Leo Tolstoy – Anna Karenina, The Kreutzer Sonata || Book review || RUSSIAN LITERATURE

Today we are going to discuss one of the giants of russian classical literature: Leo Tolstoy.
He is one of my favourite writer. Do you want to know why? Watch the video! 😉

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Laura Martin says:

Subscribed! Hope to see more.

Monkey3346 says:

Love your review Tanya keep on doing this channel!! I’m currently reading Anna Karenina for the first time and I absolutely love it.

fabio menezes says:

Great video! I´m a big fan of russian literature and I’m really happy to have find this chanel. thank you. 🙂

Esthibaly Salazar says:

Thank you! I read the Kreutzer Sonata and i found you while looking for video reviews. Even when i do not agree with most of the ideas about women presented in the book, i must say the ideas are very well presented and i look forward to read more Russian Literature.

cool school says:

Where have you been

radiantchristina says:

Great video…looking forward to more videos on russian literature.

Kelly Provan says:

Really loved the reviews! Please make more x

Kate Smith says:

Anna Karenina is one of my favorite books! Thank you for this review. I will definitely read more books by Russian authors. Leo Tolstoy has a very beautiful writing style.

Rustic to Immersive says:

I agree the character in the movie is nothing like the book. Disappointing

Amine Nina says:

pretty good review thank you 🙂


Excellent, just what I need, subscribed. Russian literature is my absolute favourite.

Heloisa Selles says:

hey, thanks for this book review and suggestion! I’m currently obsessed with Anna Karenina and Russian literature in general. I know so little of it! lol and it’s nice to learn from scratch. please keep it coming! :))

Julia Potsch says:

Great video, I hope you do more 🙂

Ali Adder says:

Хе нормуль видео

Kirim salfeux says:

I really enjoy reading Russian books 😉 Anna Karenina best book I ever red, I felt like being inside Lewijns head. The best thing about Tolstoi and almost every Russian classic author is the way the bring philosophy in their books.

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