz I love elend

Write Heroes says:

Sanderson is a legend. SteelHeart is good.

Leo No says:

Are you all being paid to find this book good?

Roo! Stark says:

Just ordered Mistborn. Can’t wait to read it.

Shamik Mazumdar says:

His ability to create magic systems, which all have particular rules but makes sense in world. Major major fan. All of his Cosmere basically. So intricately carved universe creation! Also the twists! Damn

Amy Kruse says:

I had to pause this because I’m in the middle of this book right now (page 331!) and I’m loving it. I have read many fantasy books/series (First one was The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks when I was in 7th grade). So far, I just want to hang out with Ham and philosophize various things. I’m sure he’s not supposed to be my favorite this far through the book, but he is. I agree that it’s done well. I am enjoying the characters very much. The plot is intriguing and I like the magic system. I’m always up for a revolution.

The only thing irking me is how do you NOT have flowers if you have plants, fruits, and vegetables? My kids say I overthink books like that. That is the only part to me of the world that doesn’t seem believable. Also, what do they use for perfume? What would that smell like without florals?

Amber says:

Slight series spoilers:

I’m usually not on board with romances in my fantasy series, but oh man. Elend and Vin.. ahh! Their story still has a place in my heart. Granted, I didn’t come to love it until the last book, so maybe it was a bit rocky in the beginning. But oh man, those two ❤

Feologild says:

I have considered for a while reading this trilogy.

Morfeus says:

Condensed form for people with less time 0:25- 0:32

kiana nicolette says:

Could you review “mein kampf”?

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