Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell Book Review

Is Anuya a fangirl of ‘Fangirl’? Watch and find out.

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Crazy Rich Asians Book Review:

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Books discussed in this video:

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

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Episode: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell Book Review

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Purabi Chatterjee says:

Reviewing all the books on my TBR thanks x

sriti jha says:

Cather in the rine!

Anushree Vk says:

I agree!! Eleanor & Park was a very nice book..that’s the only reason I picked up Fangirl.. dint like it much.. dsnt tug at the heart strings at alllllll.. n yes.. actually was kinda boring

Harini Karnamadakala says:

I am absolutely loving these reviews. I had pretty much the same feeling about Fangirl. That’s one of the reason Eleanor and Park remain unread on my shelf.

Manmehak Kaur says:

These reviews are giving me life!

nimrat17 says:

Do read Carry On!!!!!! It’s better 😀

Mugdha Chadha says:

Where is Sharin?

Rohan Chadha says:

Who makes your intro music guys? It’s awesome.

Riya Sarkar says:

YES!!!! Eleanor and park!!

Sapna says:

Another book review. Yayyy!!

MollieVX says:

Fangirl isn’t Rainbow’s best book. But I found Simon and Baz to be the best thing about this book. The spin off of sorts that Rainbow Rowell wrote, Carry On is definitely a story with conflict, with interesting characters. That’s a relaxing, fun read. But yes, even that has weaknesses but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Olly Olly Up and Free says:

🙁 whyyyy? Also durjoy dutta commented “perfect” (eww). arghhhhh. 🙁

Ramani Joshi says:

Your cursed child threat is working. I’ve been subscribed to this channel for over a year I think, yet I still checked if I had “hit the subscribe button”.

Durjoy Datta says:


bhoomika gowda says:

Eleanor and Park is just amazing!!!!❤️❤️ Had the same opinion on Fangirl. Also there’s another book called Carry On which is about the fanfiction mentioned in this book. Don’t recommend that either!

Priti Sarvey says:

Yeah, you are right. This is the novel if you want something light, feel good to read. That why I picked this book to read. I loved the love story, it’s so nice and cosy. And before reading this book I read an HP fanfiction (casting moonshadow) , it was a long and very well written, so I wonder how can someone be so dedicated and consistent to the fanfiction and then this book came along so it was quite fulfilling to read it.

Umang Jethva says:

I love Eleanor and Park!!

Nickel Tesla says:

OMG SAME. I was hyped for this book because of all the 4 and 5 star ratings by my Goodreads friends AND it was about fandom. But I was struggling to finish it. And I couldn’t understand all those stellar reviews. Also, I gave up on the Simon-Baz stuff pretty soon when it became clear it had nothing to do with the main story. AAAAND the romance *snore*. I liked the start where Cath has all that anxiety because I could relate as someone who gets social anxiety, but like, the story – *snoreeeeeeee*.

manish thapliyal says:

Amazing…. But where is the other one?

ramya rao says:

Please review The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King.

ravinder singh says:

I wish I could turn straight for Anuya

pooja Singh says:

Probably the time at which I read it makes me love it so much. But I still love Fangirl and I love you guys too. Is that okay?

Boo Radley says:

OMG another one hurray!

nikita taneja says:

You guys are doing a great job. Looking forward to more of such content. ❤❤

Nida Kazi says:

J K Rowling Did not write cursed child!!!

Aakriti Mahajan says:

What is this new sorcery? A new upload every third day. Yayy!

Namrata Patro says:’s a meh book and this book is popular more because Elanor and park. I also found the Simon baz quite distracting, I might have skipped a few of them at the end. Good review though. Finally you all are behaving exactly like a book club/blog/channel or whatever should be like.

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