LITERATURE – Virginia Woolf

In her novels and essays, Virginia Woolf captured the intimate moments of the 20th century like no one else. She opens our eyes to the neglected value of daily experiences. Please subscribe here:
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Jabuda Kan says:

These videos are pretty great! How about Chekhov or Gogol??

marshhen says:

I strongly recommend her diaries. It is the best possible novel, her life, written in the most beautiful but unguarded prose. I go back to them every few years when I am on holiday and just want to soak up her lucid thinking and mastery of the English language.

wankle1234 says:

I know you guys do mostly older authors, but I’d love for you to do David Foster Wallace.

Karla Poot says:

Muchas gracias por los subtitulos en español, gracias. Magnífica página con la que me topé. Saludos.

Tyler Clark says:

It’d be nice to see more female authors for the literature segment. You have only done videos on Woolf and Jane Austen. What about Sylvia Plath, any of the Brontes, Emily Dickinson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, George Eliot, Maya Angelou, Mary Shelley, etc…I think the channel is missing out on a great opportunity by not including these writers.

Get In says:

V. woolf was probably a good writer. However, how could she have been sooo all knowing of the Mind when she didnt, wouldnt, couldnt control her own?

Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer says:

I enjoyed this tremendously..

Jovana Petrovic says:

D. H. Lawrence?

Jenny Horton says:

Fluid sexually? Stop promoting perversity as normal. Virginia Woolf was sexually abused as you rightly mentioned and was frigid. She may or may not have had a sexual relationship with Vita Sackville West: however She was not bisexual or in any way fluid. Rather the opposite due to being raped by her brother. Most people are straight and proud of it. Stop changing history to support the warped mindset of the few with regards to anything goes.

Lauren says:

my favorite author!!

Shell Shinobi says:

Please consider making one on Rebecca West! She was revolutionary in her diversity as a writer.

S. H. Wood says:

Iris Murdoch deserves a film here

marta bruna says:

”it is both a blessing and a curse, to feel everything so very deeply”

aldodzb says:

Holy.. so many farms had finished, the need to remake them was killing me lol

Mirna Valdez says:


Dylan Blok says:

Why didn´t she release the moth instead of letting him suffer?

JustinisWesley andnotDavid says:

love your videos guys. exceptional and educational. may i recommend a piece on Margaret Atwood? D. H. Lawrence? Bret Easton Ellis? Oscar Wilde? J. Sheridan Le Fanu? Mary Shelley? John Stienbeck? Lois Lowry? Neil Gaimen? David Mitchell? Clive Barker? Aldous Huxley? Victor Hugo? J. D. Salinger? William Golding? John Knowles? Kurt Vonnegut? Toni Morrison? Joe Hill? Rollo May? Ayn Rand? Tom Hardy? John Irving? Saul Bellow? ect.

Chelsie Ward says:

If I didn’t have add I would read her books.

dochmbi says:

Im thinking of a transhumanist interpretation of the dying moth. One can think that our lives too are very short and limited and that one feels the pain of the possibilities, because our minds are capable of much more. Im willing to merge with a machine to free and empower myself.

stormyweathers08 says:

So, Virginia Woolf thought that women’s advancement was impeded by men! Just what else is new!? When was the last time any woman took responsibility for her own fuck ups! Now, women can attend higher education. But, what have got in return!?

Would it be women-studies, safe spaces for cunts, and a slew of useless academic degrees that result in student-debts, with cunts waiting for the stupid fool to marry them, pay their debt, before the poor soul is dumped and taken to cleaners for all he’s worth!?

Evilahhh says:

Please do a video about Toni Morrison,
I love this channel but can’t help notice most of the videos are about white men

Sunny Becks says:

please do Nabokov….Please…please

Frozen In Time says:

I think you guys should also consider 21st century writers…….btw….dont forget ernest hemingway

MacKenzie Hurlock says:

How is 4:49 okay to be on YouTube?That’s nudity. Is it because it’s a painting so therefore is art? It’s extremely realistic, so that’s besides the point. I don’t understand how showing a naked woman here was important at all.

zahid ismaili says:

Thank you very much for all these great lessons and information you share with us, please keep up the good work 🙂

Isabella Zylstra says:

“spend energy with subtle sentences” all my love to this

AlexMusic7 says:

What a lovely video.

jose junior says:

please, Portuguese captions, please.

Juan Serpico says:

¿Can you please do a video about Latin American literature? For example: García Márquez, Borges or Juan Carlos Onetti. Thanks for sharing.

Diana Capota says:

What about Simone de Beauvoir?

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