Gone Girl Book Review

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Orionsbelt says:

I did figure out the twist because I knew a real case similar, so For me, the good stuff was continue to read to see if I was right. Of course I didn’t figure out the extent of the craziness but I don’t think the twist is unsolvable.

Doodles says:

> Gone Girl
> Says she was not spoiled

But how do you manage to do that!? I recommend seeing the movie because I think it intensifies the drama from the novel. I remember it being one of the few films I got to take my father to go see and it definitely does not go in a directional that someone would initially believe!

mariapol17 says:

SPOILER……………………………………………………………..I don’t think he just forgave her.He just realized with her level of crazy the kid would suffer and no one could stop her considering nobody would think she was cable any of the things that happened.The reason I love the ending is because of its importance.In so many books we have watched men trap women into loveless marriages especially ones that started with physically hurting them with no way of escaping.I feel that is what Gillian Flynn did in this.She took the classic notion that no woman could do this and threw that double back to those who believe it, proving that men can be victimized just like women can be abusive in a marriage.There is no greater revenge than watch someone suffer for the rest of their lives and Amy achieved that.That’s what she wanted.I don’t think it was him being nice that brought her back but the idea that if she came back,if she blackmailed him as she did her revenge would be a constant thing until the end of his days.

Bella Chan says:

I saw this book in and and thought about getting it, I didn’t, but I still have more money on my voucher and I’m wondering if you enjoyed it

Kristi Leverington says:

I watched the movie so I just don’t care to read it.. the ending was Soo F’d up man! I need a likable character…just one.. I enjoy the dark characters but I still need a good guy character that I can root for.. I think I’m finding that I’m more drawn to characters than plot..

Tracey Bay says:

Oh yes, the ending of this book was so disturbing and weird and anticlimatic. The characters were so twisted…
I enjoyed a lot the rest of it, though (even the most important plot-twist which I saw coming practically since the beginning hahha)
Good talk and thoughts!

Schatni says:

I haven’t read the book, but I’ve seen the movie. It was such a mind blowing ending. I regretted not reading the book first.

Axelle L says:

Have you ever read something by Virginia Andrews? Her most well-known book is Flowers at the attic. You love flawed characters? Then I recommend to read something by this author! Children with messed-up parents/family! Let me tell you, it’s incredibly messed up how these characters are lmao.
I’ll definitely read this book after my exams, it’s been on my shelves for like forever!

Vaiva Vareikaitė says:


I don’t think she believed him, but she knew that she can work with him. She told him that she can make it worse for him. And she wanted him perfect and could make it. She got what she wanted.
And him, even though I hated the ending, I believe that he was weirdly masochistic

yapdog says:


There’re smarts and then there’re emotions. You can be as devious as you like, but that doesn’t mean that you’re impervious to being played through the heart. In fact, someone who plots and plans as Amy did is broken and incomplete. At the risk of being saccharine, she believes that Nick completed her. After all, she did invest a great deal of time in her plan, and, regardless of how much she _said_ she hated him (and he, her), there was a great deal of emotional investment in him.

nicoliolipoli says:

tbh never read a gillian flynn book but the adaptions of her books are beyond good. gone girl was done so brilliantly (suspense, music, acting, etc.) but sharp objects…. that tv show is probably the best thing produced in 2018. so, so good. gillian flynn books must be destined to be adapted tbh.

Sarah's Bookshelves says:

Gone girl remains one of the plot twists that truly shocked me. But I do generally agree with you about wanting to be able to figure something out!!

Zara Secker says:

Great to hear your take on this book. Of all Gillian Flyn’s books this is the one I hated with a vengence. Her others I really liked. I didn’t like either of the main characters in this book. I thought they were really weak and acted more like 2 year olds throwing a temper tantrum.

Matti Thornton says:

If you felt a little miffed about the twist in Gone Girl, then I would REALLY recommend Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn as well. I thought the twist was so well executed & I experienced the exact thing you’re looking for… which is a twist that you didn’t expect but that makes sense & you can go back & see where you should have seen it the entire time! Also, as far as likability, I love the protagonist in Sharp Objects a lot. She is completely flawed & screws up a lot, but it’s so hard not to root for her. I know I’ve recommended this to you before but if you’re in the mood for another thriller SERIOUSLY Sharp Objects is my favorite of all time. It’s definitely worth a try!

raven2289 says:

You should watch the movie since Gillian Flynn wrote the script and added a new ending which I found very interesting.

Dane Reads says:

I was one of the haters (well, it was a three-star read for me), but I liked the unlikeable characters and the ending. I just thought it was predictable and so it made it kind of boring because I kept calling what was going to happen before it happened :/

Ashley Holder says:


It’s been a while since I read this book, but I kinda thought that he never actually fooled her into thinking he would try to be the perfect man for her. It was just the fact that he COULD fake it that she wanted to be with him. Since she faked so many things in their relationship I’d assume she’d be fine with him faking as well. I think she’s such an amazing manipulator that she made him actually want to work things out with her.
These are also two emotionally damaged people who really are incompatible and have such a twisted idea of love that they go to extreme lengths of staying together. It’s such an intense tale of a dysfunctional relationship.

Edwin Mac says:

I have been pushing this book on your channel so much and I’m so happy that you read and like it.


I always thought that Nick love amy especially because of how crazy she is and that why he stay with her. they even have a conversation at some point where he was like « no other girl will do what amy have done for me » or something like that. he loves how smart et calculative she is and i love that about this book ahah as for amy i love her charactere so much, once of the most interesting pov that i ever read.

my mom feels the same way about the ending than you. this is my favorite book so a force her to read it and she hates the fact that she done all of this just to stay with the guy anyway.

you should watch the movie. its really good too

Lila Janick says:

I like the way you formatted this. I love hearing spoiler thoughts from you, but I also like general descriptions if I haven’t read the book yet.

TheReadingWerewolf says:

Awesome review! I like how you brought in other people’s reviews as well, I think that was smart.

rebecca vassar says:

Its so crazy you reviewed this book just now. I started this book only two days ago, and finished today. I was equally unsure how to feel by the ending.

Rebbeckers says:

If reading a book full of deeply flawed and messed up characters is a blast for you, please try Laughter in the Dark
by Vladimir Nabokov

Heidi T says:

I actually really like unlikable characters and being unable to relate to the characters, they’re a breath of fresh air to me.

Andrea Childers says:

So Amy came back to Nick after she saw him wearing the things she got him and saying he missed her..I sadly haven’t read the book yet but in the movie, she said that when he was saying he missed her and begging her to come home where she would see it, was him actually begging her to save him – from going to prison for her murder. So I’m not sure if it was meant to be that she wasn’t smart for coming back to him after that.

Kristi Leverington says:

Merphy, that girl is CRA-CRA!

A Unicorn Named Kaylin says:

I only didn’t like it because I hate domestic thrillers. They are too boring for me

Bailee Walsh says:

I actually predicted that the journal was not true/real. There’s a specific line towards the beginning when Nick is at The Bar talking to Go and she mentions the scavenger hunt. The narration then goes into something like “My wife loves puzzles…” and that pretty much made me think that she was for sure actually alive, setting him up, and I don’t really have a full explanation. I just didn’t trust that what she wrote in the diary, or at least not completely. And then later on, towards the halfway point, there was the emphasis that some piece of evidence was missing that they hadn’t found yet, and that only made it clearer to me that the diary would obviously help convict Nick and was most likely planned evidence to further set him up.
The pregnancy stuff was easy to figure out, too- that she wasn’t really pregnant when she went missing and that she was going to do something with the sperm or whatever it was. I don’t remember those details now.

Tamarcus Williams says:

I dont know about you guys but I didnt read the book, but I seen the movie and that was the best movie I seen that year

SamanthaReading says:

One of the ways I knew Gone Girl was one of my favorite books was because how much I kept thinking of it after I was finished reading it. I thought about it ALL THE TIME! and I often say that I’m really upset I can’t read this again for the first time because it was such A RIDE and I’ll never get that total shock & surprise again.

Hayley Marie Reads says:

I reaallly didn’t like the book, but I’m glad you enjoyed it!! Your review is INCREDIBLE. I think you touched on so many good points.

Becca's Book Club says:

I’m glad that you enjoyed it more than me. I was spoiled for it before I had picked it up which greatly hindered my reading experience.

Edward Chamberlin says:

Cool channel. You’ve gained a subscriber!

I like that you do a classics round-up, too, as I’m working my way through the classics (the book Beowulf on the Beach inspired me to go through the classics—I heavily recommend checking that book out sometime!). I’ve read the Iliad, the Odyssey, the King James Old Testament, and Moby-Dick so far. Lots to go.

But I’m also trying to keep up in modern books, so this should be a good channel to dip my feet into the waters of book reviewing channels.

Steph says:

Surprisingly, I like the ending of the novel, because it is a natural consequence of disfunctional characters.

Kirstie Wallace says:

The movie is great too I so want a second one a follow up like an investigation ext.

royaevereads says:

I’m one of the people that kinda hated this book haha but it had me hooked all the way through nonetheless. Craziest twist ever. I also didn’t really buy the ending though

Anna Portillo says:

I enjoy flawed characters. They have so much depth and complexity, it’s really entertaining for me.

Little Red Goddess Persephone says:

I really enjoyed your review for the book. I did figure out the twist but not every part of it if that makes any sense? I feel like eah character kind of got what they deserved! I loved how twisted they were. If you enjoyed this I would recommend Sharp Objects which is my favorite book by her.
ETA Spoiler

I think that Amy chose to stay with him because for one thing she got a bit of a taste of what the real world can be. Also she was seriously disturbed but the main reason she stayed is because Nick is the first person who truly knows just how twisted she is so she trapped him into staying with her. She won’t have to put on an act with him. It’s bad enough to be the cool girl but it is even worse to hide every single part of you. I also loved the real insight we had into what made made become who she did and that is her parents.

Ginger K says:

I’m one of those people that had a hard time getting into the book because the characters were all so unlikeable. It took a while but I did get through it. I rated it 3 stars, but I also thought about it long after I read it, so my rating may have been a little low because the book and characters stuck with me for awhile.

Frida Jamila says:

Unrelated to the video: do you think you will ever read bird box? Since the movie is so extremely hyped. (if u haven’t already read it)
would be interesting to see what people think about the book compared to the movie.

Steph says:

I really dislike the book Gone Girl, even though I like the movie. I recognize its wins, but I still can’t like it, because of the characters and the narrative. Well, I read it in Brazilian Portuguese, that is my first language, and even though I know the book was well translated, I can’t really judge it entirely, because the translation always leaves something out. Anyways, it really bothers me the choice verb tense to each of the characters, because Amy was writing in her journal, so she was talking about things that already happened, but she was writing in the present! The opposite goes for Nick: he was narrating in the past what was happening with him that time. These would not be problems for me separately, but together, it just doesn’t seem right. Also, the characters are too disfunctional and without charisma, bearing the unrealistic. I know that real people have flaws, but these characters have too many flaws and almost anything to like about them.

vtanisstoll1321 says:

The movie’s ending was just as infuriating. I wanted a definitive resolution.

Steph says:

Hinting too much about THE GUILTY PERSON was also something I disliked. I think this is such a poor writing technique.

Cozy Reader Kelly says:

I read this book I think four years ago and I remember the big twist. But as I listened to this review I realized I don’t remember a single other thing from the book.

Vanessa Gerbaz says:

I definitely need to reread

Freya Swenson says:


The only thing I can say about Amy falling for it, is that she was very smart but she is also EXTREMELY narcissistic. So for him to have done what she wanted and to do all those little things like the tie, I can see her responding to that like she did.

IlovePierceTheVeil16 says:

I’m a huge fan of Gillian Flynn’s work and what you said how you couldn’t stop thinking about after you put it down? That’s exactly how I felt with all of her books. Personally Gone Girl isn’t my favorite but I still love it. I totally recommend you check her other books out

Edit: i just got to the part where you mention how unlikable/deeply flawed every single character is. This is a running theme with the author (which is one of the things i love most about her work) i think in a way it makes the characters more human. In this specific book i don’t remember really “feeling sorry” per se for any of the characters, but in her other books i totally did in a “youre a sucky person but i feel bad x thing happened to you”

Musings of a Cat says:

*possible spoilers*

The ending, I definitely see what you mean but I LOVE the representation of guys can be the one being hurt in an abusive relationship. That’s something my husband dealt with with his first wife (thankfully not quite as bad as Amy) and that being said I understand why Nick stays with her when he finds out she’s pregnant. And for Amy changing her mind to going back to him, it’s a bit of a stretch but ultimately it’s all about control. ‘you cheated so die. Oh but I can keep you and still control you okay let’s do that’. I’ve seen and heard my husband’s stories of similar. As a side note he watched the movie with me and said that Amy’s behavior and thought processes reminded him so much of his ex that it was messing with his PTSD.

Just some thoughts 🙂

neri says:

I am reading it right now!! I am at the point where Andie first physically appears and I got too angry so I havent read it since lol. Want to keep on reading it on Saturday though

SAVY says:

I LOVED the movie so much, and I’ve been considering reading the book as well! I appreciate the review!

Bedtime Bookworm says:

Nice review! Totally agree with what you said. That’s crazy that Gillian Flynn said she didn’t know how it was going to end at first.

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