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Sharing my Favorite books that I’ve read lately! You can follow me on Goodreads to always see what I’m currently reading: https://goo.gl/5xx4T5

The Last Girl by Nadia Murad
Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War by Lynsey Addario


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Eisen J Eisen says:

Thanks Julia, i’ll pay more attention to your Goodreads and your books, hearing all that stuff you got to say it’s not a very sane world, on both sides of the road, the bombing of Iraq and what took place in their prison by what had been done to them by the Americans, Abbe-Dabbe prison as i say it was best to be left alone, but things happen because they had oil, see you later, you are becoming more & more interesting.

Amanda Bailey says:

This was such a great video! Can’t wait to see more book recommendations from you in future.

Cristina14k says:

It’s so weird that I love thrill or mystery but can’t stand stories like the first book you mentioned because it emotionally drains me.. I wish I were more open to read those kinds of books

Elena Beatrice says:

oh yes been waiting for book reviews of yours so much, recently been browsing your old videos and found one about divergent series I did enjoy it as well, it came as surprise to see book review today.Thank you so much for this nice content you are uploading!

Fanny Chirinos-Tober says:

Just joined a book club so I can’t wait to read more!

soumire says:

Love your book reviews/recommendations, will wait for your future uploads.

jkbebe123 says:

I followed you on GR long ago, and I followed your books, and based on your review to read~ always love videos like this~~

Abbey Mikha says:

Thank you Julia for mentioning the book about the Yezidi woman. You are a humanitarian and that takes courage! Love ya! xoxo I love your second channel. Keep it up…

Meital Kabeli says:

Glad you did another one of these. I have been trying to find some new interesting books to read, and always value your picks and opinions. Currently I started reading Dante’s Divine Comedy Inferno, for a philosophical view on literature.

Amber Kane says:

I love these reviews. Please do more. I have been doing a lot of reading lately too. I am in a book club. We are reading a book called Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver. I am not sure if I like it or not. I have gotten really interested in Ira Levin. He wrote the Stepford Wives and Rosemary’s Baby. I have read those two and Rosemary’s Son. I talked to my book club about The Boys from Brazil. It is based in Argentina after WWII and they are trying to clone Hitlers for the fourth reich.

Alisa Mitchikov says:

YEIII!!! 🙂

Lala Booboo says:

I usually prefer non-fiction because I am curious about how people get through challenges in life, so Murad’s book, though will be a difficult read, will be inspirational. Thank you for sharing your recommendations.

SimplyMayaB says:

I’m working on finishing a degree and don’t have the energy to read for leisure. I’ve missed the joy of a good book for a while, so these videos are kinda comforting in a way. I’d love more!

Keeping Up With Coko says:

Yeeeeeeeeesss!!! Please do more of these videos! You look stunning btw! Love your hair!

K Brandt says:

Book Club…yes, please!!!!!!

cateyearabia says:

Yaaayyy!!! A litchat from Julia!!! I missed those so much! You are such a caltured and thoughtful reader, your book choices interest and inspire me! PS: I read the dancing girls of Lahour and Long way home due to your recommendations and they were my tops for that year!

Micaela Paquete says:

Book Club once a month? That would be perfect! Love your reviews!

hofita says:

Finally a lit chat!!! 😀 Thanks for the recommendations, now I have to go and get that dark matter book… 😛 And your makeup turned out amazing as alwalys :*

Savage Bonobo says:

Hi julia! I’m a new fan of yours and i just want to ask if living outside cities in switzerland is good? I’ve been watching videos like about Grindelwald and i personally prefer it over cities like Zurich. Do you think there are stable jobs there for me a foreigner to work and live? It doesn’t really matter if it’s Grindelwald but just towns outside the cities. I’m from south east asia and i’m planning to move there and still doing research. Thanks! Love your content so much

Tiffany Lindsey says:

Love these videos!

amy05star says:

Such a good video, you are really a well spoken person, it made me want to read all the books. Please do more book club videos, you have a gift for them!

Crystal Brad says:

Ive read all three of these! I agree. Dark matter…amazing! The other two are amazing as well. Have you read a house in the sky by Amanda Lindhout by chance @julia ? If not you should definitely check it out! Another amazing amazing amazing book I recently finished was the Alice network!!! I couldn’t put it down and read it within two days!! Highly recommend those two books 🙂

Bímbala says:

I love your book reviews, please make more ^_^

Sara Wiget says:

Thank you for this great Video

Debra Myers says:

Hooray! The book reviews are back. Dark Matters sounds very interesting, will check it out of the library soon. I do like Science Fiction if it’s done well, thanks for the recommendation.

LLROCKS23 says:

loove and missed this, thanks so much Julia i just love your honesty and personality 🙂

amg48180 says:

Please please continue these! Loved it!!

Narcyh says:

YES! I would love more of this “books” videos in the future! Thank you Julia <3

mmmkkk987 says:

I was just watching your old lit chat videos! Perfect timing!

Omyara 15 says:

Hi Julia, I’m reading Balcony over Jerusalem : a memoir of the Middle East. It is fascinating book, I highly recommend it.

NataschaO says:

Thanks for this, I will definitely check those books out.
You might also enjoy:
The Heart Goes Last, by Margaret Atwood
The Power, by Niomi Alderman
The Underground Railroad, by Colson Whitehead
Du sagst es, by Connie Palmen
Aller Tage Abend, by Jenny Erpenbeck

Tiffany Lindsey says:

Love these videos!

boelima says:

just ordered the first one from the library

punkchic911 says:

I love your book reviews!!!! I will definitely be reading Dark Matters over summer break!

glamgirl77 says:

Just finished Call Me by Your Name. It is one of the most beautiful and emotional books I’ve ever read. Currently reading the Memory Garden, I like it so far. Have Pride, Prejudice and Zombies lined up next.

Stacey98761 says:

Oh i was just looking for some new book recommendations. I will have to check these books out from my library. Thanks Julia!

MartaM0218 says:

Yayy!! I love love and trust your book reviews! Definitely missed these type of videos. 🙂

issofsar says:

Just picked up Dark Matter due to your review. It is fantastic!

Emalyce Weiss says:

These all sound like great books. Thank you for the recommendations! I love mind-twists/thrillers, so I need to check out Dark Matter… I haven’t been reading fiction as much lately (more self-help and personal development books through our book club at the company I work for) so I am eager to read just for the sake of reading something for leisure.

Nicole Z says:

The topic of the first book sounds so interesting, yet so tough to read. I think I am going to try it though. Thanks so much for your recommendations!

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