Leo Tolstoy was a remarkable novelist in part because he believed in the novel as a tool for social reform, something that would enable us to become kinder, more thoughtful and more generous towards others. If you like our films take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):
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Hiếu Tô says:

I like how he just went to fuck this shit mode at the age of 80 and gave his wife the finger and pissed off

Emma Garofalo says:


dammuozz says:

I watch all your videos and they inspired me and my friends greatly. We would love to see a video on Gandhi too!
Please keep up the good work, you are making the world a better place to be in.

Wouter van Burik says:

It is stated in this video that at the start of the book we meet Natasha Rostova, and that she’s engaged with Andrei Bolkonski. This doesn’t happen at the start of the novel, but around 700 pages into the book.

Payhole Everdouche says:

Audrey Hepburn in War and Peace!!! How Loverly…!!!

Joseph Fernando says:

The ending was beautiful and touching… his body was buried under some tries where he used to play in his childhood.

Forrest Blah says:

Great video

Slava Klimov says:

What a twisted story about Lev Tolstoy. What about 90 volumes of his works, which he left for humanity?
Lies and cover ups about Tolstoy’s talent don’t surprise me anymore…
They brought up exactly what Tolstoy himself asked not to be remembered for! Wicked!
What Tolstoy devoted his life for (his last 30 years) are writings like:
• Appeal to the Clergy
• A Criticism of Dogmatic Theology
• Response to the Synod
• Confession
• The Four Gospel Unified and Translated
• Kingdom of God is Within You
• Christian Teaching
• What I believe
• Religion and Morality
• Christianity and Patriotism

Laura Padron says:


Shailesh Yadav says:

great video , thank you very much.
here i will request you to please provide subtitles so that people all over the world could understand precious gems you are spreading, as you speak fast it will be much much helpful.

Adam Eckstein says:

I like how this video neglected to mention his book “Confession” where he determines the meaning of life (Faith). This page is very against religious ideas.

sevenAarons says:

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بسام المحاقري says:

Respect my point of view

Several years ago we did not hear a word Hah my or my brother, and my point of view and expressions does not exceed the emphasis on the need to respect the opinions other than the present time, it is impossible to pass that we have an interview without mentioning the words above, therefore, confirm the reality of our society today that is not good at dialogue with the other party and show that remains to this day held for all and all that good at now is to now deny knowing the literature of dialogue, the most communities in the Arab world as changing the status and composition of cultural and psychological in a very short time all that happens all the time and the other indicates that we are in a society that crawl very slowly the direction to be the best. has teams of specialists in this field on the establishment and support all initiatives that promote culture of dialogue, but still many of us are people who refuse to do that and just stop even for a minute in front of the other party and this will confirm the opinion which reveals the list of names which you say what do not we do and are issued for this thought . and when you see someone prompts you to respect his point of view, remember that exercise stultification of the mind and is trying to offer Mcoltk to others that it does not Shi means colloquially (what you have above) is released and my dear brother, that the competition talk turned out of our society in years past, but it is unfair accuse each other that they exercise intolerance and to create choking everywhere and this thing we call the real reason the decline in the level of dialogue.

Vre vregg says:

I fucking love the voice.. So calm yet so real.

sanbeee says:

Edgar Allen poe maybe?

Ichigo Makishev says:

what movie is that? Was it Audry Hepburn?

Andres Pichinte says:

what about Tolstoy’s christian literature?

iMaDeMoN2012 says:

Young Tolstoy sounds like a real prick.

Marios Tsoutsoukis says:

Is there one on Chekhov too?

Alessia M. says:

wasn’t his wife named Sonia?
great video tho. as always. i’m a big fan of yours, school of life. <3

AngryWhite Fella says:

too much knowledge… my head hurts.

AholeAtheist says:

Having just watched two videos about Tolstoy/War and Peace, I found it interesting that one displayed Tolstoy’s writing to be a result of historical dialecticalism, and this one makes it more to be about inner/inter personal perceptions, but it came to that conclusion by looking at Tolstoy and his work through a lens of their perceptions about Tolstoy’s perceptions in a historical dialectical frame. This is fascinating because I’ve never read War and Peace, but I’m generally a proponent of people being more engaged in understanding historical dialecticalism and also in being more understanding of each others perceptions and our own deficit in understanding those perceptions when they haven’t exactly been expressed to us, generally because historical dialectical materialism.

Anirban Ganguly says:

I have begged to you before, and I will beg again like the nagging pest I am – PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON SWAMI VIVEKANANDA (Philosophy). Plis.

El Tri says:

Thank you. I feel gratititude for these animated lessons. I have learned so much from School of life.

Grey Goose says:

You just spoiled three books of his…why? Keep it spoiler free or at least warn the viewers.

xavier mejia says:

Hey guys great video, what about a video about toklein literature.

TheLandOfTears s says:

A compassionate fellow warms my heart.

Clive Makong'o says:

Inside Out?

Lina alsudani says:

Mark twain.

Лео Поутонен says:

Аж гордость пробрала

Narges Mni says:

Hi. Since this channel has helped me find the answer to so many of my questions in this year, I decided to ask something that’s been making me – as a literature student – uneasy lately.
I’m a total bookworm. I’ve been studying Persian literature in university for two years now and teach literary analysis to highschool students. But… recently I started questioning my role as a literature-lover and literature-teacher in today’s world. I know of the impact that great literary works have had in my own life, but is it really important to teach literature to “the next generation” ? What role does literature really play in the fast-paced world we’re living in? Aren’t we following the belief that fiction matters, after having lost the reasons for its importance in the past?
I hope I did succeed in conveying my question. English is my second language so I’m not sure if I did.

Payhole Everdouche says:

Chasing gypsy women with a raging boner, is a good thing. Borat Sagdiyev would approve.

Paul Bateman says:

Any chance on covering Thomas Hardy and Alexandre Dumas?

Ricky Spanish says:


Gary Clouse says:

Who are gypsy woman?  Are gypsies aliens?

Tamta Ghvitidze says:

Why you guys quit to make Literature videos? 🙁

CalvinT H says:

The Kingdom of God is Within You. Read it

robert harrold says:

what he does that i like is reveal and write about the inner feelings and thoughts of people that are not revealed to other people in everyday life and the actions and behaviour people adopt or employ whilst this is happening……Put that in your pipe and smoke it. versts peasants and rd350lcs.

Michael Sion says:

It is implied by what you say that he left home because of unsuccesful marriage.
I’ve read that it was because of his aspiration to a nomadic lifestyle that he considered a more fulfilling way to live.
What’s right and what’s wrong?

Milind Joshi says:

Thank You , great knowledge. Schools should just have these as a lessons …

Понять и Осознать says:

То чувство, когда можешь читать эти книги на русском))

John Michael Licudan says:

Why did Leo wrote “God sees the truth but waits”? What is the connection of this story to his life?

Rose Michelle says:

Interesting video. I wish I had seen this before I read the book, so I could have kept an open mind through most of it. I am 3/4 finished reading War and Peace. It was challenging to be kept entertained by the early lives of most of his characters, especially Natasha, who I consider impulsive and temperamental. In spite of Tolstoy’s intentions, I had not once felt sorry for Natasha. It was not her infidelity, but her audacity with which she would spite and turn against her own family, that agitated me.

Mohammad Raza Abbas says:

Make some more videos in this Literature category plz

like Milton, Henry Fielding, Arthur Canon Doyle

tyler durden says:

Nobody should lie outside the circle of sympathy and forgiveness. Even Hitler,stalin?

David Maxfield says:

We know that Proust admired Tolstoy, but I wonder if Tolstoy would have considered Proust frivolous for focusing on beauty and happiness rather than morality.

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