This is a new book club series on my channel where I will be reviewing my favourite books that I’ve read over the last month. Open for details and links…

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1. J’adore New York by Isabelle Lafleche (1st book in the series):

J’adore Paris by Isabelle Lafleche (2nd book in the series):

2. Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

3. Before I go to Sleep by S.J Watson

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jess from scratch says:

Love this idea! Big Little Lies was a great beach read for me last summer. I just picked-up The Cuckoo’s Calling – so far it is entertaining.

Kitty2010 says:

Really enjoyed the books by Isabelle Lafleche… very interesting to read about legal field and the way they are written.. 🙂

Lia Love says:

It’s refreshing to see a beauty guru doing a review on something other than beauty items and clothing (not to say that I don’t enjoy yours;) You are so well educated though, so it comes as no surprise.. One thing that makes me wonder though: when do you find time to read? I used to be a bookworm as a child, but as I grew older i just had no time to read at all. Which is so sad. My dream is to write a book one day (not a fulltime writer per se, but just a fulfillment of a childhood dream).. somehow I’m very picky with books and it’s hard for me to get through one unless it’s really good. Maybe it puts me under pressure or so… I don’t know maybe I’m weird like that^^ English is not my first language but I’ve read a few ones in English. One author that I enjoyed reading was Joy Fielding. She writes for women mostly and her books are very easy to read and very suspenseful. Most of them are thrillers (so are the ones by Karin Slaughter). Since you are a lawyer yourself I reckon you want to read about something other than lawyerly stuff in your free time;) Maybe thrillers are a good “change of scenery”.

Nicole Cors says:

Thanks for sharing this! As a future lawyer, I can’t wait to check out the series by Isabelle Lafleche. Looking forward to more lattes and literature 🙂

Andreanne Gendron says:

I recently read the Isabelle Lafleche, it was relaxing and brought back menories of living in Paris. Have you read girlboss?

Ashley Savoy says:

Hi, Elle! I was brought here by your Lattes & Literature Ep. 2. I am reading Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies at the moment and I am loving it! Watching this episode makes me so anxious to finish the book, and you have convinced me to read more of her books. Please keep making these videos!

thankstofashion says:

I haven’t read for ages. But I really miss reading 🙂 Reading English books is also for me the best way to get more English input 🙂 Love your videos.

Yanru Tao says:

This is amazing! I am a lawyer to-be, and I’ve always enjoyed reading legal fictions that are true to life or funny, but many of them are over dramatic, e.g. thrillers. Thanks for the rec, I definitely will check it out.

HJH Jasmine says:

I love your channel. It’s so refreshing watching a fellow professional female. Thank you for keeping your video so entertaining, positive, and chic.

Jewel Warr says:

I too appreciate a well written book and look forward to your suggestions through this series.

Anne-Marie Landry says:

Hello from one Vancouverite to another! I’ve just discovered you Elle. You are delightful :). Love the idea of this series. I read Before I Go To Sleep – very interesting read. Somehow I missed the movie! You must read All The Light We Cannot See – set in WW2 Germany and France – written by Anthony Doerr.

Classic Ashley says:

One of my faves – An Embarrassment of Mangoes by Anne Vanderhoof

indiglow707 says:

Good Series! For a thriller, “Still Missing”” by Chevy Stevens. A different perspective of a woman after she was kidnapped. This is not a light-hearted book but I still think of this book after reading it over a year ago. For some light-hearted humor, “Why Not Me”? by actress/writer Mindy Kaling has some take-aways from her interesting life.

Stephanie Moats says:

So excited about this! I read “Before I Go To Sleep” last month on a plane. It was a fun read, but I guessed the ending within a couple chapters and felt it didn’t anything “new” to the genre. But it was fun! And if you like character development and a clear, easy-reading style, I liked “My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry” by Fredrik Backman.
Tbh, the series about life as a lawyer is a strange concept to me. I’m a 3L in my last semester, externing at a firm doing patent law, and my life is pretty boring, haha! I like what I do but no one likes to hear about it. 🙂 It’s probably why I gravitate towards the ridiculous – fiction incorporating horror, drama, unrestrained emotion, and the extended metaphors resulting from it (e.g., gothic horror). So, in that vein, I read Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” in January and I’m almost finished with Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre.” “Dracula” and HP Lovecraft is next on my list.

Ntxhee Her says:

Hi Elle, I really love your videos! Can you please do a video on tips for becoming a better writer???

Jennifer Martinez says:

I loved Big Little Lies, Elle! I think because you liked that one, you should read The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.
By the way, I’m a college business writing professor and feel the same as you about good writing!

Isabelle Laflèche says:

Thank you!!! xx

Allison R says:

I like that you are starting this series! I really like Jennifer Weiner, the Heather Wells series by Meg Cabot, and Jen Lancaster.

marisa t says:

I love this new serie.Looking forward to start reading all ur recommendations. Thanks Elle

triciaejames says:

so excited for this series! I’m always in need of book recommendations. I usually go for thriller, mystery and horror, but I’m really trying to venture out!

Lindsay Denney says:

So excited for this new series! Reading is one of my favorite things! My all time favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird but the book I’m currently obsessing over is Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I’ve read The Husband’s Secret and I think Moyes and Moriarty share the talent of dealing with heavy subject matter while still infusing lots of humor into their stories. If you haven’t read Me Before you I really recommend it!

Angelina O says:

I’m so excited to have found you here on YouTube! The reason why I subscribed was specifically because of this video, I love literature, I love coffee, and I love beauty/ fashion and you are the perfect mixture of allll!! I’m going to check out all 3 of these books

Kaitaritz2013 says:

I love this series and Liane Moriarty’s books!! I would highly recommend Night Road by Kristin Hannah, anything by Jojo Moyes, Gone Girl of course, and The Light Between Oceans.

Lovecraft243 says:

I read and loved ‘A Little Life’, by Hanya Yanagihara. As a disclaimer I will say that it’s not light reading or for the easily upset. The writing is amazing though and at 750 pages you really do go on a journey with the characters. It did leave me sobbing on the bus though. If you are a fan of English humour ‘Dear Lupin’ by Roger Mortimer is a book of letters from a father to his wayward son and it had me crying with laughter, it’s very short so won’t take long to get through. I love this new series Elle! Olivia

samigolarte says:

Love this video!

Sonja Novaković says:

What a lovely idea! Thank you Elle for the inspiring spirit you bring here on YouTube.

lisgrid says:

I recommend “The New Jim Crow ” by Michelle Alexander it is an important and fascinating book, I learned so much.

Jennifer Ann Fox says:

I’m about to read from Debbie Macomber, Last One Home. She is one of my favorite authors and all her books are light but just really applicable to life. She is also a knitter and has a couple or few series with that interest in mind. I listened to her audiobiography from the library last year and she is really good person. I think this book is about forgiveness and estrangement in a family and was given to me by someone who doesn’t know I have that problem with my own family. Can’t wait to read it. By the way, can you tell me about I am interested in it but can’t understand if that is only for one book a month or the details. On Amazon is that whispernet??? Discussing details for listening options for books would be a great topic. Thanks!

Joanna Malefaki says:

Hi Elle! This is my first time here. I really enjoyed this video and am looking forward to checking out more. When I was doing my MA , I really needed some light reading, so I get where you are coming from. Hugs from Greece.

sunisteph says:

I love the idea of this book review series, and I loved how thorough and articulate you were in describing these 3 books and authors. I will be looking for Liane Moriarty’s books as these seem to be books I will enjoy reading. As far as the latest books I have read are concerned, being a mother, they have all been about parenting and babies… But I think I will take a break from this type of literature and enjoy lighter books. Thanks for the suggestions! Greetings from France

mirandaTX21 says:

Reading is one of my absolute favorite hobbies. I used to be an avid reader, but unfortunately I don’t get to do it as often as I would like.
The last book I read was a week ago and I absolutely loved it…Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. This story was funny, the characters were so endearing and well written, and the storyline deals with a vey controversial and heartbreaking issue for many people across the world. I was sobbing like a baby toward the final chapters…I can’t wait to see the movie adaptation this summer!!!

ChloeC says:

I already know I love this vlog series 🙂 thanks for the suggestions!!

mcnichcw says:

Please do more videos like this! It was great to hear your thoughts about the books.

Stylebaby85 says:

Please do this book series/club regularly. Love it!

Meaghan Parent says:

What a great idea! Looking forward to this series and now I have some new books to check out! I have tastes very similar to yours when it comes to books. I also really like reading autobiographies. Just read Justin Trudeau’s which was pretty good.

Raechel Towner says:

I love your channel soooo much! I’m taking my LSAT here in the states coming up, and your channel has been so helpful!

Ami H. says:

I’m still a fan of the Harry Potter books. I know you are reading her new murder mystery series, the Cormoran Strike series, can you do a review on those?

Aging Gracefully says:

Great book? Reading Ja’dore Paris.

ChloeC says:

PS have you read The Post Birthday World? Having lived in England I think you’ll really enjoy it, and the writing is spectacular

Dendee says:

interesting books…enjoyed the video…Happy Valentines Day

234Simmy says:

Did anyone tell u….U look JUSTTT like Erin Burnett….Like so so similar… 🙂

Aging Gracefully says:

I also felt the New York book is very well written and I am excited to get into the Paris book. I am always sad when a series is over, especially if it is very enjoyable. Thanks for the suggestion.

Clothes and Creativity says:

I’m a lawyer and I love reading as well, so I’m pleasantly surprised with this Lattes and Literature series. Definitely looking forward to some great books being discussed and reviewed.
I’d highly recommend the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I’ve read the first 2 books from the series, and although they are not exactly ‘easy’ or ‘light’ reads, they are definitely worth reading- so gripping! If you want to read a sort of autobiography, then opt for Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts- it’s the real life story of an Australian convict who fled to India (Bombay) in the 1980s. It’s an excellent read.

Jennifer Ann Fox says:

just wanted to let you know I just bought the first one, about Paris. I read the first chapter on Amazon sample and it really looks good!

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