Goethe is one of the great minds of European civilisation, though his work is largely unknown outside of the German speaking countries. He deserves our renewed attention.
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Gean El Zombi says:

I want to be a little bit more like Goethe.

Melissa The Great says:

The writing environment should be free.

Darkened Shrines says:

Goethe and Nietzsche: two of the very few persons who understood and interpreted Hafez (Persian poet).

Felipe Bezerra says:

I want to be more like Goethe.

Poonam Sharma says:

Shall b thankful if u upload major works of all these authors in detail..regards

Poonam Sharma says:

Superlike ur videos

helium73 says:

Reminds me of Pynchon who is an Engineer. I found one of his books. I should read it. I think It’s about a Tupperware party.

Iván Arley Rodríguez Rubiano says:


Greg Kartes says:

wow i feel i have a lot of similarities with Goethe…same personality type as well. INFJ

B AA says:

Pros on including tips for how to pronounce his name! 🙂 Very useful for many!

Potato says:

Faust is a tragedy though

OE Beats says:


Anca Tomescu says:

I love the narrator’s voice.

parisa razmkhah says:

How is it possible to create a video about Goethe and not mention the influence on him from Persian and Eastern literature? Good video but just a bit disappointed about this missing part.

Martín Francisco Jiménez Moreno says:

Got me interested to read his works. Nice!

I’d recommend to quit this seizure inducing color changing stuff that prevails in some videos of yours though.

Alban Angelito says:

Loved the last bit about how he saw science discrediting the meaning of the things they were investigating, thus destroying what was being investigated. Beautifully true.

Poonam Sharma says:

Some lectures on criticism if u may plz

M Sloan says:

Bravo sir, Bravo

Noor-ul-ain Sajjad says:

Brilliant video! But I have a question, albeit a rather irrelevant one. Can someone please tell me what the little shade in the urban park is called at 4:03 If that those structures have a specific name, that is. Please and thank you.

Let's Find Out says:

2:55 That’s quite a spicy dish they’re making together. Nice one SOL.

Rodolfo González says:

I find quite interesting this playlist and all of the treated subjects, nevertheless I consider there must be at least one video about Cervantes or any of the impeccable writers of the Siglo de Oro Español. The breadth of El Quijote as the first modern novel is meritorious of one of your excellent analysis.

Warren Pugh says:

Is the Ode to Joy-Beethoven match too simple to include in this discussion?

King Nevermore says:

What do you people think about Werther, is it good?

Farah Elshamy says:

Baudelaire please

Den the Man says:

Göthe, Turks have no problems to spell his name 😉

Rick Sanchez says:

so werther is not romantic. it is “sturm und drang”
greetings from germany

William says:

The biggest.

Stunami says:

Don’t bother reading comments. It’s a long thread concerning pronunciation of his name in English instead of the substance of the message.

Guacamole Salsa says:

I literally read it as ‘goth’ in class.

Miguel Carneiro0 says:

Can you do one about Fernando Pessoa?

gennady dolgov says:

Goethe is #1 in literature

Dalyna Yang says:

Aged 82*
(He was born in August, 1749 and died in March, 1832)

Eros Lumia says:

I like that video about Goethe!!!

Max Basilone says:

Funny how he wrote his entire life about Faust, and eventually ended up having an affair with Faustina. lol

Darcy Lovely says:

Do Juan Rulfo please!!

Lua Veli says:

This is the poem I love the most by Goethe:

JOYFUL AND SORROWFUL ( Freudvoll und Leidvoll)

To be joyful, sorrowful, thoughtful
To long and fear in suspenseful pain
Rejoicing to heaven, grieved to death
Happy alone is the soul that loves

Beethoven composed this poem! You must listen to it on youtube from Birgit Nilsson. What a voice…( Liszt composed it too, in case you want to listen to both versions. )

By the way, if you enjoyed this lesson you really must listen to John Armstrong’s excellent speech on Goethe. Then you will also want to read his book “Love, Life , Goethe. How to be Happy in an Imperfect World”.

What I liked the most on that speech was the part about Goethe’s ” imaginary friends”! Even though he never met them ( since they were dead! ) , he felt a certain inner connection, like a friendship with those people whom he admired. Like Albrecht Dürer, or Andrea Palladio. What a great idea to look for friends from the cultural past! If you are familiar with their work you can have endless conversations with them inside your head and try to look at this or that situation through their eyes. It is as if you would carry your folks inside you. How very practical:-)

We also learn from that speech that Goethe wrote another novel called Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship, 20 years after Werther. If I understood it properly , this one didn’t blow his head off and he even learnt how to use it. So if you are desperately in love, you better go for Wilhelm rather than Werther.

Lots of poems by Goethe had been composed by great composers. Here is a little list of those I love the most. I wrote the name of a particularly wonderful singer next to them. They are all on youtube:

1. Meine Ruh ist hin, Schubert ( Barbara Bonney)

2. Erster Verlust , Ach wer bringt die schönen Tage, Schubert ( Dietrich Fischer Diskau)

3. Die Trommel Gerühret/ Freudvoll und Leidvoll, Beethoven ( Birgit Nilsson )

4. Zum sehen geboren- Lied Lynceus des Türmers, Schumann ( Hermann Prey)

5. Erlkönig, Schubert ( Thomas Quasthoff)

6.. Tiefe Stille herscht im Wasser, Meeres Stille, Schubert ( Hans Hotter )

Thank you very much for this wonderful lesson as always!

Sartzzz says:

Thank you for making videos like these, they make learning for exams a lot easier 🙂

Leutnant Keks says:

10:12 the moment you realize you have seen the chair on which goethe died because you visited the house with your school class.

commandZee says:

Anyone know the name of the painting at 10:02?

DudeRevolution says:

Steppenwolf brought me here

Alcantara Daniel says:

Goethe the overman

JReed1985 says:

Wow Goethe and I are so a like, both him and I had a crush on a colleague, and he thinks relationships are less about romance!

gyes99 says:

A German would call Shakespeare: Shakes beer.

Mercii Sama says:

One of the best channels ever. Kudos to you guys!!

Fiona says:

i wish there were more women known in famous literature

Goulartinho Gameplays says:

Spoilers from The Sorrows of Young Werther :C
I was reading the book

Ethan P says:

Fantastic video, I totally disagree with that interpretation of Faust, but yeah, all in all, great.

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