Hjalmar Söderberg – Doctor Glas BOOK REVIEW



Whitman Cynical says:

Oh wow cool YouTube unsubscribed me from you, thankfully the algorithm suggested your review otherwise I would have missed this.

Panda Redemption says:

Hell yeah! Finally hit 30K. Good job all y’all funky love cats.

asderc1 says:

Looking pretty stylish today Sgt. Off topic but have you ever ventured into the music of John Zorn’s Naked City. An experimental band that sounds like the noise inside the heads Dostoevsky and Sade.

George Coetzee says:

Congrats with the 30,000 subscribers! Continue doing what you’re doing and introducing us all to books that are better than food

Shining Finger Sword says:

I caught up with all your videos as of today. RIP me but good job you!

John Borg says:

“One day the priests wife comes in to the doctors office…”

Professor Plowmeister says:

Can you go through how the donation works? Is it $5 every time you release a video or something else?

Claude Gray says:

Quick, everyone unsubscribe!

Cedric V. says:

Congrats on the 30k man! Been watching your videos for about two years and you get better every video. Keep up the amazing work. Got hooked after watching your review for The Rum Diary. Miss your movie reviews.

asderc1 says:

I need a shorter book now I’ve finished the Brothers K so this is on the list.

EU is Cancer says:

hey, this might be a bit of a weird suggestion, but I’m quite hampered in reading by my dyslexia and I have a really cognitively demanding desk job. I was wondering if you could make a list of shorter books at some point to help get into reading a bit easier? keep up the awesome channel! 🙂

liam shope says:

Hey Cliff, long time fan here. I’ve been wondering, since your channel has grown so much since I subscribed and your fans have gotten more and more dedicated, are you afraid of developing a cult of personality? In other words, have you ever worried that, the more fans you get, it becoming less about the books and more about you?

I only ask because I watched something similar happen to theneedledrop and his fans.

Ulla Gudnason says:

Protestant ‘priests’ never did not marry. In Scandinavia, we almost only had Lutheran protestantism for such a long time that we did not think it necessary to have different titles for priests and all that. Great review

Johnny depp from blow says:

Pastor Cliff Sargent!!!

OtherSideOfTheVoid says:

doctor glas? more like doctor varg vikernes!

Jack Fife says:

Welcome to the Midwest

solovief says:

Hope you have a smooth move. You are going to the opposite peninsula on 75. From the sock to the mitten.

宇宙愛 says:

As a heavy consumer and collector of wines (primarily vintage varieties from the Burgundy region), it pains me to see someone drink from a stemless glass. I hope that stuff you’re drinking is something cheap and forgettable… Hehe.

bat47 z says:

You should check out The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy

Matt Clark says:

I watched the Bergman film you mentioned, Through a Glass Darkly, a while ago. It’s a good film but its a seriously outdated representation of mental illness. And if a great artist like Bergman can date so badly over 50 years, it shows what a talent this Soderberg must of have been, if he was writing convincing psychological novels 60 years earlier! I’ll have to check it out.

Jonmad17 says:

I just wanna say that your mannerisms have gotten way less obnoxious over the years. I guess reading does turn you into a better person.

adam H says:

Thank you/tack 🙂 en av sveriges största författare, min personliga favorit. / One of the best Swedish authors of all time, not to mention my personal favorite.

Debbie Kao says:

I love your book review series. They are so refreshing and straight into the point with a touch of your own personality. You are honestly one of my favourite youtubers now and congrats on the 30k subscribers. Keep it going!

Олег Оленев says:

Have you ever read anything by Laszlo Krasznahorkai? I just finish Satantango a few days ago; good stuff.

Kōhe says:

Hey Cliff, greetings from Italy and my congratulations for the achievement. I was wondering if you ever heard of The Leopard by Tomasi di Lampedusa ?
I feel like it might be a novel of your liking.

Brandon Gacer says:

I think you would love Lav Diaz’s films. I recommend Norte the End of History. It’s a loose adaptation of Crime and Punishment. Hypnotic long takes and operates like a Tarkovsky film set in the Philippines.

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