How to Analyze Literature

Have a literary analysis paper coming up? This is one of the trickier types of essays for a lot of college students. Watch this video to learn a strategy for approaching literary analysis and to see an example.


Creating Ashleigh says:

This video just explained critical analysis better than my professor has this entire term.

Ashen Gamage says:

Wow wow thank you very much this video helped me a lot

Garlic Girl says:

Awesome review.

Juwan Brown says:

so is there a right or wrong answer to the chosen theme?

H. Ivery says:

Thank you! This will be perfect for the analysis on my final next week!

TEZ says:

I think this is a great vid. However, for me, when proposing a theme it should only be tentatively held while searching the text for evidence that proves the theme. This is because, in my own view, one must be open to evidence that might suggest another theme. Ideally, one would move back and forth between proposing a hypothesis (or theme) and looking at the evidence in the text. I will concede I have almost no training in literary analysis but from what I know this would make sense to me. Thanks.

Thatshow ED says:

Damn, that woman is really hot.

Tino Ala says:

This is the BEST video that helped me with my academics!

Doviman King says:


Sarah Z. says:

I couldn’t concentrate on a single word she said, her balding corner of her head kept my attention.

T H says:

thanks for the tip!

ca9428 says:

Every story has a theme, or else it wouldn’t have a story—the deal is that the theme is what YOU understand to be the meaning of the story. So, you want to think about a topic that is involved in the story (e.g. money, war, fear, survival, honesty, faith, heroes, acceptance, journeys, rebellion, etc. etc.). Then you use that topic to decide what *you* think the story is saying about it, and that is the theme. This cool handout from HACC’s Tutoring and Testing Libguide can help when you’re getting stuck figuring out the theme:

T BC says:

A really well-structured and detailed video. Thanks!

Douatson Paul says:

Think you for helping me

Twisttid World says:

How would you go about finding the theme?

Valentin Ordoqui says:


qhaireen1 says:

So cool… Thank you so much… Now I understand….

CoolSmashStuff says:

How do I analyze a story with no theme?

Neriah Dogba says:

Thank You Very Much!!!! Im in the 6th grade and i need to know these tips so i can past my SLO test.

Ebrahim Mohamadnia says:

Thank you so much your video is perfect

Abhishek Raman Jha says:

Thank you so much. You have diminished my problem related to it.

Alfamirux says:

Great information. It was very useful for my class. Thanks

torosalvajebcn says:

You are so hot…

Guillermo Robles says:

very informative. the girl is cute

dsdafable says:

Not gonna lie, when my teacher made me and my class watch this vid for homework, I thought it was gonna be a bunch of useless crap I already knew, unfortunately, I was right

catwang says:

this is like 6th grade level tho.

Natalie Melchor Serrano says:

You have helped a student today very much.

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