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James Joyce deserves our ongoing interest for his momentous discovery of the Stream of Consciousness. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):

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SCRIPT: The script for this film was written by Professor Eric Bulson for the School of Life:

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Michael Donovan says:

@The School of Life    do F. Scott Fitzgerald. How can you forsake Gatsby. The man practically wrote the defining novel of his generation, never mind the fact he was a very complex man

Di W says:

Love that there’re Iranian subtitles.

Deva-Putra Wardiman says:

i love how the subtitles are available in irish

Zhixian Wang says:

frankly, the view is profound. At the last, we will find that every literature masterpiece concludes a kind of unique art philosophy. Do you guys think so?

TheAnthraxBiology says:

I know it’s biased coming from an Irish person but I think the country with the greatest writers of all time is Ireland or America.

Diego Valdivia says:

This guy was a badass

Leon 23 says:

It is strange he fled the catholic ruled Ireland for Austria-Hungary, also very dogmatic catholic nation. 🙂

Helika Play says:

In Spanish please¡!

Conner Fields says:

School of Life should cover avant-garde composers, and maybe some performance artists. That would be fantastic.

Scottish Liberty Podcast says:

Alain I know you probably have millions but I think a great person to do would be Milton Friedman. And if you ever get round to Ayn Rand please represent her positively, almost everything I see on her is an ill-conceived hit piece by people who haven’t really taken the time to understand that at the core of her philosophy was not capitalism, but authenticity, heroism and the idea that a person has the right to their own life and isn’t obliged to sacrifice themselves just by virtue of being born. No one ever says it like it is.

joxer cat says:

joyce is a master of Irish time and space !


The quality of these videos are outstanding . I bow to you the Creator of this channel .

lily Joyce says:

Subtítulos en español

Yoram Hagens says:

You guys are proably drowning in suggestions but a video about Oscar Wilde would be awesome! With all due respect (really, I love and respect what you do), I’m surprised you don’t already have one about him. Peace and Love, School of Life!

riley poplin says:


Simonne Matthews says:

everyone read ‘A Portrait of The Artist As A Young Man’ i recommend it to every human please

ironjones says:

Do Ezra Pound, please!

iggybug1 says:

Why do we read literature ? what good does it do to us in this modernistic society ? What do we actually get by reading mery stories of peoples life? Does it have any relevence?
Well ” when we know something more than what the others thinks and believe them to be certain rather the preconceived notions and prejudices of the individuals, we know more about what truly is to be a human— i,e we will be less angry,love more hate less, quicker to forgive and know the greater truth of what life is.”
SO Damn True .

Illegal Criminal says:

One of the greats British literarys to ever live .

Edward Okoth says:

please do ngugi wa thiongo

sulav nepal says:

jesus and bloom r the 2 great jews…

Ethan Uslabar says:

Make a Stevenson video

amberley torca says:

nice video

Lee says:

C.M Cioran

Dibyendu Sarkar says:

Fantastic presentation

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