Book review on my latest 8 reads, including fiction and non-fiction! Open for links:

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Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty:

Six Years by Harlen Coben:

Just One Look by Harlen Coben:

Long Lost by Harlen Coben:

Home by Harlen Coben:

Cop Town by Karin Slaughter:

5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman:

Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso:

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Nazanin Karvar says:

Do you have Goodreads account? Really would like to follow you

Karina D says:

I highly recommend Jpod by Douglas Coupland. Maybe a bit dark but still hilarious, by a vancouverite 🙂

Jo C says:

Three books in 3 days…wow, you do read very fast! Thank you for this book review instalment!

Samantha C says:

Did I just see lady the cutest poodle?

Dina Saleh says:

do a video on time management

Cindy Gallardo says:

I’d be happy to get reviews on your light and fluffy reads! I love those!

Amanda Aubé says:

I would suggest Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin – so interesting! She and her sister also do a podcast called Happier which I really enjoy 🙂

Amy Kimes says:

I’m currently reading Harlan Coben’s Tell No One. I picked it up yesterday after you recommended his books. I can’t put it down. Definitely going to check out his other books.

Lauren Palladino says:

Love your videos! Unfortunately Nasty Gal just filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy 😐

Helen Matthews says:

if you like Liane Moriarty you may also like Fiona Higgins

XoxZeee says:

YESSSS!! 🙂 So happy to see that you uploaded AND it’s a book review- my fave!

chelsea wilson-flynn says:

I recommend Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, I know that she is mega well known now but that book was really well written and such a page turner. I didn’t find Gone Girl as gripping as Dark Places.

Marissa McCauley says:

Oh hello Lady poodle!!!!! Say hi to your mum Ms Elle.

BroMandi16 says:

If you want to get in a good romantic novel “Tell me you love me” by Johanna Lindsay ^^

dasvlab says:

Just heard this morning about Nasty Gal filing for bankruptcy, kind of of bummer for Girlboss fans… But still, I’d recommend Sophia Amoruso’s podcast (#girlboss) for interesting interviews with women in charge, if you haven’t checked it out.

Jennifer Ann Fox says:

when I met my husband, we talked alot about books and the Gary Chapman one was one that I truly enjoyed and I think is helpful for any relationship. I have so many books on my Kindle but I did pick up Outlander the first one and about to start it. Also reading A Haunting which is a book that is pretty eery based in Charleston and a woman that moved into a house of which she fixed up and it was haunted. It is kind of scary but I also like the Charleston history part of it as well.

VivaVistaMac1 says:

Omg Lady in the background was such a cute surprise! Love this series!

roroset says:

Check out the art of hearing heartbeats. Literally made me cry. It’s beautiful !

Lauren Gogo says:

I’ve been very into Lianne Moriarty lately as well! Just finished Big Little Lies and I’m excited to read Truly Madly Guilty. I’ll have to check out the other ones. I haven’t read it yet, but I think Karin Slaughter has a new book out, The Kept Woman, that I’m excited to read!

berrybebeful says:

she accidentally gave us the bird at 10:00 lol
loved this book review though

Clothes and Creativity says:

After watching this video I picked up 5 Harlan Coben novels this Sunday (apart from 5 other books), and I’ve already managed to finish the first one- ‘Missing You’. Although I liked the suspense, I thought the twist could have been better. But then again, I’m not complaining. Looking forward to reading the other books by this author. Also looking forward to more such videos. 🙂

fa3ryg1rl1 says:

yay, so excited for this video! check out Kate Morton. mysteries but romance and just so well written.

Dewi Turpault says:

I read Just One Look after watching this video. It was an enjoyable read. Thanks for the recommendation !

E N says:

I recommend for you to read Louise Penny’s books, they are great and she is Canadian author. Perhaps you have already read her.

tammimarie says:

Thanks love it

Erin says:

Would really recommend Big Magic by Liz Gilbert – such an enjoyable, interesting read! X

Deanna Perez says:

I love these installments and I loved the Five Love Languages book so much that I sent all three of my (adult) kids to go see Chapman speak here in Phoenix. That said, have you ever thought of starting a book of the month or quarter club and just kind of tweaking it to your own personal audience on how you would facilitate that? I would certainly join you…with my cup of tea.

xolaughoutloud98 says:

The travels of a tshirt in the global economy

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