Midwinter, Heft & The Poisonwood Bible | Book Reviews

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lykaiosreads says:

It was so lovely and nostalgic hearing you talk about Norfolk. I grew up in a rural village about an hour away from Norwich. Oh do I still miss those big skies! ^^

I also read Heft back in February because of how much I loved The Unseen World last year, and adored it too. She’s so fantastic at endings! And her characters are so depthful and real, I just can’t get enough. Liz Moore’s definitely one of my favourite authors now, I’ll read anything she publishes in the future for sure.

vacantlots says:

Love the hair colour and it down!

Lyn Campbell says:

Harriet Rosie recommended your vlog, so I thought I’d give it a go. Interesting choices. Enjoyed the video.

Jovana Fung says:

Liz Moore sounds like she writes books like Jonathan Safran Foer’s mixed with (the film) Running with Scissors.

polyreader says:

So lovely to hear you’re currently vegan, Mercedes! Also loved hearing your review of The Poisonwood Bible, I have The Lacuna on my shelf (gifted to me) and I’ve been putting off reading it for a while – but I might pick it up now. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on that one too, if you get around to reading it.

CookieR1272 says:

Go for The Lacuna. Kingsolver went to my university and spoke at my commencement. She’s quite unusual. I almost feel that her nonfiction is better than her fiction. That’s not to say her fiction is bad, more that she really shines in nonfiction.

Bet Carp says:

I had the EXACT same reaction to the Poisonwood Bible. Loved it, and even agreed with her views, but it was heavy handed and I felt like I was being lectured. Her writing is amazing, and even though I read it a year ago the characters are still clear in my mind. Just wish she would stick with the story and characters, they are effective enough. Midwinter and Heft sound really interesting. I always love your reviews.

Karen Richardson says:

All of these books sound amazing!

JLorenz05 says:

I just finished The Pearl that Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi. It’s the story of two women living a century apart in Afghanistan. It’s about what it’s like to be a girl in a strict, traditional society. It’s about love, family, and hope. It’s alternating povs and one is in the first person. The other is basically written as if that person’s life story is being told to the other character. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, I thought it was a very good book, poignant and beautiful. Check it out!

SavidgeReads says:

Hurray for Midwinter, which is the only one of these that I have read. I had a very very very personal and strong reaction to that book. I am so pleased you enjoyed it so much, I thought it might be a Mercedes book but wasn’t sure because of the male protagonists. I need to read Liz Moore because I loved your thoughts on this and on The Unseen World. The Poisonwood Bible was my Gran’s favourite book and I am gutted that I haven’t got her addition. I also now really want to read it because you loved it, well mostly. Speaking of loving things I am loving your hair. Oh and my Gran loathed The Lacuna, she wrote a very scathing review on my blog years ago. Ha.

Leslie H says:

After reading The Unseen I immediately bought Heft and loved it just as much. I read Poisonwood Bible years ago and enjoyed your retelling as I did the book. I find Barbara Kingsolver uneven in her successful novels. Some I’ve been into, others not. Flight Behavior will be worth your time-I struggled with The Lacuna. Midwinter is on my bookshelf. After your review I’ll pull it forward.

Bookupied says:

I love the sound (and the cover) of Midwinter! I love reading about brittish nature and life haha

Siani Reads says:

I’ve read Barbara kingsolver’s non fiction – Animal, vegetable, miracle which I really really enjoyed. Got half way thru lacuna and for some reason never finished it (my fault not the book) and am really interested in Flight Behaviour. Enjoyed hearing your thoughts!!

Erin Southworth says:

I haven’t read the Poisonwood Bible for about 10 years but I remember loving it but can’t remember much. I read the Lacuna a couple months ago and it was amazing…definitely check it out! Or post when you plan to read Flight Behavior and I’ll read it with you. 🙂

Sarai Talks Books says:

Heft sound so interesting, especially what you said about the ‘accents’ and the way of speaking. I wonder if there’s an audiobook available, it sounds like it would be fun to listen to, I just love accents in general 🙂

Linda De Pasquale says:

Thank you for sharing these books! Loved this video. I would love to read Heft!! I still have to read The Poisonwood Bible. I really enjoyed her book of essays, High Tide in Tucson. I will probably read her first novel, The Bean Trees before any others.

Carla Baku says:

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of Barbara Kingsolver, I highly, highly recommend her book Prodigal Summer. Although I enjoyed Flight Behavior very much–and her early book, The Bean Trees, too–I absolutely adore the way she intertwines character lives in Prodigal Summer. Based on your love of books that focus on strong female protagonists as well as those that capably embrace the natural world, this is one I think you would enjoy!

Cathal says:

The Poisonwood Bible is one of my absolute favourites – granted it’s been a while since I read it last! I’ve always loved how distinct the 5 narrators voices were from each other, how you could open a random page and know who was speaking. I guess I agree that the last 200 or so pages lose focus, because they start to go further in time and location, it’s not as tight as the first 400. It was never really an issue for me because some of the most interesting events in the book happen during those pages, it would be a very different book without them.

Definitely read The Lacuna next – it’s brilliant, also very character driven and wide ranging. It’s got Frida Kahlo in it too, she’s one of the main characters along with her whole milieu. I like the mish-mash of fiction and historical events.

BirdsAndWords says:

I read the Poisonwood Bible many years ago and had mixed feelings about it, too. Although now I can’t remember why. I did like it enough to collect 4 or 5 more Kinsolver books although the only other one I have actually read so far is Animal Vegetable Miracle which I LOVED and have given as gifts a few times. I have both Flight Behavior and the Lacuna so I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on whichever you decide on.

Isabel Alcuaz says:

midwinter sounds lovely! i would love to read something like that but i haven’t stayed in a place long enough to be that knowledgeable on it :/

alugnik says:

I have had “Poisonwood Bible” as one of my high school reads for class in literary English for non-native speakers and when I read it I had no clue what it was supposed to be about. However now, almost a decade later, I still think about it and need to admit some points just stuck with me. I won’t help you with choosing the next book as coincidentally I have both “Flight Behaviour” and “The Lacuna” on my TBR shelf.

imanemmaa says:

I read the Poisonwood Bible a couple of years ago after seeing it on Sophie Carlon’s channel. I loved the book, I loved how different the characters were both in their personalities and in the way their chapters were written. I didn’t mind their quirks. I was very interested in the commentary therefore I didn’t mind the change in the last hundred pages especially since it broaden the scope of the commentary. However, I agree that it didn’t advance the characters or help with their development. I haven’t read any other book from Barbara Kingsolver since but I may read the Flight Behavior in May.
I must also read Heft and Mindwinter, they both sound amazing and up my ally. This was a great video.

Rebecca O'Neill says:

I’m so glad you liked Midwinter as much as I did! I was crying so much at the end.

chboskyy says:

Great reviews Mercedes! I think out of all of these The Poisonwood Bible sounds most up my alley, but thank you for bringing all of them to my attention! I recently read East of Eden that had been languishing on my TBR, as well as a mammoth short story anthology, and it feels so good to focus on older books I have.

Dionne Winchester says:

I listened to the audiobook for Heft. The narrator is great. Loved it!

Sara Marsden says:

Oh I’m definitely going to pick up Midwinter! I lived in Suffolk until I was 19 and my dad (a northerner) was always saying I sounded very Suffolk, something I didn’t notice until I moved to the West Country! Also what you said about Suffolk and Norfolk people not agreeing they are very similar is spot on! Especially when you have Ipswich and Norwich playing against each other in football matches!
The book sounds wonderful!

Paperback Winter says:

I’m an absolute sucker for a farming story. I loved hearing you talk about Norfolk and Suffolk: I’m from Devon and it seems like a similar wya of life. Not sure if you’ve read Reservoir 13 yet, but it sounds right up your street- lots of beautiful descriptions of nature and its relationship with the village. 🙂

Martha P says:

I got Midwinter a few years ago because I saw it on your channel, I also grew up in Suffolk, just outside of Boxted and have the most beautiful memories from there, I’ve not got very far into the video yet so can’t comment on whether your review will convince me to pick up Midwinter, but I’m sure it will! So glad to see you’re enjoying reading again!

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