Memoirs Of A Geisha Book Review

Ok so not my best video but I tried really hard lol so that’s kinda sad


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yiannis Sacellaris says:

He was already married what a bitch

Priyanka Sherpa says:

He was already married. What a fucking bitch.

Please upload more often.

sospicey says:


yiannis Sacellaris says:

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssss a new vid

readwithcindy says:


Marina Wellsway says:

please do a video on separating the art from the artist!! 😀

Melodi D says:

“He was already married. What a bitch!”
Great that your back barbara.

Peggy Carter says:

Death and the Dervish. Please try it, I feel like you would love it.

Elena M. says:

He was already married, what a bitch. Wait, isn’t that a spoiler for all the people in the comment section?
I tried to stop the video after the no spoilers part but … it just didn’t happen. I don’t know why. It’s weird.
By the way: I kind of understand that a twelve year old girl could fall in love with a 40-ish dude. I mean … I remember how I was like when I was twelve… But I don’t think a relationship like that is ever going to work. It’s too fucked up. And when he’s married … bruh.
Ah, you’re honestly one of my favourite youtubers. I enjoy your videos all the way through. They’re great.

Andy O'Connor says:

What a bitch…. how about what a fucking arsehole! He basically led the poor girl on. Anyway, great review I conveniently watched your favorite books video before this… how times change

yiannis Sacellaris says:

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssss a 30 minute new vid

Joe says:

He was already married, what a bitch!

El Astro Rey says:

We’ve been blessed with your amazing video! I actually dropped my book to watch this. Also, my first fucked up story I’ve read at 13 years old was Lord of The Flies by William Golding. Not that I regretted reading it, but it definitely messed me up a bit.

Artemis Vl says:

He was alreAdY mArRiEd? What a BITCH!!!! good luck with your finals 🙂

Nelson Geraldes says:

I know how you are ashamed of this video. But don’t worry not every video is going to be fucking amazing that makes your viewers buttholes explode of happiness. You just got to keep making content for your subscribers (even if you do take a long ass time to upload videos. Sorry for being a salty bitch) If you ever feel depressed or not in a good mental mindset don’t worry talk about it with us. Your viewers/subs (including me) will understand. Eh ok bye!

orsettomorbido says:

Fucking fuck.
EDIT: what a bitch (as requested.)

Action and Echo says:

Wig the queen is back ❤

English Muffin says:

Yes I’ve been waiting for this for so long!! ❤️

Chapter Barbara says:

I just noticed I say bitch way too much I’ll work on that

Nina C. says:

You haven’t posted in so long that I had totally forgotten that I am subscribed to you lol

Yek Han Wong says:

It’s been 84 years……

Elena Johansson says:

when I saw the title I was like yaaas bitch!! I read this book because of you and I loved it!!!

ThexCSmOuse says:

I’m not sure i understood what happened between min 25:30 till 27. I mean what means that she brought the chairman instead of nobu.

Nelson Geraldes says:


AFoxCalledLuna says:

Holy yes I’ve waited for this!

inga says:

You should read Mineko Iwasaki’s autobiography! I loved it and actually wrote an essay on it for university. Also loved the video, hope your finals went well!

Couch gaming news says:

Welcome back to the other side
Are you ready. I stole this from a movie

Zacary Spainhoward says:

Barbara: “I’m going to butcher [pronouncing] everything”
Me, an American who can’t pronounce anything that’s even vaguely foreign: “Wow, Barbara is so relatable!”

hddd says:

when did you get that N tattoo also you look super pretty

yiannis Sacellaris says:


Milan Ilić says:


Lucia Č says:

He was already married. What a bitch. 32 minutes feels like 5 when I’m watching you honestly.
First of all, I would LOVE a video about separating the art from the artist because its something I too never had a problem with, but so many people seem to. And this is random but I would love a video about your tattoos as well since I couldn’t stop looking at them throughout the video (if you don’t consider that sorta thing private of course).
I personally loved Memoirs of a Geisha most of all because of the writing. I have never read anything similar to Golding’s writing, it was just so relatable and easy to visualize and fucking beautiful. But I do recognize that the Japanese culture wasn’t very well depicted in this book and I do know about all the shady shit surrounding it. Apparently, geishas are not even prostitutes they have a different term for that, and mizauge means something completely different. Still, I enjoyed this book so much I couldn’t give it less than five stars. Oh, and I actually felt sorry for Hatsumomo at the end, I feel like she isn’t bad at her core but rather a product of her circumstances.

Brianna Neal says:

You reading the Granny’s lines cracked me up lmao. This made me really want to reread this to see how I feel about it now. The movie was one of my favorites as a kid and I read the book when I was like 11 or 12.

Joe says:

Have you read the Ghost Girl series? Is it any good?

Ciscl says:

I haven’t watched the review yet but i’m just gonna put my opinion out there and say that sayuri’s dumb ass should have chosen nobu instead of the chairman who did next to fuck all for her in comparison like smh it still gets me heated…lmao my rant over

nana bae dude says:

10:05 Let’s goooo!

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