Like Pale Gold – The Great Gatsby Part I: Crash Course English Literature #4

In which John Green explores F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the Jazz Age, The Great Gatsby. John introduces you to Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, Daisy and Tom Buchanan, and the other characters in the novel, and tries to look beyond the surface story to figure out what this thing is ABOUT. Set in the 1920’s against a conflicted backdrop of prohibition and excess, The Great Gatsby takes a close look at the American Dream as it existed in Fitzgerald’s time. It turns out, it had a lot to do with money and status, and it still does today. John will cover the rich symbolism of the novel, from the distant green light to the pale gold of wealth and decay. Also, Paris Hilton drops by.

Turn on the captions. You’ll like it.

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miriam cabrera says:

I used to watch him in highschool during history and civics.

Outraged_media says:

Where tf did you find out he got money from the civil war

Aazam Ben says:

I forgot this book and end up knowing that I don’t like the book

claudelle Botha says:

please do othello

Tyler G says:

I thought this book was written without any letter e’s?

Amanda Jackson says:

“She doesn’t have to be likable to be interesting” will probably be inscribed on my memorial one day.

Matt Man Gaming says:

Its your boi green here

Nick Walker says:


a happy vitamin says:

can you imagine being married to John Greene? uuugghhh i wish

kylerm18 says:

I really didn’t like the writing style of this book. Nick might as well have been a talking lamp shade. He seemed like a very non-discript human male that sat by and told Gatsby’s story. The characters and plot seemed dulled by Nick, even though they were interesting.

Legacy Sneakers says:

This guy is a twack

James Wade says:


Afiqah Azizan says:

can you pls do macbeth ??

ThatsHowiLike It says:

I didn’t notice. Me.careaway was a play on the character. I’m going to name my son Gatsby

The Queen says:

I kinda like daisy 🙂

timeless bookdragon says:

Could there be a connection between Daisy from The Great Gatsby and Daisy from Turtles all the way down?

Carlos Ramirez says:

Ill be honest here. He makes this novel sound a hell of a lot better than than when i read it.

Maria Kollias says:

this is by far my favvvv book

Boozer says:


Almotasem Alhadhrami says:

Who else have to study for a final exam but instead watch John Green?

joshua polak says:

yeh too poor for champagne with corks, the mans worth about 20 million dollars

chim chimv says:

I hated daisy

rat kid says:

the first time i read the great gatsby, the only thing i could think was “nick’s gay for gatsby”

Layla Neptune says:

I love you John Green! One of my all-time favourite authors!

Ellie Donihue says:


Cole Sandick says:

Amazing book. Amazing analysis. Amazing everything. Painted in gold.

Ethan Republic says:

the eyes of a sith are yellow

ElKwesi says:

Not liking characters in a book but still liking a book is a real thing that people don’t understand. For example I EXTREMELY dislike Holden Caulfield from the Catcher In The Rye but still like the book alot.

Almotasem Alhadhrami says:

Very interesting to learn about English literature, keep up the good work John!

Smufette101 says:

Oh i get that burn. Damn

maria cristina blas says:

THIS IS AMAZING!! please do one on the handmaid tales <3

Lyra Frost says:

“Youre not supposed to like Daisy Buchanan”

Olivia says:

“I don’t know where you got the idea that the quality of the novel should be judged by the likeability of the characters” TAKE NOTE GOODREADS REVIEWERS, YOU NEED IT

Tiger GreenEyes says:


Carlo Cantilang says:

He fell inlove with the wrong hoe

John Kirk says:


Ryan Lertpichitkul says:

I didn’t know John Green covers literature. My English grades are saved.

George K says:

to say it in a manner: in a non scientific way – you should really check the meaning of yellow and green in chakras. you would be amazed how much it explains. it fits every scene in the book/movie.

Lee Alex says:

How did Gatsby’s dream effect his life?

Amaia Insausti says:

Please, do more of these literature videos

phantom of the opera girl says:

Do Tale of Two Cities!

Hailey Peel says:

trust me its a burn.. lol

Patrick Kelly says:

I can’t believe I was presented with a Minecraft guy before I found this

Emma G says:

Does anyone else just come back to listen to John Green talk about novels after they’ve had a rough week?

Soundcloud Trends says:

Who else is studying for finals

Audrey King says:

Is it Dodie yellow tho

BriskBoi says:

This is awfully late, but wasn’t Tom a Polo player? Not a football player?

tiffany mayer says:

daisy is an ignorant gold digger and just that

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