Neverworld Wake- Marisha Pessl
An Unwanted Guest- Shari Lapena
I’m Thinking of Ending Things- Iain Reid

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Kelly Hails says:

I just read the thriller Blood Wedding, wow it was good, couldn’t put it down, 4 stars for me. Hope you can get to it soon. Can’t wait to check out these 3, thanks!

Bookish Drama says:

I loved Night Film and after your video I need to pick up Neverworld Wake 🙂

Kathryn Murphy says:

I really enjoyed Neverworld Wake and it’s definitely a book that has stuck in my mind since I finished it. I’m glad you enjoyed it too!

Tina Conn says:

I read I’m thinking of ending things in July after it being on my wishlist for at least one year. I really hated the ending. If I hadn’t been reading it on my kindle I would have thrown the book across the room. I was conflicted on how many stars to give it because I had quite enjoyed it until then. I ended up giving it 3 stars which I still don’t know if it is too high a rating for a book that made me angry.

Tiffany L says:

Excited about these reviews! Neverworld Wake is the next book I am planning to pick up!!

Gaby Viem says:

I’m so curious about I’m Thinking of Endings Things now

Natalya Kahmann says:

An Unwanted Guest sounds really good. Definitely And Then There Were None. Requested it from my library and I’m number 51 on the wait list. 🙁

Books of Amber says:

I always enjoy Shari Lapena’s books!

Franzi Sparkle says:

Hi! I know an Iain and it’s pronounced just like Ian.

Jennifer Mathis says:

Oh God, I hated how I’m Thinking of Ending Things ended. Hated it.

William Gowling says:

Me and my mum both read an Unwanted Guest this week, and we both really enjoyed it!

Jay G says:

I want NEVERWORLD wake so badly I want to die but STILL HAVE NOT EVEN BOUGHT IT

Bookworm Sewist says:

I didn’t like Night Film either…I thought it was boring. I will have to check out Neverworld Wake.

GracerRacer says:

All I need to hear are the words “Clue vibes” and I’m sold.

Julia Segura says:

Recommendations: Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter, The Name of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Safón, Iréne by Pierre Lemaitre

Daniela Soria says:

These are my favorite! I’ve read quite a few great thrillers that I would’ve never picked up if not for you. Keep up the amazing work!

nsrn214u says:

i had so much fun reading i’m thinking of ending things, one of the few books that scared me.
i’m so excited to read the other two!

Shelby Toren says:

I’m really curious what other books you have read with the same reveal as I’m Thinking of Ending Things. I just read that book earlier this year and thought it was really unique!

Blue Violets says:

I just bought An Unwanted Guest. Shari’s books are always nice quick reads, think I’ll read it today

Kaitlyn May says:

I hated I’m Thinking of Ending Things. I wasn’t scared, i was just kind of confused and bored. Nothing really happened

Adele Middaugh says:

I picked up Neverworld Wake randomly because I heard you talking about this book. I’m so excited to read it now!

Gigi Romano says:

With Neverworld Wake, all the elements were things I liked, but I felt like the writing and execution was lacking. I think I gave it like 3.5 stars.

Nicole M says:

I loved I’m Thinking of Ending Things and feel like I’m in the minority. I think it got a 5 from me because it was so incredibly atmospheric. I guessed the twist but was a little off. Glad you gave it a go and did a mini review!

MsLeahBee12 says:

oooo I have a ARC of An unwanted guest im starting asap

Elizabeth Mellen says:

Neverworld Wake was a 5 Star for me too. The end I was yelling at, but I enjoyed the whole story and the premise and I feel like if I’m so involved I’m yelling at it, it must be a winner. I’d say it’s definitely mystery/sci-fi, sort of Dark Matter (but YA), We Were Liars . I explained it to DH as a mystery meets Groundhog Day, and that’s just compelling.

Trishna Namchoom says:

I loved Neverworld Wake!!! It was just the best thriller mystery I have read this year!!!

Ruby's Nails says:

I enjoyed Neverworld Wake too.
I haven’t read Night Film so I had zero expectations.

Stacey Shaw says:

The Unwanted Guest based on your description almost reminds me of the movie “Identity” with Ray Liotta

Deanne Godwin says:

Okay maybe I will have to read Neverworld Wake – I wasn’t interested because I couldn’t stand Night Film, I thought that book was so boring and I never understood the hype. But this one sounds really good!

Megan Evans says:

Agatha Christie is my favorite mystery writers and whenever someone tells me a book is similar to hers I instantly want to read it.

Kaffeyyyyy says:

I loved neverworld wake! But i wish the ending was different

RamblingsOfAnElfpire says:

I’m not usually into thrillers but I love these reviews that you do. Neverworld Wake actually sounds like something I would really enjoy so I may pick that one up

Bookaholic in Therapy says:

I am SO happy to find out that you liked Neverworld Wake! As you’ve said, it’s been getting some pretty bad ratings, but I always end up agreeing with you, so I have to pick it up now hahaha Also read Cabin at the end of the World because of you and LOVED IT, so thanks for that as well <3

Frances Bookishlycrocheting says:

I’m on page 176 of neverworld wake and I really don’t know how I’m feeling about it, I love the concept of the neverworld however some of the characters are grating on me and I’m just picking it up and putting it down. I’m just where they decide to look at the death of Jim so I’m hoping it hooks me in again like it did in the beginning! As I trust your opinions I shall keep at it ❤️

Amy Smith says:

You should try The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, it sounds similar to Neverworld Wake. Theres a guy living the same day over and over trying to solve a murder only he wakes up in a new body everyday, theres lots of secrets, and it all revolves around a boys death that happened in the past

Esha Sharma says:

I DNF’ed I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Just couldn’t get into it.

Hương Spy says:

I didn’t like Night Film either. But I hope I will enjoy Neverworld Wake, according to your review

jordi spencer says:

just moved all three of these to the top of this weeks tbr. i love your ability to describe a book enough to draw me in but not spoil too much and make me feel like i’m wasting my time actually reading it. can’t wait to give these a go!

GracerRacer says:

I felt the same about I’m Thinking of Ending Things. I loved it all the way through until I started to understand what was happening and that is one of my least favorite “reveals” that can happen. it still had a great feel to it though and it genuinely scared me. I listened to it and it was very frightening. Loved Neverworld Wake though!

Teresa Medeiros says:

I’m relieved I’m not the only one who writes the characters down. Started when I read the hunger games books. Never read a book w/o my paper and pencil!

Confuzzled Bev says:

I love Agatha Christie so An Unwanted Guest sounds like something I need to read.

Sanne van Zwol says:

Your channel is great, absolutely great!

Rita Silva says:

“Neverworld wake” isn’t usually the type of book I read but I loved it! Maybe I should read similar books.
Good video!

Kari Boardman says:

I totally agree with you on both Pessl books. Hated Night Film and loved Neverworld Wake.

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