LITERATURE – Gustave Flaubert

The great French 19th century novelist Gustave Flaubert understood tragedy, France, the bourgeoisie and laughter. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):

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moonwalker4696 says:

the real quote ‘Ce qui m’empêche de me prendre au sérieux, quoique j’aie l’esprit assez grave, c’est que je me trouve très ridicule, non pas de ce ridicule relatif qui est le comique théâtral, mais de ce ridicule intrinsèque à la vie humaine elle-même, et qui ressort de l’action la plus simple ou du geste le plus ordinaire. Jamais, par exemple, je ne me fais la barbe sans rire, tant ça me paraît bête. Tout cela est fort difficile à expliquer’

Ilham Budhiman says:

where is Nobokov??

Linda Harrison says:

This is so good. Emma’s reading bad books back then was like the crummy romantic comedies we have today. And the awful “reality” shows. This stuff teaches lies, just like Emma’s bad books.

Old Skool Wax says:

Madame Bovary almost nearly broke me as a human. It was amazing but it broke me. I got too involved. The end was too much. I distinctly remember putting the book down and saying ‘mother fucker…’

Roxane Mp says:

do a video about scott Fitzgerald please

Ömer Bozkurt says:

Perfect people Gustavo

Oliver Renato Bertoletti says:

이평화는 이 영상을 좋아합니다.

Katie Pask says:

I remember thinking it seemed like a story of someone who had “bipolar disorder”. But also I do remember feeling that the writer was unsympathetic to M. Bovary, and her capriciousness. Might need to read it again

NeoN Atary says:

You should mention that there are spoilers tho, bcz I’m reading Madame Bovary at the moment /:

natedogg0314 says:

Do one on Vladimir Nabokov!

dochmbi says:

Exercise does prevent all illness though, it’s true. Gotta work out regularly!

Benjamin Kotran says:

I like these videos but the guy who narrates them has a voice that is ridiculously soft and vaguely homosexual, its just a bit strange, a can’t image him talking in normal conversation without it seeming odd.

Anti says:

All great thinkers mocked the inability of the people to overcome nationalism.

Laay Trivedi says:

Impressed, I am gonna read on eof his book

Nisar Masoom says:

Please do a video on Oscar Wilde.

Grace Camia says:

Great video. thanks . This is my report for Literature class

j0nnyism says:

it’s safe to say flaubert wouldn’t be a fan of Mills and Boon

welkflingers says:

Yes! So much yes! He understands why I hate all you dickheads on the net!

KING M says:

Can you please take my English final exam for me?

xThe_noJx says:

I wonder what his take on the good ole Interwebs would be? Probably an aneurysm.

Miguel Gonzalez says:

Please do Hugo

B AA says:

Hey! Do you think you could consider making literature videos about some non-western authors? Like middle eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Latin American?

Kenny Talarico says:

How have you not done David Foster Wallace yet?

Monique Monique says:

i looove you! thank you for this video!

J. Tan says:

Facebook would probably give this guy a heart attack.

Dayne Chrisco says:

Can we get a video on vladimir nobakov

Payhole Everdouche says:

Madame’s Ovary is the name of my favorite Lesbian Bar.

Tomasz Pelczar says:

Pretty cool …

Swetha K says:

“art is superior to everything. A book of poetry is worth more than a railway”. Typical european asshole artist.

beesland says:

Gustave Flaubert; only difference between him and a soverign citizen is 100 years… and a smart phone.

WeatherYourStorm says:

TS Elliott please

Mr.Sceptic says:

6:25 What’s the name of the painting which features the “modern idiot”?

Benjamin gutierrez oriol says:

That moment when you have to explain why Flaubert was not a misoginist -____-

GSP Caught on Steroids says:

Flaubery was a reactionary. Pretty much a fascist like Carlyle

Paul Harris says:

“La Betise” = “Fake News…”

Jebać google plus says:

Great to see Flaubert, any chance to do an episode about Emile Zola

Vander Cecil says:

Flaubert’s “Madame Bovary”, Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” & Sinclair Lewis’ “Main Street” are all essentially the same story – except the American writer flinched at consummated adultery & kept it only in Catherine’s faithless heart.

Arshbir Janagal says:

A modern idiot can know what only the geniuses of past have known but still be an idiot, which is a very dangerous combination of which the previous generations were unaware of

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