King of Scars (Spoiler Free) | REVIEW

In which I discuss my spoiler free thoughts on King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo…

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Amandalmaooo says:

I was at least hoping for more Nikolai and Zoya stuff happening bc they’re genuinely my favourite characters out of the whole Grishaverse :/

Francesca Fenaroli says:

I had so many conflicting thoughts as well (and didn’t particularly enjoy Nina’s plotline either which BROKE ME because she’s my favourite among the Dregs), but I rounded my rating to a 4 because I saw a couple of things differently… First of all, I felt like Zoya didn’t have that much of a build-up because she was already an incredibly powerful character to begin with, and also because of that whole amplifier thing. I don’t know, her development is objectively a bit rushed but it didn’t feel /wrong/. Second thing, I interpreted the whole Saints plotline in more of a… nihilistic way? something like “Oh, that’s what all the fuss and the superstition is about”. The way they were introduced, instead, was trippy and confusing as hell! About the Darkling, I feel like I need more time and possibly a re-read of the Grisha Trilogy before I can have a solid judgement :/

nox_221b says:

I was so surprised that we didn’t have Nikolai’s pov till chapter 4 and I got bored during Nina’s parts which is so sad because I love her so much.

mayelaar says:

I feel like Leigh shot herself in the foot a bit by marketing this as the Nikolai duology because, yes, we all expected more Nikolai in it. I loved Zoya’s perspective. I was bored by Nina. If Nina could give her sections to Nikolai, I’d be happy haha.

Molly Oddy says:

I appreciate the book for what it is but it could have been so much more. Nikolai is one of my favorite characters and he did not get nearly enough page time in my opinion. Hoping the second one is more of a Nikolai story than a Zoya and Nina story. She could have just released a couple novellas to cover at least Nina’s story. That would have worked a little better.

Malika Smart says:

Why nina and Zoya? is there a love triangle in it?

Stephanie Male Illustration says:

I’m about 70pages from the end and I’m having to complete agree with you. The reveal about the factory did not have enough weight for the circumstances. There wasnt enough emotions there for me to really care about the girls.

Theres a lot that bugs me about the book but I’ll still read them because of the original trilogy and Six of crows. And the dialogue is always fun and snarky.

SuperHappyNotMerry says:

I’m only about a fifth of the way through so maybe my opinion will change, but I totally agree that for this being the “Nikolai duology” there isn’t enough focus on him. I really would have preferred it if the only POV character had been Nikolai. I also don’t know how I feel about the romance but I’ve sort of come to expect to _not_ be satisfied with Leigh’s romance, considering how Ruin and Rising ended lol

Ifer's Inklings says:

You summed up my feelings so well in this book. I can’t wait to watch your discussion video.

Haajar Khalil says:

I’m kinda on the fence about this one cuz I didn’t like the grisha trilogy but I absolutely loved six of crows so now I’m not sure if reading this would be worth it?

Safina N says:

Hi I still need to read this series! Thank u always for ur book reviews!!

Nicole Yao says:

Tbh I was thinking the same thing. This was/is a Zoya book/Duology lol not Nikolais’ I just felt like we got a better character arch from her and how much she was fleshed out here really made me appreciate her character more as for Ninas parts I… understand what her chapters were meant to be glimpses of the world and the effects of panem and about Fajerda but hmmm idk I still dnt have a verdict with this story.

angiepll says:

The whole book was a let down

Amy R says:

I’m reading it now, and while I love Nina I’m not liking her chapters as they seem meandering and pointless. Also the new budding romance seems too soon after Matthias for me. I love Zoya though she’s epic.

veggieh8r says:

This is the “Penguins of Madagascar” of the the Grishaverse. Where they took the best characters of the main series and somehow made them uninteresting.

Emily Goldstein says:

I remember Leigh saying that the book would be divided between Nikolai, Nina, and Zoya’s POV so I wasn’t surprised by the lack of a focus on Nikolai. I actually did enjoy Nina’s storyline and the hinted romance (PLEASE happen). Wasn’t sold on the other at first but I liked it by the end. I do agree about the antagonist with Nikolai’s and Zoya’s storyline. Definitely “meh.” Overall I sped through it faster than my average book and loved the ending – super ready for book 2!

Lori Ann White says:

I just got my copy from Amazon yesterday, but I have been hearing/ reading bad reviews since it first came out. Scared, but the hardcover is Beautiful.

Bookworm Dreams says:

Nikolai is my favorite character from the original trilogy. I’m kinda bummed that the book is getting such mixed reviews. I can’t wait to read it. (m)

Leilane Santos says:

this should be totally about Nikolai. But she had to bring some character from Six of Crows to it. But i hate that gave so much screen time Nina. Nina’s chapters were unbearable. I don’t give a fuck about Nina and i didn’t even finish six of crows. Get iot just sucks to be me because most people like that shit…. Anyway, it was supposed to be about Nikolai and it wasn’t and i hated it.

Sophiane Bengeloun says:


Latin Lector says:

I love that you’re so honest with your reviews. Even though you adore the Grishaverse, it’s nice that you didn’t let that love or hype keep you from giving us your real feelings about it.

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