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Max’s Literary Fiction Recommendations:
Ashley’s Literary Fiction Recommendations:
Ashley’s Oprah Book Club Recommendations:
Lindsay’s 65 books to read in your 20s video:
65 books to read in your 20s list:

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay:
1984 by George Orwell:
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo:
A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan:
Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman:
White Oleander by Janet Fitch:
The Reader by Bernhard Schlink:
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:
The Paris Wife by Paula McLain:
Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng:
The Emporer’s Children by Claire Messud (didn’t realize this book was only rated 2.91 stars :c):

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Night Reader says:

You will love White Oleander. I read this books years ago. I saw the book at Goodwill, and I purchased it again- to re read and keep.

Ceri says:

Great haul. Books I’d recommend:
– To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
– The Color Purple by Alice Walker
– The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
– The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne
– I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
– The Shining by Stephen King (because if you’re going to venture into adult horror, this is the one to do)

Celia Martinez Duro says:

Have you read Brave new world? If not, you really should. It’s a dystopian classic 🙂

ashl3y87 says:

you should read The Bronze Horesman by Paullina simons

Margaret Gates says:

1984 is so goooooood.

wallflowerstories says:

Ooooh highly reccomend white oleander, I’m only halfway and put it down for a while but I feel like you would enjoy it. As far as the paris wife, I didn’t enjoy it and put it in my dnf pile 🙁 Some people loved it though so I wuld give it a shot and I’d love to see your thoughts.

BookLouring says:

You honestly look so beautiful in every video and 1984 is an extremely interesting book that borderlines scary with how realistic the predictions were

Jay G says:

I’ve never read any of these!!! I’ve heard White Oleander is really good though, hopefully you like it!

Upon Volumes says:

I just finished reading Here on Earth! I added it to my tbr last year after seeing this video, and I had to come back to say. You were right, it is a Wuthering Heights retelling, but it was ultimately kind of whack. Would love to hear your thoughts on it though, if you get the chance!

Emily Hean says:

I love Everything I Never Told You, it’s so so so good!

Joanna M says:

Can we have Gabby commentary all the time please? Lol. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these!

Queen_Of_ Pages says:

I wish I had a Half Price Books near me in SC! Read White Oleander first. It’s so amazing it will propel you into other books. that’s one of my few books I read over and over. The movie is close to the book more so than any other comparison I’ve seen ever!

Music Playlists says:

Here are a few accessible, enjoyable, and relatively easy-to-read classics –

Lolita ( im sure you know the premise, just give it a chance. The characters are so charming and intriguing)

Jane Eyre (Great book. You love feminism and strong female characters so whats not to love?)

Little Women (you said you liked family dynamics. This is the MOTHER of all books with family dynamics. Get it NAAAAAOOOOW)

If you havent read any of these you gotta

I Rate Your Comments says:

I thought “White Oleander” was just ok. *shrugs*

HannieBee says:

Bad Feminist is great because it centers around the point that no one is a “perfect” feminist. It’s really hard to summarize what the book is about because Gay just does such a great job of making the point so nuanced, but it basically comes down to the fact that every feminist should have their own definition of feminism, and these definitions should all be able to co-exist. Even from my standpoint, it was fascinating to read all of the essays and decide which ones I did and did not agree with based on my definition of feminism. Sorry for the long-winded post, I just really appreciate that book SO MUCH!

petrovaah says:

I love The Reader! hope you’ll like it!

Megan Hambey says:

Half price books forever!

Laurenann says:

I already know that Gaby us amazing and we haven’t even met her yet! Please do a video with her Whitney. Also we all know that feeling of when we say we won’t buy anything but you do anyway! WORDS ARE HARD

kassady taylor says:

I love your videos!! can u do more journaling ones?! LOVE YOU SO

Debra Lavoie says:

Great video 🙂 Love how you are so natural and real. If that makes sense. Great book haul!

MsMusicMess says:

I want to be best friends with you guys!!!

Dairian Heard says:

I love that you are completely honest in your reviews of books. Some Youtubers I watch “literally love” everything. It makes me not want to watch them because I don’t get an honest review of a book that I am considering reading.

KnitsBones Books says:

I read both A Visit from the Goon Squad and The Emperor’s Children. I wasn’t really a fan of Goon Squad, and while I enjoyed Emperor’s Children, it wasn’t amazing. Hopefully you get more out of those than I did.
Six of Crows is sooooo good! 1984 was required reading in high school. I haven’t read it since but I remember enjoying it.

Kathryn M. Helgren says:

I read Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. Didn’t care for it, since it was duo dark and depressing. But lots of others gave ìt high marks. Think I read or saw the movie years ago of White Oleander. Don’t remember much about it or what I thought of it.

Olimpia Verdossi says:

I have a suggestion: A thousand splendid suns. 🙂

Potter Writes says:


JessicaBookShops says:

YES!!! You got ‘The Paris Wife’ like I suggested. I really hope you like it! The prose is so poetical I found myself reading it out loud! And if you enjoy the book, McLain has literally just published a new book surrounding themes of African Culture, a woman’s personal journey, feminism, and relationships. It’s called ‘Circling the Sun’. Hope you enjoy it and let me know once you’ve read it! 😀 <3 I did a book review of The Paris Wife at if you wanna check it out! x

FrailRouge says:

White Oleander sucks you right in. Must Read!

DarlingDarkness says:

I like your book buying habit. Especially with “The Reader” the less you know about the story, the better the book is. The surprise twist in the middle of the book is something you do not see coming, but I think they mention it in book reviews. We read “The Reader” in high school. It’s on the assigned reading list for 9th grade and 10th grade.

Rachel Leavell says:

the Alchemist is a fantastic book. A stranger gave me my copy of it. everyone should read it. Also, you are the first booktuber to say anything about The Reader, which is a book I inherited and I haven’t read it yet but you just gave me a reason. thank you for that! ummm a classic recommendation: Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnegut (spelling?) what a ROLLER COASTER and an amazing book. I consider it a classic at least.

Girl Helper says:

Could you do a few more journaling videos? i love this channel so much but i have problems with reading so this doesn’t really help me lol but i still watch them! But basically because of people like you on youtube is the reason i got into journaling!

Joann Oriol says:

Love the dimple!

FayVlogs says:

1984 is indeed a book that everyone should read. have you read it by now? I loved it although it’s very disturbing.

Kisu Miu says:

Love how chill your videos are :3 also happy that you are reading something else than just YA!

So Viele Worte - Fatima Di Pane says:

1984 is the only book that ever gave me nightmares. Have fun with it 😛

Destiny Ann says:

I love you shirt! And also, my mom read The Paris Wife and really liked it! Just thought I’d let ya know that. : D

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