MARCH WRAP UP 2018 || 14 Books I Read This Month!

Here are the reviews of all the 14 books I’ve read in March! Biggest Book Wrap Up of 2018!


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ElleTee says:

You should read The Wrong Mother by Sophie Hannah!

Erica Reads Everything says:

That’s awesome! I read 20 this month

Tina Marie Colombo says:

I really enjoyed The Humans, too. I thought I bought it because you mentioned it? Maybe a haul?

Lolly Pereira says:

I’ve been in a bad “ starting many books, but not finishing them” mood. I’m in between reading at least 4 books and they’re all great but I’m having some attention span issues. I did finish The Grownup by Gillian Flynn which was just okay to me and I also got through Saga vol. 2 which was great.

J. Ganaden says:

i think you are the best reviewer among all. i love how honest you are about WarCross i’ve been thinking if it’s worth to read. thank you 🙂

MokaTutu says:

I really want to read those Evelyn books when I get home to get me out of this record reading slump!

Eridiana A. says:

My favorite book of March was Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, it’s just so ridiculous and fun 😀 Currently reading the second book.

Erica Robbin says:

Love your channel!

Teresa Rolfe Kravtin says:

Emily, have you read any books by Patrick Ness? The Chaos Walking Trilogy? I think you would like it if you haven’t read it already.

Violet Crystal Novak says:

Yes!Totally agree with Warcross thank you!

Riya Rana says:

Loved your recommendations! They’re always so interesting. I would highly recommend the audiobook of Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime. It’s so good! It’s like a love letter to his mom.

Cindy Somerville says:

Even though I saw the twist coming, I still enjoyed reading The Woman in the Window. I always wondered if I would enjoy Swan song but after your review, I am going to give it a whirl !!!!

VanessaLou Conti says:

I have read 1984 so many times. Unrelated, I love your channels!!

Linda De Pasquale says:

The Humans is one of my favorite books of all time!!

KNews andBooks says:

Holy shit! You read so much this month! Love your honest reviews

Emma Bardsley says:

The Humans is one of my favourite books ever! it doesn’t get talked about enough. also you’ve convinced me to give both of the Evelyn books a go, they both sound very interesting!

zachary romeo says:

If I’m able to read 3 books in a month now days I consider it doing great lmao !

Rich 08211 says:

I loved The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle! Blasted through it in a day, it’s that good. So glad you loved it too. And 14 books? How? I barely read 2-3 lol, I need to up my game

Alanna Maree says:

I love your videos! It always makes me want to immediately pick up a book!

Rachel Ramirez says:

The best book for me this month was actually the audio version of “Wishful Drinking” by Carrie Fisher. It was so good that it actually ended my slump of not loving any books in a while this year. Honorable mention goes to “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” as it was totally worth the hype. Thank you John Oliver!

Desdimona Dawn says:

I read Behind Closed Doors and thought it was so stupid. Yes she had opportunities to get out, and you just always knew what was coming next. At the end of it all I was like “why did I even read that?!”

Candyrulez995 says:

My favorite read was The Nightingale or Prisoner of Night and Fog

BunnyJanie says:

Yay I’m glad you’re out of reading slump. I was in one too but The Lying Game by Ruth Ware helped me through it .

nrsharkey1 says:

How do you get that many read in a month?! Teach me your ways!!

BookswithEmilyFox says:

What’s the best book you’ve read this month?

rafa m says:

hey emily! just wanted to say how i love your videos and your taste in books! i find it hard to find booktubers that have similar taste as mine and it was such a relief when i found your channel! i’m always looking forward for ur videos!!! xoxo!!

Nyxxyn says:

Anyone who compares war cross to ready player one…. no please no. Ready player one is excellent… war cross was meh.

Melting Pages says:

I really want to get The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle but it’s so expensive! I’ll probably buy it anyway though after hearing you rave about it!

tajosima 21 says:

I loved The Humans! it’s like you said, it’s funny and then it starts to be very deep and i caught myself laughing and at the same time thinking “okay, but this is a serious topic, how is he doing it” and i didn’t want to get to the end cause i loved the main character so i didn’t want anything bad happening to him but also didn’t want him to do something bad. Also, i really appreacite your reviews because you point out the sexism and other important topics in books, which i don’t see many booktubers do, whether they like the book or not, so really cool from you! Keep the good work =) **

Omar Zahid says:

why do you dislike when authors have racism, sexism, or just general bigotry in books? if it is done poorly and just for shock value then i totally get what you mean. but if done correctly i feel like it makes it feel more real because we’ve all met disgusting people like that at one point in our lives. I don’t mean for this to come across as rude i just think these things are gross and are also apart of culture everywhere on earth. obviously these things are wrong but they are real at the same time and i think its necessary to show stuff like that on occasion

The Hitchhiker's Guide says:

So glad you loved The Humans! I didn’t know a lot about it when I started it, now I’m a big fan of Matt Haig! Not only are his books amazing, he as a person is sweet, wise and very kind! My goal this year is to read every book of his!

Guadalupe Escobar says:

Can you tell me where you bought The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle?? thanks. I’m so glad you finally got out of the reading slump!

yasminsbookshelf says:

You read so many books this month thats awesome Emily 🙂

ElleTee says:

Aw sucks that you didn’t like Behind Closed Doors. I personally did not like the writing style. I mean before that I read A Madness So Discreet which was beautifully written imo, so to switch from that to very simple sentences (sorry for my lack of proper writing terms) I didn’t like it. However I liked the story overall. I especially loved the ending. That was my favorite part

Hannah Stavas says:

you should try reading some works by agatha christie! i completely understand the frustration that comes with finishing a thriller and not feeling satisfied by the ending, and i’ve never felt that way when reading christie’s stuff, her plot twists always throw me off and she’s so clever as an author. obviously her books are less thriller and more mystery, but they’re still so intriguing and really keep you clueless until the end 🙂 you talking about the seven deaths of evelyn hard castle really reminded me of some of christie’s work, and i definitely want to check it out 🙂

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