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A Fangirl says:

* starts video *
* pulls up goodreads because you know your girl’s going to put some books on her tbr *

Also I got Nevermoor for Christmas and I’ve already both of the books and I might have a new favorite series.

123sccshelby says:

I finished QOAAD as my first book of the year and I agree with you! I really loved it but there was so much left unexplained and I was a bit disappointed because of that. I’m so glad to see Renegades on the list! Archenemies was in my top 5 of this year and Renegades was last year too.

Rukayya Idrees says:

Patiently waits for renegades rave to come …..also I wasn’t expecting it to be no. 1 …I mean with qoaad

Simplistic Lucy says:

Emma! You have the series sound so good (your twitter is a fan girls dream!) I want to give Casandra Clare a shot but I cannot for the life of me get through the modern paranormal City of Bones books. Is there an order to which I can read the book while ditching City of Bones???

Megan Dickinson says:

Loving your look in this video! Your top is amazing! Can’t wait to read the books on this list I haven’t read yet! Thanks for all the amazing content!

Truth See420ker says:

I just don’t understand how everything thinks Evelyn is an “amazing” woman. She is the most immoral character there ever was…she was a terrible human being.

Carleton LeGrant says:

You enjoy YA to much Why does so many booktubers YA fanatics where to go for Adult book recommendations.

Katie Lantz says:

Normally I feel like we have pretty similar tastes but GIRL I HATED RENEGADES. I felt like the world could have been interesting but it just wasn’t executed well. And I saw all the plot twists coming (especially that one at the very end) from like 300 pages away so it wasn’t exciting for me. I’m so glad you liked it though! Just goes to show that no two people will ever have the exact same taste in books.

Nikola Gacek says:

I loved Ace of Shades too! So incredibly good

Harleen Kooner says:

Although I have read The Woman in the Window but can someone explain me about the stigmatized representation of the mental illness Emma was talking about

ReadWriteZoe says:

You look so lovely! What a great list video too – I can’t wait to read The Woman in the Window!

Anette H says:

Have you read Dry? I think I saw it on your shelf in some video. I just finished it and thought it was just average, so I’m interested to know if Scythe is better since it sounds so cool.

Sofia McCat says:

cut creases really are your LOOK !! they always look amazing on you

Maddie Lewis says:

Watching this drunk right now boyyyy

Laura Crampton says:

103!! Holy cow

Lua de Livros - Jéssica says:

Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to be able to read “the seven husbands of evelyn hugo”. I believe this is currently my most wanted book. I hope to read it yet this year.

Denise Carbajal says:

Where did you get that addition of Queen of Air and Darkness?!?!?!?

Crystal Higginbotham says:

Hearing how much Emma loves Renegades makes me love Renegades even more!

juliem_1986 says:

I started Truly Devious 2 days ago and I am loving it so much!

missy farni says:

Emma you are GLOWING. Lookin’ beautiful

Jane V. says:

i love your channel so much Emma!! 103 books is so amazing!!!! i an starting the mortal instruments because i saw a video and you mentioned how much you loved it. when you do book reviews, i try to find them at the library and see if i agree with what you thought or if I feel differently!! great channel and am so happy to be subscribed!!

saschaadriana says:

Am I the only reader that just CAN NOT decide which book or which 5 books are my favourites lol

Luisa says:

hi emma, can you do a bookish stretching? or a stretching with emmmabooks? just for funsies?

Abigail Wolf says:

the way i used to be does NOT get enough attention. my favorite book ever.

Lea summers says:

You should pick up the Unwind series by Neal Shusterman! It’s sooo good!!

Headoverbooks says:

I’m literally going to pick up heretics anonymous because of you Emma!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

McKinley Churchill says:

Here are some book recommendations for 4-6th grade:

Harry Potter 1-7
Anne of Green Gables
The Secret Garden
Insignificant Events in the life of a cactus
Class Dismissed
Key to Extraordinary
Snicker of Magic
Bow Wow
Dork Diaries 1-13
Swing Sideways
The Someday Birds
The Seventh Wish
Mustaches for Maddie
The Thing about Leftovers
Maxi’s Secrets

Hope You find some interesting books!
I might add more later if I have time

A Fangirl says:

I love Renegades, but it kind of stresses me out now. A couple months ago I had a big project and we could basically pick any book. I chose Archenemies, which I kind of regret. I’m not proud of my project *at all* and I still need to present it. UGH I will never see this amazing series the same way again.

thebookishactress says:

I ABSOLUTELY knew that The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo would be on here and I love so much that it’s showing up on everyone’s list. And besides being one of the best books of the last decade it’s also such an Important book and honestly… I’m just so glad?? it’s getting airtime??

Sofia says:

Hi Emma! You probably won’t read this or reply, but I think you are an amazing booktuber! I love your hair and makeup, and I love listening to your opinions! Keep being awesome!

morgan destiny says:

also i’m currently reading queen of air and darkness it’s so amazing so far i’ll be finishing it today because we’re on a level 2 in my state due to a lot of ice and snow and i’m on page 518/875 and i’m so sad because i don’t want to finish it especially because i have to wait three years for the next story.

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