I Read Onision’s Entire Book

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Linklgas says:

Noone gets fired for swearing, or even screaming at students and other teachers at my school lmao. The yelling isn’t common luckily, it only happens a few times a year, but they still get away with it. The American education system is god awful, don’t underestimate it’s lack of everything, whether that be funding, morals, professional school staff and board workers, good wages, etc.

Menstruation Frustration says:

Onision is just mad he didn’t get to her when she was 15

Amélie J says:

High bangs look wack on most girls but they really work for you tbh

Calin Nita says:

Oh, God, this sounds so close to my writing, and that is BAD

its peachy 13 says:

Hey guys guess what Onision lost in court

Millie Garner says:

The entire time I was questioning the objective. What was the main character’s objective throughout the book? To get the most basic marry sue oc of a girl?

Duke of Italy says:

I’m wondering how he can fit so much garbage in a 2 hour book. It seems like he’d want some filler but I guess he just lets it all out.

Michael Ladd says:

you’re welcome

Dallas Fields says:


SunOfCinder says:

Foreword by Elliot Rodger.

ImaPancake says:

Holy shit. 3 sentences into the book, and I’m already horrified

X P says:

Sounds like a Sonic DeviantArt fanfic MisterMetokur would be reading on a stream or some shit. What the fuck even is this book…

Kill64 says:

Yikes! Onion guy is still relevant? Maybe this content will be go-

Nope. As usual, I am wrong!

Ashton Brush says:

Ngl those teachers are actually how American high school teachers are

Crowinawell says:

Onion Boy looks like an ugly Shane Dawson.

Cameron Seymour says:

the only good thing about this book is [Obama]

ella grace says:

The only good thing about this book was obama

Abri Jones Vlogs says:


Jasper Dimick says:

i’m a gay man but i’m also: in love with you

hainsay says:

I actually liked Onision when very early on. I don’t remember what his content was, but then he became a kind of SJW, taking up causes that weren’t his own, showing mock outrage over things he didn’t understand. Maybe at that stage he was already trying to show some remorse for the things he was already doing, he was just too horrible and too fucking stupid to stop. Idk, I don’t know the timing of all this stuff and tbh the less I know the happier I am.

Tomah says:

22:26 W H A T T H E F

Jenny B says:

I’m amazed by how much enjoy torturing yourself with anything onision lol

James Clarke says:

Just stumbled upon your channel and got a bit distracted by the map of Switzerland in the background. Being from Zurich I kept thinking “huh, that’s random and interesting”. Did you travel around the country?

Madi % says:

Sad that such a terrible man has such a nice name. Smh. We gregs don’t deserve such disrespect to our leader Danny Gonzalez.

chasebh89 says:

thank you female Kwite

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